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Name: L

Age: 23 | August/19/X765

Gender: Non-binary

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Savannan

Ethnicity, Mother: Stellan

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Demi-Human | Dolphin

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Center back | Black

Face: Khaldur'ahm - Young Justice


Height: 6'2

Weight: 247 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Pale green

Overall: L is a Demi-human with light blond hair cut at the bottom, deep brown skin like their father, pale green eyes like their mother, high cheekbones, and a solid muscular build resulting from years of physical training and swimming. They possesses black, eel-like tattoos that run across his back and along his arms, given to them at birth, symbolizing their clan. brown skin is darker than most of the other characters. Being a Demi-human, L has gills that they can choose to show or hide. While these gills don't give them any real water breathing capabilities, they make it very obvious that they are one of the "Ocean People".

Extra: Gills


Personality: L is a simple person really. Not much can rile them up, and not much interests them. In fact, it is very unusual for them to find anyone anything other than average or plain. For this reason alone, they usually keep to themselves. For the most part they're a chill individual with a good head on their shoulders.  Courageous, intelligent and level-headed, L can be really easy to communicate with. Most people find them easy to vent to, especially considering they have wisdom beyond their years. Although they're loyal to their comrades, it isn't easy for them to trust people. A lot of that stems from the trauma of losing his entire family to the government of their home country. L usually isn't much of a talkative person, instead they'd rather listen and take mental notes of the people they encounter. L is gentle, but can be especially spiteful to those their enemies or those they don't like and doesn't take disrespect in any form lightly. It's safe to say that L makes the perfect comrade. Confident and calculated, they assess any situation before diving straight into it, and is usually capable of discerning little details that others may have missed. Most of the time people can find L in a quiet place either sleeping or reading if they aren't working.


  • Smoking: Mostly nicotine, L enjoys smoking.
  • Sleeping: If it was up to L, they'd be sleeping all day.
  • Writing: Writing helps L heal, it's meditation to them.


  • Talkative people: Talkative people are annoying, mentally, and emotionally draining often times.
  • Authority: L doesn't do good with authority. They mostly like to do what they want.
  • Being rushed: Don't rush them...


  • Liberating themselves and their people: Only a few "Ocean People" remain around the world. L not only wants to protect them, but they also want to free them all from the shackles of society.
  • Revenge: The kingdom that is responsible for the genocide of their people are still thriving today. L's main goal is to obtain their revenge so that their people can rest in peace.
  • Building a Family: L eventually wants a beautiful big family.


  • Small spaces: Small spaces create anxiety, clouds their thinking, and just makes them uncomfortable. L is claustrophobic
  • Sharks: Growing up, their people were very prone to being eaten by sharks. To him, sharks are the scariest creatures in the world.


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 26


Magic Name: Glacier Magic

Magic Element: Frost/Ice

Magic Enhancement: Body defense

Magic Description: Ice magic passed down from generations of L's family. This magic gives them the ability to conjure, create or manipulate ice for a variety of uses.


History: L was born to two people of completely different backgrounds. Their mother is Stellan and was raised in the oceans with the rest of her people and their father is from Savannah. Because their mother was one of the "Ocean people", not many people from Stella even considered them Stellan. They were hated simply because they were different. L was raised in Stella primarily around their aquatic-humanoid family where they learned how to hunt in the water. The Ocean people were able to use magical spells to breathe in the water. Most of L's life consisted of joy and love until their people were completely wiped out by the Stellan government. The reason is simple; hate.

After what is known as the "Blue Massacre" L's parents dedicated their life to raising their child to love, but knowing that L's friends were murdered, it was hard for L to get over it. As L grew up they were filled with hate for the Stellan government and even though their family forbid it, they continued to train their magic. The older they became, the more research and training they did to become stronger and destroy the Stellan Sun King that ordered the genocide of their people Eventually L became so strong and began to create a plan to destroy the Stellan king. Once their parents found out, they made the decision to approach them but saw that their child was far too powerful for them to stop them. They were trying to save L from making the wrong decision.

So, the three of them battled, L eventually winning and leaving to march towards the kingdom who was responsible for the death of his people. However, L was overpowered by the soldiers and guards. As L fought the guards and began to destroy the city, Their parents arrived unbeknownst to L and began a spell that would wipe L's strength away. This way the sun king would spare the rest of them, though the price would ultimately have to be L themselves. In rage, L fled the country before anyone could stop them, never seeing their parents again.

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