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Hargeon Tea Party [Zane / Quest]

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Hargeon Tea Party [Zane / Quest] Empty Mon May 10, 2021 1:17 pm

"Hargeon Dock? More like Hargeon Cock." Beelzebub sighed in the confines of Zane's head as the tone was set for a rather silly day. The pair certainly hadn't been working as much as they could have been recently, most of their time having been spent on nothing more than fooling around 24/7. Their funds were certainly declining at a rather rapid rate. It wasn't like there was much work Zane could do anyways. Thanks to the eyepatch he constantly wore on his head most of the people of Hargeon thought he was a pirate, an assumption that was without a doubt bad for business.  As Zane walked with his fine pirate cosplay he came across a short and stout man looking onto the sunset from the dock. Zane was rather impressed with just how dramatic-looking the sight managed to be. Feeling daring, Zane decided to head on over and see if he couldn't strike up a conversation with the man. Perhaps he had a task that needed to be done? Or maybe he was just contemplating life or something like that. The situation seemed full of opportunities either way.

"Hey, what's up my guy?" Zane asked, deciding to use the phrase 'my guy' for the first time. He had heard a number of kids use it nowadays. Being in his late 20s Zane certainly had a lot of trouble keeping up with the current slang. Maybe today could be good practice? The stout man turned to face Zane, his hands still behind his back. He certainly had the air of a mature businessman of sorts. "I'm a tad annoyed, sir. If you could I wouldn't mind if you could le-... wait." The man looked Zane up and down for a moment, Zane raising an eyebrow. Was this dude checking him out? Unfortunately Zane didn't swing that way, and even if he did he would imagine himself to have much higher standards than that.

"I may have a job for you..."



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Zane returned to Hargeon dock the next morning, this time sporting a much different type of uniform than he was used to. Rarely did Zane ever wear something this, well... working-class. Usually he was clad in armor that was desperately trying to look cool, but here he was forced into the uniform of a common dock worker. It felt pretty weird if he was being completely honest. Readjusting the hat that the dock workers wore, Zane took a breath for a few moments as he went over the plan with Beelzebub once again in his head.

Yesterday the strange man that the pair had met on the docks explained that the tea shipping business in Hargeon had been getting out of his reach lately. if he couldn't be in on the business then he wanted the business gone. Zane always did find the shady merchant trope to be one of the cooler ones. Zane wished he could be like that one day... minus the part where he was a plump middle aged man who was shorter than Zane's grandmother.

The first step of Zane's plan was to stop the ships as they came in, raising his hand to them as though there was some problem. That seemed simple enough. He was wearing the uniform so they'd probably stop immediately. The second step was where it would get a little bit trickier for Zane. He'd have to tell the captain that his arrival wasn't expected and come up with some sort of penalty for it. Obviously the captain would then proceed to show the actual paperwork of his arrival. From there on Zane would request to inspect the cargo... and once he got to the cargo he was allowed to go a little crazy. He'd start claiming the foreign tea was some sort of drug and start ruining their cargo. He figured he could probably go on for a little while, and if things got too out of hand he could always transform into Beelzanebub and just fly away... though that might not be a good idea. Reagan was expecting to deal with them afterwards and having them see some sort of half fly half man creature might just turn them off to the country entirely.

Now that Zane had went over the plan again, Beelzebub spotted the ship coming up. "Looks like we're up." Zane nodded, putting his hand on his hat. "Let's roll."



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"Well if you need the papers, I suppose I can go grab them..." The captain said with a sigh, clearly frustrated with the fact that he was stopped for no reason. It was all going according to plan so far. The ship had stopped for Zane when he waved to them, they had come out to talk to him, they fell for his claims that they weren't supposed to be here... now came for the fun part. After a few minutes of waiting the captain eventually came out holding a few papers in his hand. These must've been his permission to enter the country. "Here." The captain handed the papers to Zane, Zane's gloved hands quickly grabbing them and flipping through them, pretending to read their contents. Zane let out a few fake hums here and there as he read through the details of the shipment, taking a minute to full browse the paper so that the captain believed that Zane actually did skim through most of them at the very least. "I'll need to inspect the cargo. That'll be all afterwards." Zane replied, the captain once again growing irritated. This man didn't seem to be the most patient type in the entire world. "Really? I - ugh... fine. As long as this is it."

Zane made his way to the cargo hold of the ship, guided by the captain and one of his men on the way there. The door slid open, Zane's eyes treated to the sight of boxes of tea. "These are..." Zane pretended to act shocked, moving up towards the crate of tea. "You're bringing DRUGS into this harbor?!" He asked, the captain immediately growing shocked and defensive. "Drugs? That's tea! What are you-" By the time the captain had finished questioning Zane he'd already dumped one of the crates of tea into the ocean. "My instructions were to immediately throw out any and all illicit substances that come into this port. Shame on you for dealing in these kind of things!"

The captain yelled at the top of his lungs at Zane for a while, clearly frustrated at his tea falling to the bottom of the sea. Zane had a small smirk on his face at times, but Beelzebub quickly reminded him to lose it since they were trying to seem like actual serious employees here. After a few more crates were dumped into the ocean Zane felt it right to call it quits for now, wiping his brow and letting out a sigh of relief. "Now that I've gotten the drugs out of here, what else are you smuggling? Criminals? I might have to check your passenger list..."



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Zane had started with demanding their passenger list, pestering the captain until he was finally forced to give Zane it. Next he would ask to interview their personnel, something which the captain denied him the chance to do. That was fine. Even if Zane didn't actually do it, annoying the captain about it for a while was the real point here. Finally Zane tried to get the captain to let him into his study to investigate there, but the captain was physically defensive of letting Zane inside. Figuring this was about the right time to give up and let Reagan do his thing, Zane informed the captain that he'd have to leave Hargeon and bid him adieu.

As Zane left the docks he saw Reagan chatting up the captain on the docks, a smirk coming Zane's face. That man really was quite devious. Zane really admired Reagan - this entire scheme felt like the kind of thing Zane would just do for fun. Coming back to the docks once again later in the evening Zane would meet up with Reagan in order to collect the reward he was promised for all the work he had done today. "Did it go well?" Zane asked, already knowing the answer. Reagan answered with a sly "Yes... it seems their perspective on the matter has changed considerably." before tossing a bag of money Zane's way. Zane would happily grab onto the bag and depart before Reagan and him were spotted together - it would definitely mean trouble if it turned out that the buffoon dock worker and the merchant were in cahoots.

Zane counted up the money as he walked back home from a job well done. It seemed like everything he was promised was in the bag thankfully. Zane wouldn't put it past that sly merchant man to give him just a little bit less than he had promised Zane. As Zane opened the door to the hotel room, he thought of an amazing new joke. "Hey Beelzebub."

"What is it now, Zane?" The demon asked, knowing something stupid was coming. "Hargeon tea party?" More like Hargeon pee party."


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