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[Storyline Quest 12-S] The Traveler

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Tapping her foot on the floor it was clear Fenrir was starting to grow restless, while at the same time Esperia was quietly writing a message on a piece of parchment. Lately she had really grown fond of the usage of the ravens from her relic in order to convey her messages and ensure they get delivered. "So what are you planning to do next Esperia?" Fenrir's question made Esperia lift her gaze upwards at the wolf girl and mused softly. "To be honest, the truth is that the Sentinel Syndicate currently lacks manpower, and there is no solid alliance between the other guilds of Fiore, and yet at the same time we need to attain the information to discover the plans of Nacht and their servants, but for that I need to attain more eyes, more people in the field. Fortunately Kon has a healthy assortment of the people within the syndicate, so I might be able to discover some interesting people to aid me in this endeavor."

With her message written, Esperia rolled up the parchment and placed it in the small scroll, attaching it to the raven's leg who soon flew away. "So Fenrir~" A momentary pause followed as Fenrir watched Esperia get onto her feet. "How about we have a little sparring exercise? Something to stretch the legs a little?"

Fenrir grinned at the idea as she clapped her paws together in approval. "That is more like it!" And with her agreement voiced she eagerly followed Esperia into the plaza of the floating castle. "So~ how about we make this one more challenging?" Esperia chimed softly, earning a spark of excitement in the eyes of the wolf girl. "Are you going to undo Gleipnir?" Yet Esperia shook her head lightly in return to the question, explaining soon afterwards. "No, but instead I will add a layer of rules to our match~ A game of tag, but you can't destroy any of the property or injure the patrolling sentinels, any questions?" Fenrir shook her head firmly as she smirked from ear to ear. "Nope! You better start chasing me quickly!"

And with their match started Fenrir watched Esperia dart toward her, still the hands that attempted to reach Fenrir only caught the air, the wolf girl spinning behind her and making a playful hop backward. "Hah! my old man would have done a better job catching me!"

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Fenrir laughed in amusement as Esperia turned around and resumed chasing her, yet as Esperia reached her Fenrir jumped backward onto the railing of the wall, causing Esperia to channel the mana through her back, a pair of dragon wings growing out of her back and with a rapid dash she was hot on Fenrir's trail.

It might had been a odd idea, but at the same time the exercise was both invigorating but it also helped her improve her endurance and speed also!

As she chased around Fenrir exhaustion finally started to take its toll upon her and Fenrir watched in amusement as Esperia panted in exhaustion. "You made a good try~" A hearty laugh escaped from Fenrir when Esperia suddenly froze. This presence she felt... Impossible, it couldn't be!

In a hurry Esperia started to dart toward the Dawncliff Mine, her footsteps clearly betraying the sense of urgency in her mind. Stopping within the Nature Dragon's prison, or rather Yarghast's grave, the sight of the gravestone would have earned an unpleasant feeling within her gut, yet Fenrir spoke the same thought she was actually thinking: "Am I seeing a ghost?" Yarghast towered over her. "Forgive me Esperia, trickery was not my intention." The words made Esperia mumble in frustration. "You could have at least warned me that you were a manifestation." Of course, Yarghast merely smiled knowingly. "The truth is that for me to reveal myself would have been too dangerous, a being like myself would surely trigger consequences."

It was a reasonable excuse, but it still infuriated her. A deep sigh escaped Esperia's lips as she listened to Yarghast continue speaking. "The truth is that my time here will be at an end, I have granted you an opportunity, with my Lacrima, with the power from my essence you should be capable of putting up a fight. However, I do not have the means to continue supporting you, this is not my fight, but I will advise you should the need for it arise, but the path is now yours to walk."

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Fenrir scoffed lightly at those words. "Leaving the dirty work to Esperia to do hmm? Reminds me of some high and mighty other wordlers that we call 'Gods'" Of course Esperia couldn't help but chuckle at Fenrir's remark. "Very well, just you watch Yarghast, I will ensure Nacht won't be freed."

The confidence of the sorceress her voice earned a grin from the ancient dragon as she started to shimmer out of view. "Until we meet again traveler~" And with those words the manifestation disappeared, leaving Esperia to mutter softly. "I need to learn that trick sometime~"

A hearty laugh followed from Fenrir who started to walk toward the exit. "Well Esperia, we got some hunting to do!" And with those words, Esperia made her way back toward the exit of the Dawncliff Mine. However, as Esperia walked toward the floating castle where the Sentinel Syndicate had their headquarters.

"Esperia~" A gesture was made toward the castle. "Do you consider this place your den?" The inquiry made Esperia tilt her head slightly to the side in confusion. "You mean like my home?" The inquiry made Esperia raise a hand to her chin, pondering for a moment. "In a way you could say that this is indeed my home, even if it might be temporary." The remark made Fenrir nod her head lightly in understanding. "I understand, so worth protecting." The words sounded kind of endearing, yet as she entered the castle and returned to her room, the white-haired sorceress stepped inside her quarters and held her staff. A raven returned to her, cawing softly, and Esperia could see a scroll attached to its foot.

"I see you returned already~" Pulling the piece of parchment from the raven's foot she opened the parchment to read the message.

Dear Esperia,

I hope you have been doing well during your stay in the Sieghart Mountains. As you have requested I have been seeking information about the activity of the dragons. It seemed there are various sightings in Fiore, but I have been unfortunately incapable of finding any ties between each sighting. I tried to ask around, but so far nobody figured out what had been the reason for the dragons that appeared.

Despite that I have noticed little movement within the guild hall of Blue Pegasus and can't tell you what they are planning, I hope you will find the knowledge you seek from other sources for that.

A hand raised to Esperia's chin as she read the message, it was a letter send to her by her associate in Hargeon, a brief sigh following from Esperia. "So it seems I will need to send someone more specialized to start investigating for me."

Pondering softly the white-haired sorceress Fenrir watched her with a hint of curiosity, interest even as she spoke. "So what do you plan to do next?" The question soon made Esperia gesture toward the window. "It's already dusk, we should get ready to turn in for the night, we can figure out tomorrow on how to proceed."

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Fenrir seemed to comprehend those words as a : time to take a bath and then nap, for she dashed toward the bathroom, the large bath that was there making the young woman smile briefly, before she watched Fenrir discard her ragged outfit- god damd Fenrir really needed to do something about her lack of awareness. Sure, she might had been a wolf in a humanoid form, but those curves and assets certainly didn't help make life easier on Esperia who favored the fairer sex!

Shaking her head lightly Esperia tried to dismiss the thoughts and lowered her body into the warm water, watching in amusement as Fenrir started to splash around. It were moments like these, those peaceful moments that Esperia could appreciate a nice break, closing her eyes and sighing.

"Esperia?" Fenrir's voice called her thoughts back to reality, but to her surprise the wolf girl was standing right in front of her, with literally everything on display, the sight of it causing the white-haired sorceress her cheeks to flush into a bright crimson hue and with the heat of the bath she felt herself getting dizzy.

"Esperia? ESPERIA!" Fenrir called out in a panic to her, shaking her body back and forth in a frenzy as Esperia's consciousness started to drift away.

It was the next morning that Esperia woke up in her bed, a debriefing suggesting one of the maids had fortunately heard Fenrir's cry, and took care of her. Getting out of the bed Esperia watched Fenrir still vast asleep next to the bed, earning a soft smile from Esperia who made her way back to her desk.

"Let's see... While I can look around in Sieghart Mountains and the surrounding environment, I want to try to remain close to the syndicate in case Nacht tries something, but maybe... maybe I can get one of the sentinels to go out and investigate for me."

Scrolling through the papers she nodded her head in affirmation. "I guess I'll seek out Ezekiel later today." Rising onto her feet the young woman looked at Fenrir, a hand lowering to Fenrir's shoulder to shake her lightly. "Fenrir~ wake up, we have some work to do." The words made Fenrir yawn softly, climbing back onto her feet and stretching her arms lightly. "Morning, finally feeling better?" Esperia merely nodded her head, not wanting to comment on the reason why she had fainted, but as they walked down the room and toward the mess hall Esperia quietly thought to herself that she really, REALLY needed to get Fenrir some proper clothes soon. However, wouldn't those clothes likely tear if Fenrir transformed back and forth? Why did those rags not suffer from such a drawback? Was it because of some magical enhancement? Would she need to search for a tailor, or a enchanter instead? So many questions that drifted through her mind.

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A momentary pause followed as she took her seat at one of the tables and as Fenrir took a seat beside her, and humming happily along. It was entertaining to see Fenrir in such a good mood, perhaps it was because she had been allowed to feast on a dragon? Or maybe she was finally getting comfortable in the arrangement Loki had forced her into. Leaning back in her seat Esperia pondered for a bit on how to proceed. So far the first steps were being made in the quest to obtain more information, but she still would need to figure out the problem of increasing the Sentinel Syndicate their manpower. How she didn't know, it was a matter she would need to discuss with Kon, not to mention she would need to tell him about Fenrir and the events that had happened recently also! Surely he would have heard already about Tiamat's attack on Rush Valley.

"Say Fenrir, are you interested in meeting the owner of this castle?" Fenrir shrugged her shoulders lightly in response. "Don't care~ Are they strong?" In response to the inquiry Esperia's hand was brought to her chin, a soft hum following as she smiled mischievously. "Very strong, with their experience I would say they are stronger than me~" In response to that statement Fenrir seemed to get even more interested, hopping onto her feet and waiting for Esperia to return their dishes upon which she made her way to the upper levels of the guild hall, explaining with a smile. "Kon is a pretty impressive person, mysterious but powerful, I think you will like him." As Esperia spoke she thought back about the words Kon had spoken that day, about how he hoped she would consider herself 'one of the syndicate' rather than just a benefactor to their cause, and by now Esperia started to realize that she might had started to truly see the Sentinel Syndicate as people she cared about, people she wanted to help, whether it was for her personal interest or goals she was not sure of yet, but for the time being she genuinely believed that her home was here.

Reaching the rooftop of the castle she gazed into the distance, idly wondering how long this peace would last. How long till Nacht would make their move? How long till the servants of Nacht would prepare yet another scheme of theirs? Still, for now there was peace, and time for her to prepare and gather the knowledge she sought. "Let's go and find Kon, shall we?" Hearing those words Fenrir chimed excitedly. "Yes! Let's find him! I want to see if he is truly as strong as you claim him to be!"

While the two of them made their way back down to the castle's upper floors, a black raven flew by, a glint of mischief in its eyes. Who that raven was? And what type of misadventures Fenrir would get into upon meeting the guild master of Sentinel Syndicate? Well... Those would be stories for another time~ But for now the tale of the Traveler, could have said to have began in earnest!

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