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It took a while but Jikan was finally in Fiore. Her problem was, she had no idea what to do next!! The few individuals back home in Minstreli that were able to be of any use in her questions about her questions of her younger brother’s location. It was unbelievable. Of all the people her family knew, and the connections they held, no one, no one had an idea about where one of her family member’s were besides being in the Southern part of Fiore!?!

Although, she had to admit, today was a beautiful day in the port of Hargeon. Of course, that did not improve the red haired mage’s mood...that much. She was hell bent to find her brother and she would check under every rock, every nook and cranny, every town in Fiore if that was what it took. She was grateful for that little piece of information though, it was something to go on at least. But who knows how long ago they got that information? And even if it was new when they heard it, it took a while for her to get all the way over here. She hoped he was still in the same general direction, but as a guildless mage, at least from what the person told her, he could be anywhere doing random tasks for cash and a bed to rest in, food. ...The same predicament that she was in right now. She needed to grab some food, her stomach was growling something fierce, but she had no cash on her. Thankfully, she was close by a mission board. Walking up to the board, she scanned her eyes over the series of missions in the area to find something to do.

In the past few years, they have become more brazen due to the government losing more and more power to the guilds. They have been attacking trading vessels coming from all over Fiore, stealing their goods and causing mayhem. They have been known to kill any who try to rally against them, leaving sailors and merchants gripped by fear. There have been reports of the pirate ship having been spotted out at sea mere hours ago, with a large haul from the last trading ship they had attacked. Make sure the pirates never trouble the port city anymore, and return the loot found.

Wc: 396
Twc: 396
required: 500


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Stealing...and murder!? Well well, just my cup of tea. I need to work some of this frustration out and this is the perfect opportunity. Reaching out, Jikan took the mission letter from the board with her as she made her way to the coast. It took a few hours of searching but she was eventually able to find the group’s location. The ship was actually no longer in the water, a fact that worried the wizard initially when she was searching. The ship was diced, hidden behind a series of rock formations a few miles away from the last sighted location that day. Walking on the beach of the sands, Jikan had eventually climbed up the height of a hill, the viewpoint allowed her to see vastly more room, but also unexpectedly, the location of the hidden pirates.

Jumping downward, Jikan landed in the middle of the group of pirates, stuffing their faces and intoxicated with booze. The crew quietly celebrated in their plunder with their guard down. "Evening Fellas, I see y'all are throwing a party, mind if I crash it??”, she said with a smirk before the brawl would commence. She treated the interaction between them like a game of tag, with harder touches. Man after man dashed towards her trying to grab a hold of her or land a punch, every one of them being avoided with a duck or weave then returned with a kick to the gut or a punch to the head. A few unlucky sleazeballs were hurled over some distance into empty barrels of liquor, one of which spun before falling down and rolling down into the water. Which she had to admit, was a funny sight to see. The men laid sprawled out on the floor, either knocked out or groaning while holding their sides or head. “That’ll teach you to take something that doesn't belong to you".

After which, Jikan jumped onto the ship, thankfully for them, there were no more pirates on the ship. It was unfortunate, she wanted to get some more anger out. Not long after taking the helm of the ship she would set sail for the port in order to return the goods that were taken. She would drop anchor and make her way towards a warehouse that was specified on the information sheet. She knocked once, twice more. After the door opened she would tell them she had retrieved their stolen property and let them know she had also taken the liberty of donating the ship to them, heavens knows how many ships they lost to the pirates. Upon informing them of this, she was paid generously for her efforts and made her way back to the inner sections of the city, her stomach was growling, it was time for lunch.

Twc: 871
Required for D rank: 500

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