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Cult of the Ascians

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The Ascians

In the aftermath of a plunge into the Darkest World, several individuals who returned to Earthland were changed remarkably by the experience. The first and foremost change that came were whispers of a cult situated in the North.

People who preached that the so-called 'Light Guilds' were false saviors, pretending to be heroes yet once something happened beyond their reach, they were quick to turn a blind eye to the suffering of those who couldn't defend themselves, all under the reasoning that it would leave the people relying on them exposed.

Then what should one say to those suffering in the lands where darkness rules? Exactly, their only option is to pray for a savior, no matter who or what that person might be.

Shortly afterward a savior did emerge, a group of individuals that later became referred to as 'Ascians', the selfsame people who had been trapped within the Darkest World and experienced the true horrors of a world without light.

Those individuals had quickly earned the admiration of the people in the North who were forced to fend for themselves in the aftermath of the disbandment of the Sentinel Syndicate that had ruled those lands in the past.

Their protection left them guarded against the forces of darkness, but soon they noticed one remarkable difference between their saviors and the passive heroes of the light: For those who followed them, they were heroes, saints, saviors but to those who opposed them they were Tyrants, delusional fools, Bringers of Chaos and Strife.

Their willingness to do anything for the sake of their goals, and the often cruel displays of power quickly led to those saviors to become labeled as a Dark Guild by the government.

Incidentally, at the same time rumors arose that among the followers of the Ascian, that their leader was someone capable of hearing the voice of the planet itself. Her knowledge over everyone she encountered, and her ability to communicate with the planet itself made her take the title of The Emissary among the cult.

Despite the fact the Ascians are often wearing black robes and keeping their faces concealed under masks, there is no denying that to the general populace in the North they are respected and almost even worshipped, but to the government, they are a dangerous cult to keep an eye on, especially when some hushed whispers go as far as declaring that the Emissary is in fact someone whose name had been erased from the history of mankind...

- Dark Guild


  • The User may only take Neutral Quests

  • Under no circumstances should members divulge any plans of the guild or their fellow members to outsiders.

  • Members should do their utmost to spread the reputation of the Ascians as the true saviors of Earthland. Even if this means going against those so-called 'Heroes of the Light'

  • Under no circumstance is it allowed to reveal the identity of the Emissary, the Speaker or the Paragon, or the location of the Guild doing so will cause the cult member to suffer an intense headache and be forced to mumble in frightened paranoia for 5 posts.

  • While it is allowed to earn a bounty, under no circumstance should it affect the people in the Ascians their care.


Since Orchidia is known as a place where its people try to live alongside nature as much as possible the founders of the Ascians attempted to carry on this tradition in the design of their guildhall. Situated within an enormous lake, should someone attempt to enter the lake they will instantly find themselves able to breathe and walk on the surface of the lake.

While the interior of the lake seems to represent an ancient city of a long lost civilization, most of its buildings are oddly enough empty aside from one giant tower within the center of the city:

Situated on the base floor is a large lobby which also serves as a general meeting room or a lounge to relax at when there isn't a meeting going on. Once one ascends to the first floor there are rooms dedicated to the personal quarters of each member, being given the opportunity to model their own room as much to their liking.

A third floor leads up to a spacious room containing the personal office of each of the title-holders with a central space being used to discuss matters among each other in a semi-private matter. This floor also contains access to the rooftop where a spacious terrace allows one to oversee the surrounding area, including a makeshift magical barrier device from a foreign country that helps shield the terrace from having people fall off the tower.


Formerly serving as the advisor to the Sentinel Syndicate, this young witch is known both for her immense amount of magical energy and her outlandish magic prowess. In the aftermath of recent events and a terrifying revelation to Esperia, Esperia's moral compass led her to make the decision that in order to create the future she desires, Esperia would need to walk a different path.

However, this plan backfired when the internal plays of the Magic Council led to the creation of a new organization that was initially meant to be used for Esperia's purpose, forcing her to adapt to a new plan after the government had well and truly forsaken her noble intentions.

After being forced into the Darkest World alongside several other individuals, her time there alongside them made Esperia paranoid at the passive attitude of those who are considered heroes by the people, and after her successful return to Earthland vowed to make certain it would never suffer the same fate as the Darkest World did.

A clever trickster and manipulator with an the end justify the means mentality, this mindset made Esperia answer the call for aid from the helpless in a very dangerous manner. Shrouding her identity in secrecy, she introduced herself as the 'Emmisary' an individual who could hear the voice of the world, and that she had come to answer the pleas of the helpless people, those who were abandoned to their own fate by the heroes of the light.

Her strength and knowledge over various subjects quickly earned her a large following, one that by all means could be called a 'cult', and with the aid of several powerful individuals at her side Esperia intended to turn her promise into more than lipservice.

While Esperia might come over as a playful and kind woman with a mysterious agenda of her own, she clearly holds little patience for those who she perceives as truly evil which shows in her cruel judgemental nature toward them.


  • The Emissary (Guild Master) or The Watcher (founder):
    Name: Ethereal Identity
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: The Emmisary or Watcher title
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: None
    Range: -
    Cooldown: 30 Days
    Duration: Sustain
    The Emissary/Watcher is able to erase any presence of the founders their true identity from the minds of those they encountered. While this does not make the user forget the 'true identity's existence' they will simply lose any memory of the connection between the Founders and the person behind the mask.

    As a result, of this spell people will often find themselves forgetting who Founders truly are, even if they knew their true identity in the past.

  • The Speaker:
    Name: True Salvation
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: The Speaker title
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: None
    Range: -
    Cooldown: 30 Days
    Duration: Sustain
    As the embodiment of the manipulative nature of the Ascians, the user is able to rally the common folk to their cause. This will essentially make even ordinary civilians consider the Ascian to be righteous. Any aggression initiated against the caster will make the target receive the bounty equivalent of fighting a person of the same rank. This is represented by civilians protesting against the aggressor.

    Should the user wish, they can leave the topic during the commotion, or fight back without gaining a bounty for that particular fight. The important part is that the user can't, by any means be the first to open aggression against the target.

  • The Paragon:
    Name: Unsundering
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: The Paragon title
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: None
    Range: -
    Cooldown: 30 Days
    Duration: Sustain
    Being considered the Ascian that represents the values of the guild to the extreme, this 'Champion' possesses the secret spell commonly called Unsundering.

    What this spell does is a reverse summoning so to speak: When in a topic the Champion is able to create a portal that can summon any willing Founders of the guild into the thread. Usually used when the Paragon is outmatched or outnumbered. The moment a founder accepts the summon they can no longer start a new topic in their old location.


Level 1:

  • The Ascians:
    Users who become officially a part of the guild at this point are commonly called the 'Ascians', receiving their trademark robes and mask, the mask, in particular, is donned with unique magic which entirely hides the user's identity even from those with magical perception. The only thing people will know is your role as an 'Ascian'. This is enough for a Bounty Hunter to try to arrest you, but your identity remains hidden till they actually beat you.

Level 2:

  • The Emissary's guidance: The user gets a 10% experience increase in completing their Neutral Quests and storylines.

Level 3:

  • The Ancient Convenant:
    When doing a storyline with another guild member, the user is able to bypass the usual rank limitations and take quests up to 2 ranks above their own. However, they need to participate in the entire storyline. Should they be in a quest above their ranking, the rewards for them will be scaled to their limit.

Level 4:

  • The Emissary's favor: The user gains an additional 20% experience from completing their Neutral Quests and storylines

Level 5:

  • Worshipped by the People: Should the user not possess a threat classification they are able to avoid going to prison due to corrupt sympathizers within the government preventing their arrest. Should they possess a bounty beyond 1m they can instead bribe their way out at only the bounty's value, or by serving their sentence at a 50% reduced rate.


  • Esperia: Guild Master/The Emissary

  • Priscilla: Founder/The Speaker

  • Tomoe Tanaka: Founder/ The Paragon

  • Ramses: Founder/The Watcher

  • Azure:

  • Jin Tatsumi:

Cult of the Ascians MHKs2Uu

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