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Ex's Closet (Solo quest)

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#1Sudoka Kanekite 

Ex's Closet (Solo quest) Empty Thu May 06, 2021 4:37 am

Sudoka Kanekite




The request was very clear, straightforward, and simple. A child could handle it, which made her wonder why Maxwell Buscon didn't simply do this himself. Well, according to Maxwell, his ex-girlfriend Britney's apartment was guarded by a vicious dog that recognized his scent and would attack him. The idiocracy here is the fact he sent a cat to do the job. The irony.

As Sudoka neared the apartment complex, she couldn't help feel a bit considered since it was the middle of the day. She worried someone may notice her. Thankfully, being a Neko meant being good at stealth. She decided to take a less conspicuous approach and move along the rooftops silently. She walked across a clothesline that led to a window in Britney's apparent. As she crept through the window, she kept her eyes peeled for any signs of a large, bloodthirsty, dog charging at her ready to rip...

A Shiba Inu.

The vicious dog was a small, adorable, Shiba Inu.

This made things easier. The dog growled at the Neko as she peered into the open window and she responded by putting a finger to her lip and making a shushing sound and cooing to calm the dog down. She then silently entered and made her way toward the small dog kneeling down, offering her hand for him to sniff while using her other hand to scratch behind his ear. "That's a good boy. You aren't vicious at all, are you? No... you won't bite me will you?" She said in a baby tone as the dog wagged his tail and licked her hand. Now that that part was taken care of, she stood up and searched the apartment until she located Britney's bedroom.

It didn't take her long to locate the closet, to which she opened the door and began to search for the yellow box that Maxwell deemed so important to him. Where was it? This closet was a pretty deep walk-in closet filled with various articles of clothing, shoes, and odds and ends. In the far back of the closet were a few shelves on the wall. The top shelf had the yellow box she was sent to retrieve. Her ears drooped as she looked up.

It had to be above her height range, huh? She sighed and began to climb the shelves until she managed to reach the box. Now, she only had to escape undetected. She had no idea when the woman got off work, and Maxwell assured her she wouldn't be back for a while, but anything can happen to cause someone to come home early and Sudoka wasn't taking any chances.

She wasted no time leaving the same way she got in and hopping rooftops until she found Maxwell. She jumped to the ground in front of him and presented the muscle-bound moron with the yellow box. "I do not know what is so special about this box, but here you go." She stated as she handed it over. She wanted to comment about the dog but felt offending him wasn't the best idea.

Besides, maybe the man simply had a fear of dogs? Maybe that's why they broke up? As he paid her for her troubles, she smiled sweetly while thinking, 'Nah, she dumped him because he's a complete idiot...' She then headed on her way, jewels in hand.


WC: 500/500

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