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Embrace Of Night [SQ]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Embrace Of Night [SQ] Empty Thu May 06, 2021 8:42 am

Venus Rosé


Days Before:

For the longest time, Venus Rosé largely preferred to keep the majority of her days to herself and no one else, and it was all within reason, she thinks, for her to avoid the company of other people in favour of several days of solitude and in the end, days ended up being months and eventually, a year passed just like that. It wasn’t as much as she resented others, but ever since there was a rise to her reputation, there was almost little to no privacy she got to herself and thus, it was better for her to deviate from things and people who were unknown to her.

A social butterfly as she was, her connections ended up being useful to her and she was able to remain hidden with the help of her acquaintances, but also losing touch with her comrades in the process that she might not be surprised if they thought she was dead. Human connections proved their worth on the trial run, but there was no telling how much of a burden it may or may not behold later down the line.

And so was the redhead’s plight upon discovering the newer contents of the latest rumours. There, on aged paper scattered below her feet, the words seemed to haunt her, talks of the disappearance of the Burning Rose and her whereabouts thrusting into her gut like a hot knife. The thought of her rising reputation and seemingly being a celebrity made her laugh, almost in a depressing manner.

Saint’s sake, why can’t they just leave me alone?

A long sigh escaped her lips as her eyes instinctively travelled over to yonder before landing it on a piece of map pinned up on an oaken board, wishing she could be out of this dreaded place. Wait a minute. She looked at the map once again. It was only then the brightest idea came to her brilliant mind that she cursed at herself for not thinking of it sooner.


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#2Venus Rosé 

Embrace Of Night [SQ] Empty Thu May 06, 2021 10:38 am

Venus Rosé


Current Day:

It was cold. Far too cold for comfort, she thought, her body driven on sheer will power alone as she spans the bordering cliff sides of Oddr Mountains, a particular objective in her mind having yet to be fulfilled. The expectations that she amassed for the mountains prior to her arrival there were to be discarded instantly as she realised the size of the land in heavy steps. There was no memo to behold about the exact area in numbers, but the huntress had been going for an hour and her search remains fruitless, the ungodly frigid cold tailing her the entire time.

Perhaps she had actually made a mistake into travelling to Iceberg and not somewhere else.

Luck, in retrospect, wasn’t included among the things she liked to consider her forte. Merely days ago, she’d closed her eyes and waved her finger as though it was a magic wand in front of the board with the Earthland map pinned up on it and out of all the countries that could’ve been selected, Iceberg ended up being her destination. So, here she was, trying to make the most out of her impromptu travel occasion and it was rather apparent on her immensely aggressive facial expressions and her physical being that she was most certainly not enjoying the least of it.  

Iceberg – the name of the country really stood to its name; winter was active all year round with no signs of warmer seasons. The weather above the mountains continues to hinder her journey, if not worse with each step she took while the arctic gales pushed against her, almost as if preventing her from climbing any further. She desperately clung onto the clothes that hugged her body to reserve whatever warmth that was left inside her body.

To make it worse, she was out in the middle of nowhere in the mountains travelling alone with no shelter nearby. If worse comes to worst, Oddr Mountains might end up being her deathbed.

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#3Venus Rosé 

Embrace Of Night [SQ] Empty Thu May 13, 2021 5:33 am

Venus Rosé


In a desperate attempt to survive at whatever means, Venus summoned every bit of energy that was left of her body and trudged through the snowy alps. Breaths rise in puffs, arms hugging her body tightly and there is a briskness to movements that melts the snow. At this point, her brows and the ends of her hair have frozen to the point that they were all rigid with her nose shining red like a beacon. were lots of debris that she discovered along the way, but what stood out to her the most was a helmet, thawed out from the harsh weather, discarded near a frozen stream.

A person? was what she thought. With a single strand of hope, she ascended the treacherous mountains and eventually, a breath of relief escaped her frozen, chapped lips upon the sight of the mouth of an opening cave above the bordering cliffs. At a close look, the cave looked almost too sinister with bones and skulls littered all over the ground and claw marks on the walls as though whoever entered the chamber died an unnatural death and despite its very eerie ambience, Venus had no other option but to seek shelter – it was either dying from whatever creature that hid inside the cave or the extremely jarring weather conditions.

She figured that she’d lay low for a few hours until the weather had gotten better and in the meantime, she formed herself a fire from the stones that she could gather inside the cave. While she cocooned herself in front of the small blazing energy that threatened to burn out every time the cold winds gusted past, random thoughts flooded inside her mind. She never thought she’d be in the same situation as she was back then many years ago; broke, scarce and hungry, but she believed that there was something that she could learn, or perhaps obtain something out of all this.

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#4Venus Rosé 

Embrace Of Night [SQ] Empty Thu May 13, 2021 11:49 am

Venus Rosé


Hours passed and the weather didn’t seem to improve in the least and she wondered how long she’d last in this situation, or if this uncanny cave was going to be her deathbed. The light seeped even into the darkest parts of the cave and over the end of the glistening beam was a golden chamber covered in dust, cracked and nearly broken from years of freeze and thaw. The chamber, despite being old and ruined, beckoned her to open it and the young red maiden, curious as she was, approached over to the chamber and looked down upon it with thoughts racing inside her mind.

Why would there be a chamber in the cave located in the middle of nowhere? She thinks.

Surely, if it was gold or any form of Earthland currency, it wouldn’t be hidden so obvious to the naked eye – it would be buried at the very least. Venus was cautious, thinking this could be a trap albeit, from how the dust collected over the structure, it seemed that no one had even noticed the chamber or perhaps even wandered that deep into this cave to discover the tomb.

With a swift of her fingers, she drew her dagger strapped around her toned thighs and held it just across her profile, prepared to react to anything that came into her sight. If bodies with missing organs and splintered bones did nothing to her, then certainly this would be a breeze, she reassured herself. With a whiff of her breath, she blew the dust that collected on the chamber as her fingers climbed its way towards the handle of the casket. For some reason, that precise moment excited her yet, frightened her at the same time and she’d gulp down the lump rooted inside her throat whilst her eyes glimmered with exhilaration.

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#5Venus Rosé 

Embrace Of Night [SQ] Empty Sat May 15, 2021 1:51 am

Venus Rosé


It was strange as to why Venus felt some form of an indescribable sensation towards the chamber, calling for her to unlock it. She felt bewitched, or perhaps even entranced by some kind of a spell but there she was, standing over an opened casket. Her inner self had hoped that the casket would remain empty but, she was dead wrong. Inside the chamber was a human – dead, she assumed, laying so elegantly inside the beautifully fashioned container that one would simply think that he was sleeping. He, the human was indeed a male, or perhaps she was wrong when she presumed that he was human especially when her eyes glided over to his pointed ears that resembled to that of an elf, a kind that she had never once seen in her life.

He looked abnormally pale; almost too pale to be considered living creature a but then, he was dead. Her head tilted in bewilderment. Questions rose inside her head, but none any more important than knowing who he was. His hands were crossed over his chest, as though someone had gracefully placed him inside his casket albeit, what caught her eye next was the dagger that was placed right through his chest. Perhaps she would regret what she did next, but she wouldn’t know unless she did it, right?

So, she pulled out the dagger.

His eyes flew open, revealing a pair of scarlet eyes, much brighter than hers that they looked like they were glowing. The sudden action startled her so much that instinctive reaction was to immediately take a lunge back and pointed the sharp end of her blade towards the direction of the creature. She waited for something to happen, like the creature crawling disturbingly from the casket but when she looked inside again, there was nothing there anymore.

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#6Venus Rosé 

Embrace Of Night [SQ] Empty Sat May 15, 2021 2:56 am

Venus Rosé


She couldn’t be hallucinating, she clearly saw those blood red eyes gleaming up at her.

Something passed before her eyes. It was so fast she could hardly keep track with her naked eyes and all she could see was a stream of black rushing past her. She spun around, only to see a man dressed in a black, royal cape looking upon her. The sight of his canine teeth and the claws growing from his nails was enough to inform her that she’d unlocked the casket of a very dangerous man – a vampire.

Venus was completely stupefied that she was lost in reaction when the vampire came at her, its claws reaching out for her throat. Alas, she was quick on her hands and toes. She’d finally snapped out of her reverie and bewilderment as she parried the approaching claws with her metal dagger. Of course, the claws were much sharper than hers that after her act of defense, the dagger was split in pieces as though it was just butchered by a smith. Even a smith wouldn’t be able to make that clean of a cut.

She couldn’t die now yet; not after she made it all the way up here, she refused to die from the hands of a vampire. Venus scrambled back onto her legs, grabbing for the golden dagger that she’d dropped moments ago – one that she’d taken out from the chest of the vampire and stabbed it right through its hand. A deafening screech echoed inside the cave and she watched it as the dagger seared the vampire’s hand. It seemed to have been a special dagger against the dark races and perhaps she could use this to render him weak.

Despite being weakened, the vampire still fought against her as though nothing happened. Not only was he fast, but was he strong as well. The two exchanged blows repeatedly but perhaps due to the dagger she held, the vampire was unable to touch the weapon without burning himself and every time, it would weaken the vampire until she was able to seize the opportunity of driving the dagger into its abdomen. She could’ve stabbed through his heart to put him back where he belonged, which was inside his casket, but her intention was to not kill him so that she could at least get information out of him.

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#7Venus Rosé 

Embrace Of Night [SQ] Empty Sat May 15, 2021 7:16 am

Venus Rosé


After being weakened from her attacks, the vampire ceased its movements and gazed at the seductress. The glow within its eyes eventually dimmed and revealed a pair of gentle, hazel eyes as though he had regained his consciousness. Something about him changed; there was no more hostility from him any longer. Was it the effects of the dagger? She wondered.

”Thank you, and I’m sorry.”

Wow. Venus actually didn’t know he was capable of communicating, with how ferocious he looked and all that animal snarling mere moments ago, when he was a threat to her dear life. Only at a closer look, she’d realise how graceful and pretty the man was for a vampire. ”It wasn’t my intention to harm you. I’ve been trapped in that casket for centuries – you know, the consequences of it.”

Sure as hell she didn’t know anything about being stuck in a coffin and she wouldn’t want that to happen to herself either. It was strange how this man was suddenly engaging into a conversation after all that occurred as though nothing had actually happened. ”Who’re you?” She collected herself from the ground, still holding onto the dagger in case the vampire might begin to attack her once again. ”Hold on a minute. If you were stuck in that coffin for centuries, you must be hundreds of years old.”

Venus didn’t know how to comprehend what she just learnt, or even the fact that he had been alive, although inevitably trapped inside a coffin. ”Then, were you actually dead or alive?”

”A curious one, aren’t you?” spoke the vampire, peering down at his wounds as they patched up miraculously within a blink of an eye. In a world of magic, anything was possible, she ponders. ”To answer your first question, I’m sure it’s quite obvious that I’m a vampire. And yes, I’m hundreds of years old – the details I wouldn’t specify as I don’t want to embarrass myself with my old age and presumably dead since I was stabbed with that dagger so it seems like I just died and woke up the next day.”

And so, was his story of a vampire and how he came to be confined inside a coffin.  

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