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Ring a Ring o' Roses [Antoinette]

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Ring a Ring o' Roses [Antoinette] Empty Sun May 09, 2021 8:13 pm

Looking at the time Antoinette figured she was a tad too early for her first job of the day. She didn’t care though she just wanted to work and what better way to get someone to trust you as a good worker than showing up early and ready to go. The truth was she always woke up early; it was something ingrained in her.  Her father always made her get up early so that she could get more work done. As wild as she was she still had a good work ethic. She could party all night and be bright as a fresh rain in the morning to take care of whatever business she had. “ Oh come in I didn’t know you were waiting. I had not heard the bell “ Antoinette turned around and was greeted with some woman, it was probably her employer for the day. She chose to work with kids on this fine day and didn’t really know why but she was sure she was going to regret it. Kids were loud and sticky and horrible..Most kids were anyway. Following the woman inside the building and into a room with a lot of children running about she could only put on a smile that wouldn’t haunt these children forever. A Sweet smile that said that she could be trusted and she was friendly. The woman who was named Manger Yua introduced Antoinette to the kids and explained what she was here to do.

The kids seemed very respectful at the very least as they greeted her and soon their training started. Antoinette kept a good eye on the children and once their breaks happened she made sure not a soul tripped, no fights got physical, and everyone was having fun that was safe and educational to some extent. The children really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Every break they had they learned something new from Antoinette which kept them from doing things that would otherwise get them hurt and they were more likely to flock to her for the fun stuff. She taught them where to stab a person to kill them instantly, how to skip rocks across water, how to tell if someone was lying, the best ingredients for cookies, and how to make a person cry by pointing out things that they would be self conscious of. The day went by pretty fast with all this fun and soon it was time for parents to pick their kids up. Each child was picked up one by one with no problems for the most part except for when someone tried to claim a child as their own and the children clearly did not know the person in question. Antoinette went into defense mode and would subdue the individual before reporting to the authorities who ended up taking the man in for attempting to kidnap. The children of course were scared but Antoinette told them funny stories to take their mind off of it and gave them some cookies until their parents arrived. She explained what happened and thanks were given to her. Once every child was gone she reported to Manager Yua and was rewarded.

Ring a Ring o' Roses [Antoinette] YGxHhyR

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