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Father Figure [Gunter]

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Father Figure [Gunter] Empty Wed May 12, 2021 9:05 pm

The young child literally had no place to live right now. The cabin she used to live in was not a safe place anymore. Woodard insisted on living in the hotel room until the guildhall was built, but she didn't mind sleeping in a tree. The half-elf was used to sleeping in the wilderness. Well, she preferred it over everything. Jade, her new pet tarantula, that she had nursed back to health. It refused to leave Glory, so instead she made it her personal pet. It doesn't leave her head and buries inside into her hair. Woodard was uncertain about keeping a pet spider, but he never really said anything.

The day out was Destin was a lot of fun. She gave a goofy smile as she thought about the crepes. A small voice lingered in her head about the suffering of Caspian. It was something she was trying to not let bother her. A small tear came from her eye thinking about the pain he was in and all those people were slaughtered by her father. He was cold and only used her. He kept her alive for a reason, but she was too innocent to really understand that. She grabbed Jade and placed him on her head. The black and turquoise tarantula dug his little legs into her haid and hid the best he could. Glory leaped from the tree and wandered about the town. A lot of people stared at her knowing a young child her age was wandering about with a small pet tarantula and a ghostly figure next to her. "Let's get you some food, Jade. I think crickets sounds good for our next meal, hm?" She was too busy paying attention to her new pet that she didn't see who she was running into. She fell on her bum and caught her pet. "You okay, Jade? I am so sorry, mister. Wait...don't I know you?"

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