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Raza Onfroy

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Name: Raza Onfroy

Age: 23 | May/13th/x767

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergan

Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Wood-Elf

Rank: A-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right buttock

Face: Emiya Alter - Fate


Height: 6'7

Weight: 300 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Raza towers at six foot, seven inches and weighs exactly three hundred pounds. Most of his weight muscle, giving him a hefty built body- none of which comes from a background of heavy training like most people. His skin is dark like most people from Savannah. His eyes are golden, matching the implanted crystal in his forehead. His hair, like his mothers, is short cut and white. Because he is an elf, his ears are pointed. Raza usually wears close to nothing but it isn't unusual to see him in basic combat gear or beautiful rare and expensive fabrics. All in all Raza is a sight to behold- handsome, and toned. He can usually be seen wearing close to nothing unless the occasion calls for a specific attire or armor is needed. Other than that he usually just flaunts gold jewelry on his naked body.

Extra: -


Personality: Raza is highly impulsive but he knows, despite all, when to back off and think. Raza is a true builder who constructs his life, his affairs and his love life according to a pre-established plan. Highly active, his main enemy is boredom. Precise, efficient, authoritarian if necessary, Raza almost always succeeds at whatever he undertakes, even if he needs to be patient to achieve his goals. Highly subjective, Raza sees the world through his own eyes although he is capable of devoting himself completely to a cause that he considers worthy. Raza is scrupulous and highly moralistic. He won't hesitate to use authority to impose his point of view or morality. Among other characteristics he possesses a very strong sense of friendship, wishing to make those around him happy despite themselves at times. Raza is intuitive and possesses undeniable flair, a true spontaneous psychology that he uses mainly for seduction. However, he can also be prone to indiscretion in this area as he has a lively curiosity.

Everything is a question of motivation with Raza; if he does other than simply follow his head then he is capable of remarkable efficiency. It is this strong activity that conditions and structures Raza's balanced life which is brought alive by this activity. As long as Raza is in the dynamics of success, passion and enthusiasm, all will go well for him but if his pessimism, ever latent and present, takes the upper hand then nothing will go right. Discernable in his sociability, he uses his social networks and friendships intelligently. A constructor above all, Raza has a strong dynamism that sometimes takes a while for him to express. There is no point in trying to rush him, he believes that one should always think before going into action and that doesn't decrease its efficacy.


  • Animals: Animals are majestic creatures and more interesting than humans- to say the least.
  • Money: With money, you can do anything. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it buys some of the most beautiful things in this world.
  • Meat: Raza loves most foods, but more specifically all types of meat. Beef, pork, chicken, you name it. He eats a lot.
  • Sleeping: Raza loves to sleep. When boredom strikes, you can always depend on sleep.


  • Boredom: Being bored for too long irritates Raza.
  • Candy: Candy was never something Raza enjoyed. Candy is just sugar.
  • Winter: Raza prefers the summertime. In winter it's harder to be naked without looking stupid.
  • Liars: People who lie just to lie cannot be trusted...ever.


  • Power: With power, one can do anything. Whether it's political power or physical, the more power you have the more freedom you have.
  • Freedom: Absolute freedom is a dream Raza hopes to achieve not just for himself, but for everyone else in the world. Everyone deserves to be truly free. Perhaps that will mean implementing the concept of abolition, or perhaps not.
  • Family: The Wood-Elf- despite past relations- has a deep love for his family and non blood related people he considers his family. Family is one of the things that keep him going. In order to protect his family, he needs to be strong.


  • Abandonment: A lot of Raza's fear of abandonment comes from his younger years, when his mother would prioritize his siblings and his father was nearly nonexistent. Raza subconsciously believes that everyone he loves is likely to leave him after a certain while. Nobody wants to die alone.
  • Spiders: Spiders are spawns of the underworld. They're creepy, ugly little creatures. Spiders are perhaps the only creatures that Raza isn't fond of.


Strength: 15

Speed: 104

Constitution: 121

Endurance: 121

Intelligence: 158


Magic Name: Light Magic

Magic Element: Light

Magic Enhancement: Body Defense

Magic Description: this magic is a basic light magic passed down from generations of his family that allows the user to generate and manipulate light. Raza can use the light for variety of purposes; flight, offensively, defensively and much more. Wood elves are known for their natural affinity to light. Unlike the rest of his family, Raza can also change the color of the light he uses. All in all, this magic is versatile and can be dangerous if used correctly.


History: Raza's story begins about 24 years ago when a great Icebergan Jarl known as Tristan Onfroy, raids a village on the boarders of Savannah. Tristan had stolen slaves, gold, and whatever else he could find. None of those slaves ended up being Raza's mother, but she was subject to non-consensual sex before leaving the village. Raza was born the last of five siblings and despised by his mother. For most of his childhood, he was treated like the step-child in every aspect of the word. He was last to eat, he always wore the dingiest clothes and his mother was verbally abusive but even still, he loved her. Raza's siblings did a good job looking out for him though. They felt pity for their little brother. Up until the age of seven, Raza spent his life in Savannah hunting, and providing for his village like the rest of his siblings. Then one day a rival village attacked.

Raza was far too young to fight, but his siblings fought bravely. Unfortunately none of them were able to defend their home. With no other choice, Raza's older brother put him in a boat with food, water and sent him to Iceberg with an escort to be with his father. Raza knew that he wasn't a pure-bred Savannan but not once had he ever seen his father. When he finally arrived in Iceberg, he and his escort found their way towards Tristan's village. Upon meeting Raza, Tristan could immediately tell that Raza was his child and took him in with no hesitation. The people of his new home treated him like royalty, which was new to someone like himself. Raza learned the culture of Iceberg down to the language and was taught the elven language by his little brothers mother. His father trained him hard and prepared him to be a warrior. By the time Raza was 16 he was fighting other villages in Iceberg for territory.

Raza became known for his strong magical skills, and was also known for never losing a battle. Most of Raza's life in Iceberg was spent fighting other tribes and villages- even when the Demons and Seraphim made their appearance in earthland. After the incursion, many just assumed Raza was dead considering he contacted no-one, nor did he return. Some say he was deep in the mountains being held hostage by demons, some say he was fighting dragons. Truth was, he was always watching over his family from afar. When Raza got news of his brother Vali dying, he made his way to Fiore immediately.

Reference: Death coin (Ezekiel)

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