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sugar & spice

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sugar & spice Empty Tue May 04, 2021 2:59 pm

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Torrance city full of culture and cuisine! Get your food on and visit one of our top-rated restaurants! Cafe Menagerie is an eclectic eatery that changes with the season, while Au Revoir will make you say goodbye to the competitors with their classy French cuisine! We're lightly slice-of-life with a focus on slices of pie. Jump into the whacky world of competitive eating and eateries!

Featuring THE DISH which is Guest Friendly!

Have you ever had a meal so mouth-wateringly good that you just had to rave about it? Have you ever been so displeased you wanted to talk to a manager? A new website called The Dish has recently launched and it serves as a place for people to gossip and review those whacky restaurants! Akin to Yelp, users and anonymous reviewers can leave a star-rating and even post images of their meals. Check it out and leave a review today!

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