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Mount Divinity

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Beyond Divinity

There are many legends and myths in Seven about the otherworldly entities that inhabit the realm of Olympus. The Sevenese Pantheon under the leadership of Zeus has long been the topic of interest for countless tales, so when the people of Seven one day found that on a grand mountain the majestic and glorious palaces of the gods awaited them they could scarcely believe their eyes.

However, this was not the Olympus of their legends. Instead a young Demigoddess greet them, revealing that the hall they stood in at the peak of the mountain was in fact her palace, and as Daughter Of Aphrodite she had come to the mortal realm to bestow a challenge and invitation to the realm of men: This mountain, Mount Divinity was a testimony to the deeds of the greatest of Earthland. If one could prove themselves worthy of becoming considered a legend among mortals, they could join her and bask in the bountiful gifts of the gods.

Since then countless sages, tacticians, craftsmen and even warriors have started to travel to Seven in the hope of earning their place on Mount Divinity


While everyone is welcome on Mount Divinity, as long as they hold no malicious intentions, Mount Divinity does possess a certain hierarchy reminiscent of the way the gods do things on Olympus: The more one has proven themselves and accomplished deeds that would raise them above their fellow men, the higher they will be placed in terms of standing, for example the more influence one gains among the people of Mount Divinity, the higher their accommodation will be situated on the mountain.

On top of the mountain will always be Aseria's palace, who also serves as the mysterious guardian of what, if rumors should be believed, to be a gateway to the realm of Olympus itself where her mother and kin dwell.

The Divine Palace

A bit too lavish and grandiose for its owner's liking, The Divine Palace is the seat of power on Mount Divinity. Modelled in the same style as Zeus' palace, to the deity's amusement, the Divine Palace is as grand as its name suggests, providing all the comfort and luxuries the Demigoddess and her family could possibly ever desire. However, in the deepest parts of the palace, slumbers a gateway to the realm of gods which is off-limits to everyone aside from Aseria.

Ruler of Mount Divinity

Formerly having lived her life as Esperia von Eisenberg, captivity in Tartarus and the events afterwards have led to the young woman to return to the world of the living under the moniker 'Aseria'. A Demigoddess whose mother is the Sevenese Goddess Aphrodite, Aseria has been working tirelessly to uphold a promise she made to her 'mother' and has been working on serving as a bridge between the people of Earthland and the gods of Olympus. In particular she seems to be seeking powerful individuals across the realm for a reason only know to herself.


Denizen of Mount Divinity

  • Aseria - Ruler of Mount Divinity

  • Priscilla: Loving Wife and the True Ruler of the Bedroom in the Divine Palace

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