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[Storyline Quest 11-S] Tiamat's Wrath

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In response to Tiamat's hostility the figure merely smiled mischievously. "My dear Tiamat, that is no way to act toward your potential savior~ You know I could easily free you from those bindings, right?" The dragon glared at the man who approached her so nonchalantly. "And why would you do such a thing?" The man paused, turning his back toward her: "Hmm~ I wonder why..." As if contemplating her response he soon resumed speaking: "Because it might be entertaining for me?" Tiamat scoffed at his words. "Unchain me and I'll make you regret underestimating me..." Yet the man merely turned toward her, wagging a finger before her: "Tu tu tu~ do you know what got you bested in the first place? Your overconfidence~ You didn't see the potential of that girl, the threat a mere human girl could be."

Yet in response to those words, Tiamat forced herself upright and glared at the man. "That wrench had the power of an Ancient Dragon! If not for that I would have easily bested her and that pup of hers!"

Yet the man's eyes twinkled with mischief. "And still you underestimate her, perhaps a different lesson is in order:" As he waved his hand the bindings of the dragon disappeared, but what initially might had been joy turned into scorn as she felt her body shift and change, turning humanoid albeit with dragonic features. "You... What did you do?!" Tiamat roared in anger as she attempted to regain her true form, but to no avail. "Just a little lesson~ Give Esperia and Fenrir my regards~" And with a light shove Tiamat found herself staggering backward against... stone?

Looking around in bewilderment Tiamat found herself back in the realm of humans, and already she spotted one of those disgusting vermin approach her. "Grovel before me!" She roared out, a lash of her hand being enough to send a surge of wind to blow with enough force to knock the man several feet backward.

Wait a second... Had this curse increased the power of her body? She could get used to this...

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Meanwhile in the floating castle of the Sentinel Syndicate:

Dawn approached as Esperia yawned softly, opening her eyes to find Fenrir still sleeping surprisingly comfortable at her side, making the sorceress wonder if the wolf had a more pleasant side to her than she had initially assumed. Sitting upright the motion made Fenrir stir lightly, opening her eyes to look at Esperia and mutter softly. "Hunt time?" Yet Esperia merely chuckled, a light shake of her head following as she replied with a playful hum. "Breakfast time~"

The two were quick to make their way to the mess hall where several cooks were preparing meals for the sentinels, and as Esperia started to eat her share, she could already notice how Fenrir was growing more energetic as she was eating. She truly could get used to this...

However, a sudden panicking voice came from the entrance of the castle, and Esperia raised her head as one of the sentinels ran toward her to report. "One of the townsmen of Rush Valley is telling us a woman is attacking the town." Esperia blinked in bewilderment as she replied in return. "And the guards?" The sentinel shook his head lightly. "The ones that tried to apprehend her are currently receiving medical treatment, severe injuries to all of them, the woman demanded for you to come to her or she will burn down the entire town."

Esperia blinked in bewilderment. "She asked for me?" Upon which the sentinel nodded his head firmly. "By name specifically." The conversation made Fenrir happily jump up from her seat. "Sounds like we got challenged! Fight! Fight! Time to kick some ass and chew some bones!" Yet Esperia mused softly. "Not the last one Fenrir, or at least not me~ I'll go and check it out, tell the guild master in case she returns."

And with those words Esperia left the table, making her way along the entrance hall of the castle and soon was making her way down along the path leading from the castle toward Rush Valley.

As Esperia walked along the path with Fenrir the wolf sniffed the air lightly. "I smell the scent of a dragon..." The mutter made Esperia ponder as her gaze shifted to the sky, but no dragon was visible above which meant... Arriving at Rush Valley Esperia could see that in the center of the town a tall muscular woman stood, a dragonic tail swaying back and forth behind her back, a pair of dragonic wings beating lightly behind her... "Finally got here huh? Took your sweet time getting here Esperia." yet the first thing Esperia mused with was "Do I know you?" Of course a jest, since her eyes made her more than aware that this was Tiamat, but the dragon girl glared in anger at her. "I will never forgive you for the humiliation you and your dog made me suffer."

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Yet already Fenrir lunged straight at her, a clawed arm lunging for the dragon girl's throat, who skillfully grabbed the hand with her own, forcing Fenrir backward. "Let's see if you remember me when I blow up this little town!" Raising a hand upwards a torrent of flames started to gather in her hand, yet Esperia quickly called out to Fenrir: "Fenrir! Knock her upwards!"

In response to those words Fenrir swung her other arm, the uppercut coming with such force the dragon girl was send reeling upwards into the air as she send the fireball rocketing toward the nearby town buildings!


Esperia rapidly raised her staff, channeling a torrent of energy as a large sphere of water started to push the fireball up into the sky and into the distance where both projectiles exploded in the air!

The townsmen screamed in panic, fleeing away as Esperia glared at Tiamat. "That is the expression I like to see~" The dragon girl smirked menacingly at her as she raised another hand toward a different direction, this time toward the fleeing civilians!

"Fenrir please get them out of the way!" Esperia called out to her companion who rapidly dashed toward the two elderly women that were trying to escape, scooping them up over her arms like a sack of potatoes while Esperia brandished her staff. "Stop this already!" Channeling several vines of nature magic she attempted to restrain the airborne dragon girl but to no avail, she easily tore through the vines, making it clear her strength had increased significantly!

"I won't, not until I get to savor the sight of your broken self as I am about to kill you!"

Yet it was at that moment Esperia didn't yet realize how depraved her enemy had become. "Miss Espy?" A soft childish voice called out to her, causing Esperia's gaze to turn hesitatingly at the child who stood at the house underneath where Tiamat was flying.


Impossible, why now? One of Rush Valley's children had emerged from the orphanage, perhaps having hid there during the commotion, and it was one she recognized: the child in fact had showed her around when she find arrived at Rush Valley, and ever since then she had frequently visited the child, just simple innocent memories, and it seemed Tiamat picked up on that as she lowered a hand. "Don't!"

Yet Tiamat wouldn't hear a thing about it, a downwards flurry of flames engulfed the orphanage and the child, the sight of it seemingly snapping something in Esperia: "FENRIR!" The bindings of Gleipnir were instantly unsealed, the wolf seemingly jumping through the dimension gate as she emerged above Tiamat, the jaws of the wolf hound tearing down onto Tiamat in a violent and gory display.

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Even as Tiamat screamed and flailed Esperia merely gazed coldly at the dragon girl as Fenrir looked at her for confirmation: "You wanted dragon Fenrir? You can enjoy her fully... Do with her as you wish."

In response to those words she could hear Tiamat cursing at her, but Esperia merely tuned out the words as Fenrir started to devour her prey. With hesitating steps, Esperia approached the smoldering remains of the house, the burnt corpse of the poor child, her gaze lowered at her. "..."

It was painful for her to see this, to know she had watched the child perish because she was incapable of stopping Tiamat from destroying the others. To think innocent people still had to die. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes, gripping her fists. "I'm sorry..." Yet as Fenrir returned to her side and heard those words she whispered softly "It's not your fault..." Esperia couldn't help hold back, soft sobs starting to come from her. "I should have killed Tiamat when we had the chance..." Yet Fenrir lightly pulled her arms around her. "I... I will find them all. I will destroy Nacht myself if I have to!"

In the wake of Tiamat's attack, Esperia watched quietly as the sentinels started to work on dealing with the smoldering buildings that Tiamat had left behind and others were starting to tend to the grave of the people that had died in the fire. Shaking her head lightly Esperia turned toward Fenrir who was looking surprisingly somber at her. "It's alright Fenrir, let us return to the Sentinel Syndicate." Making her way away from Rush Valley Esperia looked up at the floating castle and pondered for a bit.

"I wonder why they do something like that." Esperia's musing made Fenrir shrug slightly. "I got no idea either, there is neither glory nor for to be found in hunting prey that can't fight back." It was words that made Esperia sigh wearily. "At least Tiamat is dealt with, but we'll need to figure out an idea to deal with Nacht."

Fenrir nodded her head firmly in response to the statement as they returned to the guild hall, and although she did greet the sentinels, the men could no doubt see the exhaustion on her face. It truly had been a stressful experience for her. And even then, she knew it was not yet the time for her to sit idle and relax, she needed to start making preparations for the conflict that was waiting to happen.

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Returning to her room Esperia started to reach for a book, scribing stuff on it while Fenrir took a seat on her bed, tail waging back and forth in excitement. "What are you planning to do next? Going to go hunting for more dragons?" Yet Esperia smiled briefly at Fenrir. "Not exactly, this time we will be hunting for allies."

It was a logical solution: to seek out aid from others to deal with Nacht and their servants. But at the same time, she needed to figure out some details, information was the name of the game, a game that the Sentinel Syndicate was supposed to be very good at playing, and therefore she would seek out the aid of the sentinels on this matter.

"And you didn't even ask me for help my dear Espy?" The familiar mocking tone of the trickster god instantly made Esperia stand upright while Fenrir lunged straight for the man's throat, but Loki nimbly avoided the lunge and instead caused Fenrir to land on the wall, growling at her father. "Looking feisty there my son~ Or should I say daughter now?"

Yet Fenrir snarled at him. "Turn me back already!" Meanwhile Esperia looked at Loki and inquired with a mixture of curiosity and wariness. "What brings you to Earthland Loki? Surely you aren't here to disrupt my work?" But Loki merely smiled at her. "Not at all~ I am just here to have fun, and provide a bit of advice for my good old friend: Beware who you trust, for vipers lurk even in short grass."

Looking at Loki she was about to ask something, but Fenrir lunged at the man's back, causing him to disspate in a flurry of crows. "That damd old man!" Fenrir howled in anger while Esperia smiled sympathetically at her. "You know, you're kind of cute as a wolf girl." Yet Fenrir huffed her cheeks in a pout of annoyance. "Even if it is nice to hear that, it still hurts!"

Distractions left aside, Esperia clearly needed to consider her next course of action carefully: After all, they were not the only players in this game of knowledge and intel, and nothing would be as dangerous as allowing a spy to become aware of her investigation into their activities. "I might... have an idea in mind~"

Smiling softly Esperia approached Fenrir and gestured at the doorway. "Say Fenrir~ how about we go and make some new friends?" The suggestion made Fenrir blink in bewilderment. "Why would I need to make friends with humans- well humans aside from you?" The wolf girl mumbled but Esperia dismissed the complain with a smile. "Don't be like that~ This one you will find interesting for sure! I promise that~ Besides, they will help us find interesting prey for you to hunt." The words were spoken when Fenrir's ears twitched slightly and her tail wagged faster. "Okay! let's go meet this person! We need to find new prey to hunt!"

And so at long last Esperia had finally found the way she had in mind in order to deal with the encroaching threat! For now they needed to obtain more intel, but also figure out a way to increase the strength of the Sentinel Syndicate, and for one idea she already had a solution in mind!

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