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Setting things in motion [Konyo]

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Setting things in motion [Konyo] Empty Tue May 04, 2021 11:31 pm


To most of the Sentinels it was still a peculiar thing to witness, the sight of a Dimensional Pathway tearing through the fabric of reality as Esperia walked out of it, allowing the hood of her traveler's cloak to lower. Despite the usual greetings the sentinels gave her, the scowl on her face and the lack of her usual energetic or cheerful greetings made it clear a storm was brewing.

She marched straight up the staircase leading to Konyo's office, a light knock being all she made before she opened the door and stepped inside.

"Konyo, I know this is a selfish favor to ask, but I would like to request your help." She paused for a bit, trying her best to calm the anger boiling within her. "Baska... It is a place of immense worth to me, and I'd like to ask for the Sentinel Syndicate to make it part of their territory."

She continued on, the coldness in her tone clearly making it show just how upset and angry she was. "Of course it is distant from the North, but I already have some ideas in mind for us to establish a foothold there to secure the land while expending minimal resources, in the end there is an acquaintance I'd like to meet you later, possibly form an alliance with them, consider like making Baska a vassal city that we lend them in return for their loyalty. They get a place to set up shop, we get more resources from Baska for minimal effort in exchange for lending them a hand in time of need and possibly a bit of info in their time of need."

She went quiet, one of her prosthetic arms gripping into a fist as she continued and made her declaration. "After that, I'd like for you to help me find Eternal Nightmare's base of operations and burn it to the ground. They need to learn their place... I won't let those damned cultists turn Fia's hometown into their messed playground!"

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