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Hell hath no fury as a Espy scorned

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Hell hath no fury as a Espy scorned Empty Wed May 05, 2021 2:16 am


It didn't take long for Esperia to notice that there was something... Different about Baska. The presence of the usual Rune Knight patrols had heavily diminished and there was an eerie tension in the air, as if there was about to be an outbreak of some sort of disaster soon.

While Esperia was a wanted woman, she was no fool, shrouding her appearance underneath a long traveler's cloak and a hood covered her facial features. Stopping at one of the few market stands that was peddling their wares, some sort of meat on a stick, kebab perhaps? Esperia ordered some for a few jewels and suddenly withdrew a small pouch.

"Good sir, would you possibly be able to tell me what the cause of this unrest within Baska is about?" The peddler smiled weakly at her as he accepted the pouch and spoke softly. "You must be new around those parts? Aside from the disgruntled Rune Knights who had been harassing us in the past, we now also got some crazy murderer playing hero. Called himself... Erebus? Something about a Eternal Nightmare."

The words were enough to cause a change in the woman's demeanor as a thick pressure started to make the air feel heavy around her. Her natural eye narrowed into a glare as she spoke from under her hood.

"I thank you for the information, don't worry... Soon there be no need for false saviors."

And with those words Esperia started to walk toward the town center, quietly chewing on the meat. Those insolent fools! To think they were as bold to claim to be the judge, jury and executioner of those lands... Certainly, unlike the lands under the Sentinel's control there were clear issues with the corruption among the Rune Knights, but to think those damned cultists were going as far as to play lord and savior, HERE IN BASKA?!

This place... It was where everything had started for her, where she had met Fia, where all those sweet memories were born... and died. She refused to allow those cultists to taint this city.

Approaching one of the town criers she whispered something to them, and after a few nods she had set a certain something in motion, should a certain rogue find himself wandering amidst the town, he would soon hear a peculiar message:

Erebus Gresham!
You and your kin are neither hero nor savior!

Soon you and your Eternal Nightmare will learn nothing lasts for eternity!

And as Esperia heard the criers announce her challenge she quietly opened a pathway to Sieghart Mountains...

- Dimensional hop to Sieghart Mountains -

Note: Everyone in Baska currently will be able to know Esperia's declaration to Erebus

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