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A New World [Open]

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L squinted their eyes, struggling to keep them open as they stumbled through the outskirts of a city known as Baska. L knew nothing of this land, only that it was Fiore and that it was dangerous. The Demi-human was weak. Both of their parents had taken the power they had acquired and now L was left with nothing. The Stellan swam all the way from Stella to this city, and now their stamina was nearly nonexistent. They needed water to drink. The sun was brutal and absorbed the little bit of moisture they had left inside of them. Yet still, the thing brewing in their mind was revenge- not only for the Sun King that destroyed the Ocean people, but now their parents for aiding their enemies in defeating them. Could they have been wrong for being so angry at the people who gifted them life? Could they have been wrong for wanting them to pay? There was nobody in their corner now, and  this foreign country probably wouldn't treat L well. Growing up, the Demi heard so much about Fiore- nothing good about the people- but the land was rich in most of the cities. L's vision became blurry, then suddenly they fell to their knees. "Water..." they whispered. Their knees pressed into the warm soil, heated by the suns rays. In the open land there was not a tree in sight.

Perhaps L was meant to die here.


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A New World [Open] Charlo13

Tempris was out patrolling the Outskirts. Most people, however, just called it a long break. These areas have been criminal free for a while, much to Tempris's disliking. If only something interesting happened. Or maybe someone came to attack her. She was itching to try out her sword after getting beat by Ika. Of course to do that, she needed criminal scum. Or a heretic. Though was this the right thing to do. There were still people above her. There was always someone above her that would stop her from doing what she wanted to do. Always some sinner that had their hands around her throat. She joined the ruin knights to find and purge heretics, yet she had yet to be granted to joyful experience... at least as a knight.

Suddenly her thoughts were cut short. The sound of a dying voice echoed in the distances. Tempris pulled out her sword, setting the blade ablaze in holy glory and flames. This was it. This was her chance to finally do gods work. When she uncovered the source of the sound, she was incredibly disappointed. To think it was just a dying man all alone. Scum around him. Maybe she should purge him. However she didn't know who he was and she didn't really want to deal with the knights. So she sighed and bent down to her knees. Laying her sword on the ground, she picked up a stick and started poking the man.

"Heeeeey~ mister~ Are you A criminal?" Tempris poked her lips out feinting boredom. "I have some water... But I cant give it to you if you are a criminal Misterrrr~"
"Please tell me you are a criminal so I can absolve you of sin. I'm bored and Illumin wills it."
She continued to poke him with a stick until he responded to him.

A New World [Open] Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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Finally Ezekiel found his way to Baska. At first glance, the land was vast and beautiful. The air was fresh when he inhaled and the land seemed to be fertile for the most part. It made sense that humans would have so many farms around the city. The only thing he really didn't notice was wildlife. He remembered reading that years ago a tournament was held here. Apparently the strongest mages all linked up to fight for some kind of reward at the tournament grounds in Baska. Today, Ezekiel would not be looking to participating in any tournaments. He wasn't much of a fighter, admittedly. With a slight smile he trotted through the open area. Up ahead he could see the city and as he moved closer he could hear the chatter of people. Immediately he began thinking about where he would rest while he remained in this city and also about what he would be doing. This was his vacation time, so he had to make sure he was actually using it. Ezekiel had been working so hard since he came to Fiore and not once did he stop to take a break. This month would be different. A few meters out he could see what appeared to be a male on the ground and a child in front of him. Curious, he slowly approached the two before realizing that the male was borderline dying. The kid was poking him with a stick. Ezekiel noticed the mans gills first and realized that he wasn't a human. No, he told himself. He wouldn't get involved. He shouldn't get involved. He wasn't here to save anybody. Yet somehow, the vampire couldn't help it. When he saw non-humans in need he felt so compelled to do something. So he fished into his bag before taking out jewels, then placed it in the mans pocket. "What is your name?" Ezekiel asked the demi-human. After hearing his name, he would nod, taking a mental note. Then, Before leaving he nodded at the girl and continued on his way.

- Exit -

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This is not what L expected when they came to Fiore. They didn't expect some random man to give them money for dying, and they didn't expect some child to approach them and probe them with a stick. "I'm L..."The Demi said aloud as they struggled to look at the little girl. Their eyes couldn't make out her exact features because they were literally dehydrated but he could hear everything still. As L lay there, the girl poked them. It was annoying, but they couldn't do much considering they were on the brink of life. Children were naive most of the time, so when the little girl asked L if they were a criminal the Stellan let out a little chuckle. Even if they were a criminal in this country, no person in their right mind would admit to that when their life was on the line. "No, child." L managed to grumble in his Stellan accent. "Water...please..." The truth was, in Stella they were probably considered a criminal. After all, they did slaughter a number of one of the Sun Kings guards and the people living in the kingdom. Here, however, L was unknown to anyone- a complete stranger to this world. The Demi-human slowly swatted at the child so that she could stop poking at them. Did the people of Fiore lack manners as well? And actually...where the fuck were her parents? L had so many questions, but thinking was making them even more tired. With each passing moment, L's life was fading away. It didn't make them feel any better that the child was capable of playing god at the moment. It was up to her to save them.

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Tempris groaned and dropped the stick behind her. The man was still alive, which was good right? He was not a criminal but that sucked. It would have been the easiest jewels in her life. So she guessed she should just do her job. Her very boring and pointless job. Tempris reached into her bag and pulled out her canteen which was filled with warm water.
"Misterrr~ Illumin as graced you with a second chance." She placed the canteen in front of his face. "Nice and warm, just like his love. Don't you agree. Please say you agree." She grabbed her sword and pushed it back so that the person had a little more room to sit up. "Mister~ Play time is over ya know. I got to do my job. If I cant arrest you... Then at least least let me lead you to Baska." She would try and help the man up so that he was sitting instead of laying down in the dirt with a lazy smile. She hoped he would cooperate. Dirt was heresy and this man would only get more on him

"I am Tempris Ashflare, Seated Knight of the Rune Knights after all. And Illumin wills that I help you."

A New World [Open] Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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Illumin wasn't a big part of L's life growing up, but they did believe in the power of the gods. In fact, L believed that every god existed in some realm or another. Although they weren't a religious person, they were sure that the gods determined peoples fates. Obviously this little girl believed in Illumin. Finally she fished out a canteen full of water. With a grunt L reached out and grabbed the bottle of water, opening it as quickly as they could before downing it in about three gulps. The child spoke, but L hardly listened. Quickly their vision was returning to them and as the girl helped them up L could finally see what she looked like; normal. Like a normal little girl with a sword too big for her to carry it seemed. The Stellan wondered how she could have come across such an item. Then, they found out that she was a seated knight. L heard something about this country having Rune Knights, so they automatically assumed it had something to do with that. Still, they had no idea what seated meant. Her name was Tempris and she was obviously extremely religious. It was scary really to see a child so passionate about Illumin. L began to stand, handing the canteen back to the child and patting his waist to make sure their gun was still there. "Thank you, Tempris but I think I can find my way." L said nonchalantly. "May Illumin continue to bless you, child." They said as they continued to walk away. L didn't need some child escorting them, especially not one working for the government. How could Fiore even let a little girl in their ranks anyway? She should be living her life.


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Tempris was thrown off a bit by the person's words. She expected the them to act in a more disruptive behavior when all her poking like the sinner they were. Never did she think they would be accepting her religiousness. It was something she normally hid due to some false prenotion that followers of Illumin were some scourge of the earth. Maybe this was faith.

"Wait mister. You nearly collapse. What if you fall again. You look sooo..." Tempris couldn't help but grin, "Defenseless. Its my job to help. Plus I found you on my patrol. Illumin has fated us to meet." Tempris dropped her smile and lowered her head. "If you get hurt but some dangerous bandit or wild civilian," Tempris bend down to pick up her sword, "I would be responsible, hurt, devastated if anything happened to you. Surely reconsider. Please Misterrrr~"

In reality Tempris just didn't want to loose credit for helping the person. It would not be too far fetch to for another knight to take the credit for helping him. Also, she didn't want to stay out here patrolling nothing. Especially with another believer of Illumin. She had to accompany them to town... For his safety of course.


Thank you   @Destin E

A New World [Open] Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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