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Name: Dáinn Ophis Björk

Age: 18 | November x773

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian, Heimr Björk

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese, Andromeda Ophídion

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Demi-Human (Squamata)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Tongue | Salmon Pink

Face: Toge Inumaki - Jujutsu Kaisen


Height: 164cm (5'5)

Weight: 63kg (140lbs)

Hair: Off-White Platinum Blonde

Eyes: Violet/Hazel

Overall: Dáinn is a slim young man with light skin, violet-hazel eyes, and mid-length off white almost platinum hair. His hair is usually in a tidy straight style, or when he doesn't care about how he looks it tends to be slightly messy like he just got out of bed. Dáinn also has marks near his mouth and on his cheeks that look very similar to fangs and eyes, these are racial marks that appear when anyone in the Orphidion clan reaches the age of five.

Dáinn's sense of fashion usually consists of oversized clothing (since moving to Fiore) or clothes that would keep him warm and would cover the almost translucent scales that appear over his skin due to his reptilian genetics. Sometimes when he is feeling very self conscious of his racial marks, Dáinn will cover his mouth, whether it be with just a plain mask or a scarf, no matter the kind of weather at hand as weather never bothered him much due to his Icebergian and Sevese genes.

Extra: Racial markings on his lower face, around his mouth.


Personality: Dáinn is a boy who has always been friendly, but due to mistreatment for genetics as a child and the seclusion brought upon the events, he has become quite a reserved young man and developed a symptom disorder that is fairly similar to the disorder known as selective mutism.

With this disorder, this means that Dáinn only speaks around very close family and friends, but sometimes is able to talk to other friends who are not as close, but are also not acquaintances or strangers either. When he does speak, Dáinn only speaks in small sentences and in a very quiet voice, on other times he will use hand gestures and hope that the person he is speaking to will understand the situation of what he is trying to relay to them.

When in battle, Dáinn uses his reserved nature to his advantage, but also keeps an eye on his fellow partners in crime or justice, depending on the situation and the reason for the battle at hand. This is also the time when he willingly uses his voice, though once the battle is over, Dáinn usually goes into a state of self depreciation and an almost panic state of mind.


  • Gaia: Being part reptilian and part human, Dáinn has an affinity with earth and nature itself. He likes to spend time with the earth, something he did not get to do much in his home village, as he was mostly surrounded by snow and ice.

  • Night: As a child, sometimes Dáinn and his mother would sit outside their little home in their village and stare at the stars in the sky, his mother telling him about all the details she had learned in her younger years whilst living in Seven, and by doing so had passed this information onto Dáinn himself. It was nights like these where they both would forget the way the village would treat them during the daytime.


  • Discrimination: Dáinn is not fond of discrimination, as it was an ongoing trait throughout his childhood, due to his demi-human nature, and the fact that his mother is a slave from another country. When he is confronted with discriminating ideals, Dáinn becomes very uncomfortable and even more reserved than what he usually would be.

  • Skaal: Skaal is the village that Dáinn spent most of his life, up until the point where his mother and himself had made the decision to escape undercover of a celebratory event. It was also the place that had brought on more bad than good memories and experiences in his life, leading him to become what he has become in the present days, and for this alone Dáinn despises the village.


  • Andromeda: His mother is his main motivation, keeping her safe and as far away from his home village is his top priority. Without his mother, Dáinn believes he may not have gotten as far as he has done in life and for that alone, she is the number one person in his life, just above his only friend Raza.

  • Exploration: Seeing what lies beyond the restraints of his home village, exploration is one of the many things that Dáinn has dreamed of doing, and is his second focal point of motivation for the future. Dáinn wants to explore countries with his mother, and enjoy quiet nights starting at the sky in a new land, not worrying about what was to come once the sun rises.


  • Demi-Human Hunters: With each new area of the world he explores, Dáinn knows that their will always be hunters around each corner he steps, and this is a fear that has stemmed since birth for him, as his childhood was just as similar as trying to hide from hunters, who want to obtain the power of his mother’s clan.

  • Losing Andromeda: Losing his mother is the highest fear of Dáinn’s existence as his mother is his main motivation in life, and though he can find other motivations, losing the focal point of his future is something that Dáinn cannot bare to process or even consider, and in doing off chance of considering a life without his mother, brings great fear to Dáinn.


Strength: 3

Speed: 5

Constitution: 5

Endurance: 5

Intelligence: 12


Magic Name: Ophídion’s Blessing

Magic Element: Nature and Earth

Magic Enhancement: Double Elemental

Magic Description: Ophídion’s Blessing is a magic that is passed down through the genes of the Ophídion clan. It is a support based magic, that is to help both the user and their fellow comrades and to disrupt their opponents. As a genetic magic of a reptilian clan, the venom that is produced within the saliva of the clan member, has healing properties as a replacement instead of toxicity.

Though the saliva has healing properties in the genetic make up, it only takes effect in combination with the users magic, thus allowing the user to use healing spells. The magic itself appears in the form of runes on the users body, and each rune is different for the type of spell used.

The magic also allows the user to produce types of ranging from offensive, defensive and supplementary, all the way to healing and debuffs, with debuffs being the most versatile than the rest.


History: Dáinn was born as; Dáinn Ophis Björk from a Sevese mother named Andromeda “Meda” Ophídion who was part Squamata (a group of reptiles that mostly consisted of lizards and snakes) and part human, and an Icebergian father named Heimr Björk from the village of Skaal.

As a child, Dáinn did not understand what his mother’s place in the village of Skaal was, and neither did he understand why there were a mixture of disgusted looks sent their way, whenever they would venture from their home to collect daily essentials and confront his father Heimr. For Dáinn being only a half human and half reptilian, it was difficult for Dáinn to fit in with the other villagers, his reptile eyes, teeth sharper than a humans should be, and the strange markings that appeared on his face as soon as he hit the ripe age of five and the almost translucent scales around areas of his body, had put many children off, even scared a few away.
So a couple of months after Dáinn had turned seven, his mother requested him to do some errands for her, like collect their food or the materials his father needed to tend to the weapons the man used for hunting and raiding with the other warriors of the village. This was also the time when Dáinn’s mother had spoken with his father about what kind of future they wanted for their son, and due to this conversation it soon led to many oncoming arguments and disagreements between his parents. It was during this errand trip that Dáinn had come across another boy who looked like he did not belong in the village of Skaal, although due to his reserved nature, Dáinn had not approached the strange tanned boy.

On his eleventh birthday, his father thought it was high time that Dáinn started to train to become a warrior, something his mother disapproved of, this as well was the time that the demi-human had a run in with some of the other boys in the village. These boys were also being trained to become warriors like himself, but were the same boys who would discriminate against him in their child years for being only half human, and having a slave as a mother. Once Dáinn had heard their discrimination towards his mother, the boy of eleven had for the first time ever, used the magic that his mother had been teaching him in secret when his father was away on a raid, to defend himself.
Unsure of what actually had happened, when Dáinn had come back to his senses, and was surrounded by groaning kids, the situation dawned on him quicker than what he had expected, it was also around the time that his father returned with the other warriors from the village. This day was the first day that Dáinn had one; been praised by his father, and two; finally became acquainted with the strange tanned warrior who looked like he did not belong in the village of Skaal. A situation that Dáinn also thought that he himself was born into rather than willingly joined.

Now after meeting the warrior that was praised by the village, the young demi-human, would usually watch the teen train with his own father, and if plausible ask for tips whenever the chance arised or if he ever felt brave enough to ask said questions. Dáinn never made friends in the village, but after exchanging tips and tricks with the warrior, the demi-human thought that maybe this boy would be his first friend, and after plucking up the courage to give his name to the teen, Dáinn had soon found out that this warrior who was praised profoundly by the village was called Raza Onfroy and he was the son of Tristan Onfroy, the well known raider of the village Skaal, who had raided many other villages in Iceberg and many other countries that surround their own country.

Though one day, Raza had suddenly vanished, during the time when other non-human beings started appearing over the earthland, and it was also when Dáinn thought that he had lost his first and only friend forever. Not being able to stand the possible oncoming torment that would soon come around in the village once more, Dáinn had discussed with his mother on the solution of travelling, or in other terms escaping a village that they did not belong within. With the agreement from his mother, the two left later that night after the celebration of another successful raid on a rivalling village not far from their own, using their reptilian traits to escape, not that they would have to with how drunk and passed out half the village had ended up.


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Salutations Yon,

I will be reviewing your application. Lets work hard to get you on the fields of this fairy tale.

  • Age. Please lower the year you were born by 1 year. Also add a day of the month.
  • Need you to give yourself 5 more stats.
  • Can you add a description of what you magic looks like? is it liquid? is it green light? I want to picture you using your magic
  • UwU

just bump the app when you made the requested changes

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  • Age. Please lower the year you were born by 2 year. Also add a day of the month for your birthday
  • Under your magic section, please say spells casted involving saliva can have poisonous or healing properties. Otherwise it implies your spit can do this without spells.

just bump the app when you made the requested changes

Dáinn Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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  • Under your magic section:

    "Though the saliva has healing properties in the genetic make up, it only takes effect in combination with the users magic, thus allowing the user to use healing spells."
    "Though the saliva has healing and venomous properties in the genetic make up, it only takes effect in combination with the users magic, thus allowing the user to use healing spells."

just bump the app when you made the requested changes

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This character application has been approved.

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