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Name: Fala

Age:  October, 31,X691

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscan

Ethnicity, Mother: Stella

Class: Rogue

Race: Daemon

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Inner Thigh blue outline

Face: Harley Quinn - DC


Height: 5ft 5

Weight: 124lbs

Hair: Blonde with blue and pink

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Fala is a rather strong and decently portioned woman, but less on the petite side. When she goes out as a normal human being she swears pencil skirts and a white blouse in most cases. Her skin is fair with a few scars here and there from incidents she doesn't quite remember from. Her hair is blonde and long with different colors mixed in it such as blue and pink. She likes to dye her hair sometimes and mess with it to make it shorter or longer. During her missions, she wears a mask to cover her face alongside makeup that reminds someone of an iconic character from a card or circus. She enjoys the theme colors of black, red, and sometimes blue, the same colors she makes other people wear in the end.

Scars: 1 Neck line, 1 back and two on her wrist.
Tattoos: 1 one her back


Personality: Oh, hail her savor and overlord as he rained his powers upon her sorry ass. She is quite bubbly and outgoing but can be misunderstood. Her mentality was enclosed when she was younger and has a hard time thinking with the goodness of her heart as she quenches the thirst she has for chaos. Her soul has been chained from the past as she cannot remember nor relive it till she satisfies the Demon Lord in which she fears. Something about causing explosions, death, and chaos, in general, excites her as it makes her continuously want to do it. Nothing else seems to really get her going like it.

Even though chaos is her true passion, she even has a deeper passion in deep talks and being people's counselor for those that are troubled and being an artist. Listening to music and panting/drawing is peaceful for her, but if she's interrupted during her peaceful time then she hopes they're prepared for her wrath. Fala is quite possessive and obsessive towards her targeted subjects rather they are an actual object or a person.  She has a hard time controlling her actions and emotions, but any act of genuine sympathy disappeared from her past. She can only just understand and feel the same things, but feeling sad is nothing something she can feel. Hurt is the closest to it.

Extra things about me!

  • I like to read and memorize poetry, art, and music. It keeps me calm and brings me fleeting moments of happiness
  • I’m a monster that destroys other monsters and anything else that gets in my way.
  • I expect danger around every corner
  • There’s evil in me, I can't escape it
  • I talk to spirits that no one else can see.


  • Weapons: Weapons have history; of their maker and who they murdered.
  • Being Spoiled/loved: What's wrong with feeling loved by gifts and affection, huh? I see no problem with it.


  • Disrespect: Who doesn't want respect?
  • Wasting Time: Pretty impatient.


  • Spreading Chaos and Love: Oh hail the lord and mistress of Chaos and love!


  • Overlord: Fala fears the overlord that gave her her life and name as he has the power and ability to crush anyone in their paths. She doesn't even dare speak his name and instead just kills for him and for her own pleasure.


  • Strength: 26
    Speed: 1
    Constitution: 1
    Endurance: 1
    Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: None

Magic Element: None

Magic Enhancement: None

Magic Description: None


History: Fala has no memory of her history from her childhood to her later teens. She woke up on top of the mountains in Fiore. As a lost kitten, she went for shelter as the first survival instinct and was found by a couple. At first, she could felt loved by them (she felt spoiled) and did all the training to help with hunting food. It was till she overheard them talking about selling her for money so they could move out of the Country that things changed. Fala killed both of them in their sleep by slitting their throats. As the blood splattered on her face and tasted the intoxicating mixture she started to get excited.

This feeling feels so familiar

She painted the whole place in black and red while taking their stuff before running off into the forest. She giggled while skipping through to find herself a water source to wash all the blood away. She couldn't get caught now! A darkened voice spoke to her and it pushed her through the path of insanity and survivability. Fala became a monster that destroyed other monsters and those in her path. She had no home to go to and if no one allowed her to live within her shelter she killed them and hide their bodies.

Never leave evidence other than a simple print. Hahahaha

After so many years behind the scenes, she got tired of constantly trying to move around. Fala found a place within the open fields, lived a small stone house in Baska, and did art at a pass time. She learned how to help people that had issues she had and currently has. She lives a peaceful life currently, but if she needs something or feels like doing something for the sake of doing it - she will find you and she will kill you. She will try at least.

Reference: Alt


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This application has been approved for Roleplay

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