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Deaderific Empty Fri May 14, 2021 5:03 am

It had finally happened. Through Tenshi's constant trips to the lower district, his attempts to blend into the local culture had backfired on him completely. This was another such backfire, in which Tenshi was returning to the upper district after another failed attempt to convince people that he, too, was poor. Making his way over a bridge, he was caught off guard by the immediate appearance of a storm. There was rain, there was lightning, there was perhaps even a little bit of Thunder?

As he thought this to himself, the storm escalated. Winds picked up speed, rain began pelting the ground, and right next to Tenshi, there struck lightning! This startled him, causing him to fall backwards into the water. There he found himself floating down into the water, and his eyes close in realization that this was exactly like what he saw in Kingdom Hearts. Or was that a different world all together..? Oh well. All that mattered now is the fact that Tenshi was under water, and unable to breathe, while also not swimming to the top. By staying under water, he ensured that after five minutes, he would die instantly. And like that, Tenshi was no more.


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