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Fight for the Wilds [Support: Hildegard]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Fight for the Wilds [Support: Hildegard] Empty Thu May 13, 2021 7:28 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin marched through the fields of Bosco. Flowers bloomed at his feet. Sunlight cast an amber hue on the dirt road. All was calm in the dawning of the first day in the new continent to him.

The wind tickled the branches of trees. The bushes parted with an unnatural divide. Weeds were crunched into the earth. Jin ran his hand over the indentation in the ground. A human boot print. A tuft of fur dangled from a twig a few paces ahead.

"A hunt," He whispered. Plants overtook the recently made path of broken sticks and scattered leaves. The spear slid free, from his back, into a firm grasp. The light mage took off down the path. his first duty for Hildegarde. Fiore was a place of dragons and madness for now. There was something calming about being able to support the next heir to land and Hildegarde's air of freedom appealed to the man.

Branches rushed by, brushing his hair and ruffling the sleeves of his shirt. Small smears of blood dotted the path the further he moved. He yanked a wood shaft from a tree as he ran by and looked at the arrowhead on the tip of it. Casting the arrow to the side his brow furrowed with a picture clearly forming in his mind.

Small whimpers bounced through the wilds ahead of him. Jin slowed only for a moment and charged forward again.

Two men stood above a bleeding doe. Three arrows stuck out from the side of the animal. Between the animal and the hunters, stood a Wood Elf. Her fists were ready to fly.

The hunters snarled. A flicker of steel caught the light as they unsheathed daggers. The elf looked back and forth between them.

"Well that's not very nice," Jin spoke. The men whirled around. The blunt end of Jin's spear smashed into the side of a hunter's face, sending him to the ground. The dagger flung free.

#2Jin Tatsumi 

Fight for the Wilds [Support: Hildegard] Empty Thu May 13, 2021 3:22 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The second hunter lunged forward. His knife cut through the air, pointed with a single-minded focus on Jin. Both the hunter's hands wrapped around the handle of the blade. Jin leaped to the side. The blade scrapped his tunic. The bare skin beneath flashed in the open. His spear was no good this close. he shuffled backward. The knife whizzed by his face once more, nicking the very tip of his nose.

The injured hunter rolled on the ground, stumbling to regain his footing. The Wood Elf loomed over him and stomped down on his face. Mud bubble up around the hunter's nose and half-submerged mouth. The hunter dug his hands into the ground. Mud pooled between his fingers. With a muffled grunt through the mud, he heaved himself up and sent the Elf tumbling down.

Jin ducked beneath the blade and rolled toward the elf. His eyes darted between the two men now. With a quick hand gesture, the area was bathed in magical light. The blood from the doe slowed to a halt and the wounds began to seal. The Hunters fell to a knee as the magic sapped their own life force. Twigs snapped once more as the elf stumbled to find footing and gazed around at the light magic.

"That should even things up," Jin replied and swung the spear. The blade sliced into a hunter's arm and tore across his chest. The second hunter charged forward. Another circle of magic appeared, sending the man face-first into the ground. The hunters retreated with fearful glares that promised revenge.

"You alright," Jin asked.

"Thank you. I don't know how to repay you," the elf replied and tended to the doe, that was now getting back on its feet with wobbled legs.

"I'm here to support Hildegarde. Would you lend her your support?"

"Of course, but...there are more hunters and my village is not safe."

#3Jin Tatsumi 

Fight for the Wilds [Support: Hildegard] Empty Fri May 14, 2021 11:35 am

Jin Tatsumi
"Take me there and let's see," jin replied and helped the wood elf up. Together they carefully removed the arrows from the doe. The elf grabbed one and gave Jin the signal to pour in healing magic. Slowly the arrow was pulled out and the wound began to close.

One after another the last arrow was finally removed. Jin wiped the sweat from his brow. It had been a long time since he used back-to-back healing magic for a process like that.

"Thank you. let's go," the elf spoke as the doe bounced to its feet and scampered off. Jin followed the elf through the thicket of the forest. Branches brushed his sides and leaves tickled his cheeks. The further they marched the more vibrant the leaves became. The elf moved effortlessly through them as if the flora wasn't even touching him.

The clearing opened up to a small camp. Wooden huts hung on the thick branches of the mammoth trees. Thatched roofs protected them from the rain. A garden filled with vegetables and apple trees circled the inner ring of the clearing. Wood elves stopped picking food and looked at the new traveler.

Among them all, an elder stepped down from a central walkway made of wood and vines. "Who are you? Come for allegiance or words of submission?"

Jin rose his hands and the elf that had brought him stepped in front, "He has come to give us aid against the hunters."

Whispers flowed between the elves and the elder stepped closer, a few feet from the light mage.

"I've given my support to Hildegarde of Bosco. She wished the best for those that live with the land. I'm here to ask you to give her your support. In exchange, I'll keep helping you with the Hunters and I'm sure she will as well."

The elder grimaced. His eyes narrowed. But as he gazed around at his people and saw the injuries and hardships, his brow softened. "We are in need of help. We have lived in seclusion and politics is of little interest to us. If this Hildegarde can help...then we will support her."

Jin extended his hand to the man. With a brief pause, their hands shuck, sealing the deal of support. Jin nodded and laid down his spear. First rest and then back to work.


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