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I Could Use a Drink... (Manzo, Social)

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#1Sudoka Kanekite 

I Could Use a Drink... (Manzo, Social) Empty Thu May 06, 2021 4:08 am

Sudoka Kanekite




Sudoka arrived in Hargeon exhausted, dirty, and thirsty. Every part of her ached from the long walk. Her tail tip dragged the ground behind her as she dragged her ass through town, looking for an inn or a pub or hell even a restaurant at this point. She just needed someplace to settle down, get something in her stomach, and wet her whistle (preferably with alcohol).

Her ears were sunk back into her hair, almost completely invisible by the matching red and black hair. Her blue and yellow heterochromatic eyes expressed a mix of exhaustion and boredom as she searched for something or someone to entertain her. There had to be someone out there that knew how to have fun.

Although, fun wasn't really a top priority for the Warrior right now. Eating, drinking, and taking a nice warm bath or shower was a preferable priority right now. Then she could get to partying. As she walked through the streets, a cozy little bar caught her eyes. Grinning from ear to ear she skipped cheerfully toward the establishment and entered through the front door.

Inside she saw a 6'4" ginger behind the counter, cleaning glasses and whatever else bartenders did. Sudoka made her way over to the bar and hopped onto a stool. Still grinning cheekily, she spoke to the bartender with a very strong Joyan accent. "Hello there, handsome. I'll take the strongest thing you can offer to drink. I'm also quite hungry and in need of a nice warm bath if you know of where I can find that?" She asked coyly, her long slender red tail swishing behind her, the white fluffy tip twitching. Her red and black ears were now pricked up fully visible.

"Join me for a drink? You're buying."

I Could Use a Drink... (Manzo, Social) Fce49035b81fc0ecad830d783b1725cc--ibaraki
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