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Tournament Arc - S [Gunter]

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Raza told himself that he wouldn't fight if he didn't need to in Fiore. After spending his entire life fighting it was safe to say that he deserved a break. More often than not, one could not survive in the brutal country of ice without fighting. Fiore was a different place. For one it was beautiful and two, it seemed to be a lot more peaceful than home. Though for some reason the Dragon Slayer of light couldn't stay away from blood and glory no matter how hard he tried. In fact, battle was the reason why he was waiting for Gunter outside on at the beginning of Baskas woods. Apparently there was a tournament being held at some place called Baska rock and the reward was very very thicc. Half a million to be exact. The only condition to participate was a team of two and who better than his own guild master? Gunter was a vampire so that meant that he naturally had some abilities that could prove useful in a fight. With Raza being a would elf, the two of them should have little to no problem- or so the Savannan hoped. Ra tapped his foot with his arms crossed, waiting for his mate to meet him. It had been exactly four minutes since he arrived here and already he was bored. The light mage whistled. The day had just begun. The sun was shining vibrantly, almost blindingly, and the wind was light. Today it was hot, just like Raza liked it. The elf wanted to quickly get this tournament over with so that he could focus on his magical abilities. Finally- after weeks of not working properly- he could use his magic. Today though, he would only be using his physical capabilities. "Hurry up Gunter." He muttered.



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#2Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter walked down the main road toward the arena of baska, he wondered what opponents he would meet. "I hope there strong" Gunter would say out loud, as he got closer to his destination, Gunter noticed a hot dog stand. As he remembered the taste of hot dogs he couldn't help but yell out "FUCK ME I MISS WEENIES." Gunter purchased one for Raza and made his way to the Colosseum.

Once he got there He noticed Raza waiting there with a look of annoyance, as he approached he would say to Raza "hey bud hows it going I bought you a Weenie, So whats the plan? Are we killing or not?"

As Gunter listened to Raza's response he would be looking around quietly just to make sure no one was watching them or listening in, If Raza started walking Gunter would follow.

Once Raza finishes eating Gunter would start making his way inside the area. Once inside Gunter would sign up and follow Raza's lead for now. Gunter bagan limbering up, this was to make sure he was ready for whatever was inside. He would activate his Eye of Kaom and then look at Raza while saying "ill follow your lead and back you up."

If Raza spoke Gunter would listen, shortly after, a man would come out and say "Alright fuckers, you guys are up, 3 matches with the last one being the champion match, now get in there and put on a good show." Gunter would have all of his gear equipped and his eye activated as he walks into the arena to kick some ass.

As Gunter and Raza stood in the arena They would be able to hear the crowd cheering for the combatants. The speaker would say loudly "Ladies and Gentlemen on one side we have some new blood to the arena, dont be fooled though these guys are not the usual new blood we get. The Knife ear is called Raza Onfroy, now you may be wondering why that name should mean something, thats Because the Onfroy's are a famous family from Iceberg. Thats right Ladies and Gentlemen we have a legend in the making, Question is if the name will live up to the legends. Next to him is Gunter Von Wolf."

The entire stadium would begin to Boo at Gunter and toss rotten food at him but do to his eye being active he is able to avoid the incoming attacks. The speaker would then continue by saying "Thats right Ladies and Gentlemen here in our little arena we have the Leech himself, the betrayer of Penumbral Guard, the annihilator of Fairy Tail, and The butcher Of Dahlia, May illumin strike you down and soak the arena with your putrid Blood so the crowd may piss on your ashes." After speaking the entire crowd would spit at the arena.

"Now without Further to delay i introduce there opponent's The Bloody Butchers Of Baska" as the gate on the other side of the arena opened up Gunter would see two big fat bastards with massive two handed cleavers. They would be wearing fur armor with Human faces sewed on to the armor and the smell of there BO was nauseating even from here. Before Gunter would begin walking away from the arena, just as the gate closed he would say "you got this." As the gate closed and gunter walked away he could hear the Speaker yell "FIGHT" and the match began. Gunter left Raza to fend for himself, he walked out of the arena, towardthe nearest bar.



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