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My Sister's Keeper (Open)

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My Sister's Keeper (Open) Empty Wed May 05, 2021 6:34 pm

Masado Faithe




He should have heard from her by now. Where the hell was she? As this was her last known location, Masado headed directly to Oak City in hopes to find his sister or anyone that saw her and may know where she went. Even though she was almost 18, he still worried about her. She was his baby sister, after all. And he promised to always be there to protect her.

Even though Rinni was deadset on making that promise difficult to keep, running away from home at age 15 just to prove she could take care of herself. What the hell was she thinking? What the hell is she thinking now? She knows better than to pull stunts like this. Why does Rinni always do this shit?

He ran his hand through his hair and sighed in frustration. Hopefully someone, somewhere, seen her or where she was heading. Hopefully, where she was, she was safe. Gunter approached a random person and cleared his throat. He pulled out a family photo and pointed to Rinni's picture; though it was considerably younger than she is now. "Excuse me? Have you seen my little sister, by any chance? She's 17, brunette, amber eyes, around 5'4"..."

"No, I will not stop protecting my baby sister."

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