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Tempris C-Rank: Baska - Tournament Arc 2

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Tempris C-Rank: Baska - Tournament Arc 2 Empty Sun May 09, 2021 1:34 pm

It was a warm day of spring in Baska and Tempris was just relaxing. She basked in the sun just outside of town absorbing all the warm rays of illumin’s love which radiated from the bright yellow orb of fiery death which pinned itself to the great blue ocean of a sky above. There was not a single greedy cloud in the sky allowing for optimal absorption of rays for the young paladin.

Today was her break day and she did not want to do any errands or paperwork. If that stupid fashion designer were to call for her, she would just ignore or even burn the sinner that dare tried to deliver the message. Okay, maybe she would not burn people here given she did not want to lose her promotion but she would think it. She would envision peeling every ounce of sin from the poor pitiful soul as her flames flicker and ripped apart the body like a swarm of ants over a wad of honey. It would be complete bliss for the poor soul. To be able to feel Illumin’s love right before you leave this world. Tempris could only sigh before falling into a cycle of giggles and grins.

Then a large shadow severed the girl’s loving connection with her god. Tempris frowned while opening her eyes. Her eyes first fell onto a boot and a cast. Her eyes moved up and saw black slacks. A gold belt tied the pants to the slim waste and swallowed the bottom of a white collared shirt. White, no silver buttons held the piece of clothing together till it opened up revealing a the head of a man with pearls pierced into his eyebrow.
“Mister~ I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.”
“Seated Knight Ashflare. Your childish reputation for playing games still suits you.”
“Oh…” Tempris closed her eyes and turned away from the man, “Child? That’s two strikes Mister~ Now I really don’t like you.”
“And my clients don’t enjoy a twelve year old beating them in these tournament.”
“Oh… That sounds really embarrassing,” She chuckled, “Must be some weak people. Maybe they should pray to Illumin for more strength.”

Tempris C-Rank: Baska - Tournament Arc 2 Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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The man laughed before rubbing his beard. He could not help but agree with the child. However, agreeing with children did not pay his bills. No, he had a job to do and he needed the girl to partake in the tournament. His client wanted revenge. So the man took out a cigar and proceed to puff smoke in the air.
“What do you say you remind them why they are weak.”
Tempris was not interested. She just wanted to relax, not get all sweaty beating up some stupid man or woman. However, the man had a secret offer. Not only did he offer money, with Tempris was not really interesting in. However, what did make her pay attention was the threat of having her tournament activities shown to the Rune Knights. Tempris gritted her teeth but just slowly sat up. This man was annoying.
“That’s 3 mister… But it seems Illumin will needs me to enter this tournament. I do hope this Illumin watches over us all after I defeat this champion of yours.”
Tempris they laid back down. She had time before the event started and wanted to soak up more rays. When the time came, she would be ready to fight and cleanse people of there sins… Well, maybe not that. She did not need anyone trying to get her kicked out of the rune knights or worst, she didn’t need anyone taking your country.

It was the final battle of the tournament. The previous opponents were no problem. In fact, they were strangely easier than normal. Most of them surrendered or fell out the ring despite her not really trying. Tempris new she has not gotten that much stronger so it was really abnormal. That was until she remembered the fancy man who visited her. Those heretics were throwing the fight so that she could fight the champion. Tempris shook her head disappointed in how desperate these people were to get the butts whooped. Illumin did not will this. This tournament was heresy.
She stood in the center of the ring. A large monster of a woman who stood 7 feet tall and had biceps larger than Tempris’s own head. Her hair was short and green. She had bandages cover chest though it was difficult to tell she had breast with how bulked up the woman was. Like even the woman’s thighs looked big enough that Tempris could fit inside of them. This was not the normal champion, but it didn’t matter. Tempris was blessed by Illumin.

Tempris C-Rank: Baska - Tournament Arc 2 Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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Tempris charged forward with her sword digging into the ground. The woman just chuckled and held out her hand. When Tempris swung, the woman grabbed the blade, unphased by the flames. Then She lifted Tempris into the air and punched her in the stomach, forcing the girl to release her blade. Tempris fell to the ground and looked up only to see a large good jet into her stomach. This painful blow sent Tempris rolling across the stage but she did not fall out. Then the woman picked up tempris’s sword and chucked it at the girl just barely missing her face. Tempris slowly stood up and picked up her sword. This woman was sinful to strike the girl in that way. She would regret not taking Tempris out right then and there.

Tempris’s sword burned with Tempri’s fury. It was time to strike and win. Tempris screamed with fury and ran at the large woman. Then she swung her large sword from above her head into the woman’s chest. The woman caught the blade before it would land but Tempris was already releasing the weapon. Tempris would then slide under the woman’s legs and sweep the woman off her feet. Then Tempris kicked the woman out the ring. It was a victory, close but Tempris won. The girl stepped out the ring and looked for the fancy man. He owed her a reward for all that hard work. It sucked that she could purge the woman but one day, she will stop going easy one these champions. Her stomach still hurt too so the rest of her day was ruined. However there was one thing she was going to do. After receiving the money, she kick the man in the balls for pissing her off. It was mission complete.


Tempris C-Rank: Baska - Tournament Arc 2 Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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