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Everything in the Right Eyes [Destin]

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Everything in the Right Eyes [Destin] Empty Thu May 06, 2021 11:25 pm

It had been a week since they have been on the run. She and Woodard hid in the town like idiots. Her father would know if she was here or not. Fear came through her as she remembered the pain Caspien cried out from the corruption of the dark magic. Her father was a ruthless man who would do anything to make sure he got what he wanted. Caspien and Woodard were her only friends in this world and the only sort of love she knew. Woodard sat with her in his physical form as she shook. The poor innocent child joined a guild but was too scared to do anything. Silence landed between them as they sat in the park of the small town.

Woodard was already growing more and more protective of her. Joining Crawling Choas was the only option for him to think of. It was a safe guild even with his 'dark' silence or alignment. He didn't know much about the guild to make a good judgment. It just meant she was safe from everything this world had to offer. Woodard was a lean cat-like creature with his ears pinned to the top of his head and tendrils that acted like whiskers. He was built for speed but was strong enough to carry her if he needed to.

A tendril laid on her shoulder. The half-elf cried silently thinking of all those people who were killed by her father and Caspien becoming corrupted. Woodard was all she had left now. "My dear, please don't cry. I am here for what ever you need. Please, chin up," he comforted her. She looked up at her friend and sniffled with snot out of one nostril. She wiped it away.

"This was all my fault, Woodard. If I didn't lead father into this, Caspien wouldn't be in any pain. Why did I leave him? We have to go back," she begged. Woodard stayed silent, not sure how to answer this. The spirit sighed. "It's...too much for someone your age to handle. We are not strong enough to face your father. Glory, my dear, its best to forget about him," he spoke. Likely story. She puffed her cheeks with hot tears trailing down her cheeks. They heard someone coming, immediately Woodard disappeared into thin air. This left her all alone again. She curled into a ball lying aginst the tree, hoping no one would see her.

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Destin E
Destin enjoyed a day off with a stroll through the park, not at all because he was returning home from a night out with Gunter... Not at all. He whistled a jaunty tune and wandered along park paths, contemplating his recent life choices.  While it wasn't explicitly said in the family book of rules, penetrating a vampire with anything other than a literal stake was probably frowned upon.

The hunter paused in his thoughts at the faint sound of a distraught voice, frowning at the noise. It was really none of his business, but something, likely his guilt over violating the family's traditions by violating.. Destin shook his head to clear the thought. No point obsessing over the past, He thought to himself. The hunter, still hung up on whatever subconscious entity was telling him he had to do the obnoxiously well intentioned thing, stepped quietly in the direction of the sniffling. He was surprised to find himself faced with a small child, curled under the base of a tree, all alone.

"I thought I heard two voices..."

Destin lowered himself to the ground, a few feet away from the girl. He didn't want to spook her if she was already upset.

"Did someone leave you here? Where's your family?"

The hunter waited for a response, watching every small motion. If they were hurt, he'd have to act fast to get them to the nearest doctor. If they were abandoned, well... there wasn't much Destin could do about that. She didn't seem very young, though, so perhaps she was a runaway? He hoped he hadn't stumbled upon some kind of bandit trap, he'd hate to hurt the poor thing.

"My name is Destin. What's yours?"


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Glory sniffled. Woodard stayed out of sight for her protection. If anything were to happen to her, he would never forgive himself. Joining Crawling Choas was the best thing he could think of to protect the poor child. A man, who seemed very worried, walked up to her asking if she were okay and why she was here. The half-elf lifter her head with watery, sore eyes. Many girls her age would not normally cry or would do something about it. Glory was not one of those girls. She had a mentality of a 12-year-old. Purely innocent.

"No mister. I am completely alone. I am a member of Crawling Choas if that helps, but....why are there bad people in this world? My father....why did he have to kill those innocent people? Why did he have to hurt Caspien?" She explained the best she could. She stared at him as if he was supposed to have the answer. Remembering the painful screams from Caspien, she felt hot tears trailing down her cheeks. Immediately, she wrapped her arms around Destin and started to cry.

"Why...his screams were so painful. Caspien is in pain. We had to leave him behind....no why? I don't understand." She went on quietly between her sobs about what happened. Destin would not know what she was talking about until she had calmed down, but even then she didn't know where to start. It would take Woodard to explain the full story.

He asked for her name as she released him with red eyes. "My name is Glory. Glory Halpein. Its a name my spirits gave me," she innocently explained. She talked about Woodard and Caspien as if everyone knew what they had looked like. They were visible to other only at their own free will. She couldn't control them unless they had a pact with her and even then it was difficult. Innocently, she looked at Destin with wide, but red eyes from crying. "Destin...I am hungry. Can we get food?"

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Destin E
"Well then, I guess you're in luck today."

Destin gave the girl a gentle smile, cocking his head to the left. He unbuttoned the first three buttons of his shirt so he could pull the fabric aside to show the girl his own Crawling Chaos emblem. Destin let out a faint 'oof' when the girl leaped into his arms. He wasn't sure what to do at first, one hand awkwardly patting her back. He didn't even know how to answer her questions.

Her quiet pleas tugged at his heart strings, and the hunter pulled her into the tightest hug he could without hurting her. She reminded Destin of his younger sister, only 8 years old when he left home. He hoped she was doing okay. When he felt the girl pull away he held her for a second longer before allowing them to separate. He nodded with a cheery smile as she introduced herself, offering his hand as he stood.

"Of course we can get food. There's no better cure for sadness. Have you ever had crepes before? I don't know if there are any good ones in town, but we can stop by the market for fresh fruit and I can make them for you myself. If you like sweets, that is. We can find something else if you don't."

If Glory accepted his hand, Destin would sweep her up into his arms, carrying her like a princess on their expedition to find food.


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The mood of the young girl changed automatically. Destin revealing he was a part of the same guild, which made the girl smile. "Oh wowie, we're like a family now...except not blood related, but you get what I mean." Her face grew thinking about all the friends she could make. She was so happy to finally get to meet other people like herself other than just being a half-elf. "You can be like my new big brother and I can finally have siblings and...and..." she overly excited. She forgot to breathe and ran out of breath.

She was now super happy about food. The mention of crepes sounds good, but she never had any. She was used to eating wild berries and whatever she could hunt. She was a hunter by nature with living in the wilderness her whole life. Though, thankfully she is not a wild child. She would be picked up by Destin, bridal style. This made her feel really special. "Oh! Can I call you big brother Destin? Please! Please! I will make you flower crowns and bracelets and make some for Gunter so we can all be matching" she grinned. Right now, she had the energy of a dog who was overly excited to see someone. "Crepes sound really good. You know I never tried them before. Are they good? I bet they're good. I always ate dead animals and wild berries. This will be fun to try normal food for a change" she smiled.

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Destin E
Destin smiled down at Glory, wondering what kind of horrible monster would hurt such a pure child. He didn't have to wonder long, though, as the memory of a blood soaked rapier invaded his thoughts. There were too many monsters in the world. Perhaps he could convince the guild leader to let him thin the crowd a bit...

"A flower crown sounds like a lovely idea." Destin chuckled at the thought of Gunter wearing flower jewelry, then thought back to the night spent in the flower field. What would he look like covered in nothing but flowers, Destin wondered to himself, before remembering the child in his arms. Destin's cheeks flushed pale pink and he cleared his throat. A change of subject was most welcome.

"They're really good, I promise. They're pastries stuffed with jams and syrups and fruit, sometimes ice cream and chocolate too. My favourite has whipped cream and strawberries, and drowning in honey. I've seen some with all sorts of berries and ice cream, and some have peanut butter, bananas, and jam. We'll take a walk through the market and you tell me if anything catches your eye, okay?"

He was a little concerned she would ask for dead birds in her crepe. That would be a culinary disaster. Destin set Glory on her feet just outside an outdoor market place, and held her hand as they walked through stalls in search of crepe fillings. Their most important stop - and the final stop on their way to Destin's kitchen - was at the dairy farmer's stall for fresh cream and a plastic tub of something he wouldn't let Glory see as he bought it.

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