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Yon E. Gelva

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#1Yon E. Gelva 

Yon E. Gelva Empty Tue May 11, 2021 5:46 pm

Yon E. Gelva


Name: Yonalise Eldenberry Gelva

Age: 17 years old, born on X774/December 13th

Gender: Female (She/her)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian


Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: none at the moment, but if she joins a guild later it will be placed on the palm of her right hand, colored red (Unless RP changes this choice later.)

Face: Shiro- Deadman Wonderland


Height: 4'9"

Weight: 98 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Red

Overall: Her overall appearance can be described as...ghost-like. Everything about her is pale, from head to toe. Her hair is snow white, and drapes down her back ending in damaged and frayed tips as she does not care for her hair or trim it as much as she should. Her skin is pale, with the only blemishes being four dots on each wrist that appear to be scars. She does not wear traditional clothes, opting for a skin-tight body suit since her skin is incredibly sensitive and loose clothes bother her. The most striking color on her person are powerful spots of red, both from her eyes and from decorative patterns on her suit. Her fingernails are normally chewed off, and her exposed hands are normally clenched into fists out of habit. She doesn't wear shoes, because her feet have so much callus that she doesn't see a need.

On her neck is a large heavy-looking collar that appears to be made of metal that makes it hard for her to look directly downward. It hides her neck, which is covered in tough callus scars. On the back of the collar are several latches that are incredibly hard to unlatch. When she uses magic, red lines cover the collar as it regulates her magic to a usable state.

Extra: She has a piercing on her left ear, and a tattoo of a very small circle on the back of her neck, hidden by her collar.


Personality: Yon can be considered a fish out of water. She's unaware of most things that happen around her, personal space doesn't exist in her mind, and she doesn't pick up many social queues. However, she inherently wishes the best for most people, as long as she doesn't believe that they do harm intentionally. She usually opts to avoid speech when possible, due to not having confidence in her slow talking patterns and lack of grammatical knowledge.

She loves to try new things, but when those new things aren't the best experience she is quick to give up or toss things to the side. She doesn't enjoy fighting, but gets super serious whenever she does, her already limited speech being replaced with nothing but her spell incantations.

When threatened or scared without a means of defending herself, she begins to panic and claw at her collar without much focus on her surroundings, even resorting to biting and kicking at people as if she's throwing a tantrum.

To those that do treat her well, she's quick to latch close to them and make sure they aren't bothered by anything. This can range from making sure they always have refills at a bar to beating up people who harass them on the streets without hesitation. Needless to say, it takes a certain kind of person to deal with this side of her.


  • Most sweet foods. The first thing she ate after leaving captivity was a slice of cake to celebrate all the birthdays she missed. She's had a sweet tooth ever since.

  • Music.Particularly the uplifting and cheery variety. Anything she can get up and dance to, as she hates to stay still.

  • Experiencing new things. Every new scent, smell, sight, and sound are cherished. She can't get enough knowledge of the world, no matter how much she learns.

  • Patient People. A lot of people are put off by her actions, and lack of social awareness...so anyone who can put up with her is amazing in her eyes.


  • Dangerous Magic. While most magic is dangerous as a matter of principle, anything designed for mass destruction is disgusting in her eyes, no matter what good it may do.

  • People who get annoyed easily. She's been trying her best to be a good person, so people who quickly push her away go on her shit list.

  • The colors brown, and grey.Too murky and gross. Why would anyone willingly subject their eyes to such ugly colors?

  • Spicy food. Heat hurts, and she doesn't like it.


  • A desire to learn about the world. Ever since becoming free, she's done nothing but experience joy around every corner. She wants to not only see everything she can, but give that same joy to others.

  • A desire to help others. When she was saved, a mage told her 'we saved you because it was the right thing to do'. Because of this, she has a strong sense of justice and a desire to do the right thing.

  • Wishes to wipe as many dark guilds off the map as possible. The less on the globe, the better. They're all disgusting.


  • Severe claustrophobia. Because of the trauma from spending years locked in the same room, tight and enclosed spaces cause Yon to panic and hyperventilate.

  • Fish.... She can't put a finger on it. Maybe its their eyes? The way they flop around? Their smell? The way their scales feel? In any case, she will never willingly touch a fish or similar aquatic animal.


Strength: 11

Speed: 6

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 11

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: Ultima Driver

Magic Element:Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Spell Knock-Back (Offensive Spells)

Magic Description: Ultima Driver is a form of magic meant to utilize a complex grid of magical energy that can be molded into a variety of shapes, and launched at enemies. Alternatively, the caster may instead fill their own body with these "Grids" of magic, enhancing their strength and agility.


History: Yon was born in Magnolia under the care of Edwin, and Alexstrasa Gelva 17 years ago. Her parents were worried about her snow-white hair, and ruby red eyes as neither of them had any family with such traits, nor did they. She was however, completely healthy and showed no signs of abnormalities or sicknesses. Doctors declared that she had a rare form of albinism that not only affected her appearance, but caused her magic to be wholly unable to manifest into elemental spells.

Despite this, she lived normally for the first 4 years of her life, being a quick learner when it came to walking and her first words.

But while her family left her in the care of a family friend when they had to leave for business, disaster struck. A member of a minor dark guild who was recently defeated managed to escape into Yon's home. He quickly used the small 4 year old as a hostage to escape, and she was never seen by her family again...

She was brought to a small dark guild hideout in the middle of nowhere, east of Dhalia. There she was quickly thrown into intense magical training for the next 5 years. And at 9 years of age, her body was trained enough to be linked to a dark machine that treated her like a magical battery. She was a weapon, and torture device for 4 years, never leaving that room and only moving for an hour a day under strict supervision. Barely fed, barely kept alive, barely allowed to express anything. She only existed to fuel magical rituals, and act as a defense mechanism for their dark hideout. She was given a near unbreakable collar that made sure she couldn't lash out at anyone.

This was all over when a group of guildless mages successfully stormed the dark guild and rescued her. She spent 3 years in rehabilitation after that day, as well as being taught how to control her magic that the device gave her.

When she finally returned to Magnolia in search of her supposed family that she has long forgotten, they seem to have moved away years ago...So now Yon has no idea where to go with her life.

Reference: No one! I found this place on my own.

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Salutations Yon,

I will be reviewing your application. Lets work hard to get you on the fields of this fairy tale.

  • gramatical should be grammatical in the first paragraph, last sentence of personality
  • Dangerous Magic.While <-- needs a space after the period
  • your attributes need to add up to 30 with minimal of 1 in every stat
  • Your magic cannot create solid objects. Please pick something else.
  • History sounds good, but you need to remove the references to creating objects with your magic.

Yon E. Gelva Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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This character application has been approved.

Yon E. Gelva Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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