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[Storyline Quest 10-S] Crazy Cultists

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Esperia watched Tiamat flying toward the flying castle, the sentinels were already starting to rush toward the various ballista, some of the archers getting ready. However, Esperia raised her staff, allowing her magic to start wrapping the dragon into a dimensional gate, and as it disappeared and left the sentinels looking in bewilderment at her, Esperia's gaze shifted toward Fenrir, a smirk on her lips. "You made the dragon disappear!" Fenrir declared in frustration, but the sorceress hummed playfully. "Don't worry Fenrir, we're about to visit a nostalgic place~"

And as she spoke she swayed her staff, a dimensional gate emerging. Fenrir jumped in the dimensional gate as Esperia walked after Fenrir and entered into the dimensional gate. Meanwhile, in the arena of Valhalla Tiamat rose into the sky, roaring in anger when all of a sudden a lightning bolt struck her with such a force it knocked her straight into the ground! The Dragon reeled from the impact, looking up at the source of the act, and there is stood: Thor wielding his hammer while the Einherjar and Valkyrie surrounded the arena!

"See Fenrir~ I told you it was a familiar place~" Esperia's playful comment earned a fascinated hum from Fenrir who looked around the arena "Espy! I see you brought a gift with you!" Thor declared with a hearty laugh as he jumped down the hill, smacking his hammer against the dragon's head, meanwhile Esperia hummed teasingly. "Yep~ I'll bring some more gifts soon, but don't worry~ You can mess around with Tiamat in the meanwhile." Hearing the words Tiamat glared at Esperia who turned her back at the dragon. "You..." growling in frustration Tiamat was about to lash out at her, and yet Thor smacked his hammer another time across the dragon's face while Esperia watched Fenrir look hungrily at the dragon. "Don't worry Fenrir, we will be enjoying some more fights soon."

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And at the same time as Esperia opened the dimension gate, Fenrir sighed in defeat, walking after her master. Soon the two of them returned to the sentinel syndicate guild hall and Esperia declared calmly to the sentinels. "Do not worry, the dragon is dealt with."

With those words Esperia pondered about what to do next, if she thought about it a bit more, perhaps she should search for Kon next, if she knew about the whereabouts of him, then she might be able to prepare a trap for Nacht's servants.

Pondering about it, Esperia raised a hand to her chin and pondered, having sent the ravens from her nevermore relic to search for any signs of the enemy or Kon.

Meanwhile, Fenrir rose up and stretched her arms. grinning mischievously. "Did you find them yet?" Esperia nodded her head and pondered for a bit. "It seems there are some prowling within the Sieghart Mountains, I think they are searching for Kon also."

Fenrir nodded her head and excitedly rushed toward the doorway. "Let's go already!" Fenrir exclaimed excitedly as Esperia followed after the wolf girl.

Walking down the path to the miner's town Esperia pondered quietly about what type of dangers would await her. However, it was to her surprise that Nacht seemed much more willing to act in the open this time, for a group of cloaked cultists were rushed at the guards of the town.

While the guards were currently holding their ground, Esperia wondered how many of the cultists would be there, and whether they had some additional scheme in mind.

The sight of several cultists charging toward some of the guards, yet before they could reach them Fenrir lunged through the crowd, sweeping and clawing at the cultist, knocking one after the other down! It was pretty impressive, to say the least.

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"Let's see..." Esperia's gaze shifted around as she watched how the cultists their ranks started to diminish, a sight that was encouraging the guards and sentinels that were reinforcing them.

Fenrir was already prodding at the unconscious bodies of the cultists, meanwhile, Esperia raised a hand to her chin. That was a surprisingly weak assault from the likes of Nacht, surely they had not expected this type of force to be a proper threat to the likes of Kon?

No, it must have been something else. Another objective, or perhaps this was but the start of it? It took only a little longer till one of the sentinels approached her, a worried look on his face. "It seems this was the last of them, although we believe some of them have fled into the Dawncliff Mine."

The Dawncliff Mine? What could they possibly want from there? With the Nature Dragon's prison having lost its power, they wouldn't have any use for that, or were they hoping to make a hideout there? Surely Kon wouldn't have been there... "I'll go ahead and investigate it further."

And with those words, Esperia moved toward the mountains, Fenrir, eager for battle being right behind her. As the sentinels had said, the Dawncliff Mine had been captured by the cultists, a duo of them standing in front of the entrance, but before she could even give a instruction Fenrir lunged uphill with the acrobatics that defied human flexibility, and with a mixture of awe and amusement she watched as Fenrir landed between the two, one being grabbed by the chains around her arms and flung violently against the other cultist, the two gone reeling onto the ground while a simple, but very painful looking stomp knocked the air out of them!

"So they are inside there hmm..." Making her way inside the mine Esperia's staff was quick to illuminate the area, while Fenrir took point, marching in front of her, a watchful eye being kept out for the surrounding area. After all it was quite possible some enemies would attempt to ambush them from the shadows, which they indeed did! Of course, having Fenrir take the front made the fools quickly regret the decision as she tore through them with the ease of a knife slicing through butter!

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Nonetheless, once inside the mine properly Esperia started to look around for clues about what the cultists might had been planning here. It was odd, they were essentially fleeing into a dead end, but were they truly fleeing? Looking into the mine as Fenrir forced a path through the cultists, Esperia quickly came to notice the various unfinished preparations, both spell and physical alike.

"They were planning to cause the Dawncliff Mine to collapse and make the whole mountain slide down onto the town... The lunatics."

Shaking her head in disgust as Fenrir finished cleaning off the remaining few of the cultists that had fled inside the cave, Fenrir turned her attention back toward her master: "Did you find what you were looking for?" But Esperia simply shook her head in denial to the question. "This all just feels like too little effort for a enemy as strong as Nacht, almost as if they are merely toying with us."

Fenrir grinned at those words. "Hah! Let them at us! I'll show them who the toy is!" Of course those words, encouraging as they might be only made Esperia smile weakly as they made their way out of the mine.

The ravens that approached her didn't seem to have any new clues about Kon's whereabouts either, which left her stuck with even more questions than before.

Even if he was powerful and secretive, in times like this Esperia could feel the concern rising within her. Was it worry about him? Perhaps, after all, she considered him an ally, a comrade perhaps even.

But for now, she would return to the town to make sure everything was alright. Fortunately, upon her return she found out the cultists had been dealt with and the town was returning back to its business, so with a final patrol through its streets she made her way back to the guild hall of the Sentinel Syndicate.

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Heaving a sigh as she took a seat in her quarters, Esperia couldn't help but wonder what Nacht was planning, and what the identity of their servants was. She needed more info, and in all honesty she also needed to both interact more with the other prominent members of the syndicate, and help figure out a means to increase their firepower.

She knew that in due time Nacht would force them to either bend the knee and serve them, or be obliterated like all who would oppose them, and that worried her... Right now they had not the power to oppose them by themselves.

Fenrir meanwhile was seated on the end of her bed, trashing back and forth on it. "Bah we didn't get to fight a dragon! I feel cheated Esperia!" At least the energetic attitude of the wolf was something of a mood lifter. "We'll have plenty of them to deal with later."

Indeed, it was certain that this wasn't the last of what Nacht would send at them. Yet after all those fights Esperia had to admit she was starting to feel exhausted, and soon her eyes started to grow weary, her eyes closing as she started to doze off, yawning softly as her exhaustion started to take its toll upon her.

How much time had passed since then? It felt like an eternity as Esperia found her mind drifted into the abyss. Drifting through the darkness Esperia watched the space distort, a room of sorts emerging out of nowhere, and seated across her Esperia saw the familiar figure of the Authority of the World stood.

"Hello Esperia~ It is not often that you come to seek me out." The voice called out to her, making Esperia frown for a moment, was she actually communicating with the embodiment of the world's knowledge again?

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"I will cut to the case, are you aware of the knowledge I seek?" In response to those words the Authority of the World nodded her head in response.

"But you will not find it, for it doesn't exist yet." The words earned a blink of bewilderment from Esperia, and noticing her confusion the Authority of the World merely smiled. "What I am saying, is that your wisdom is making you paranoid: The enemy has yet to make their move in earnest, and you see shadows where there are none to be seen. Gather your strength and prepare for the conflicts that will come, rather than wasting your energy on what-ifs and possibilities."

Was that truly the case? Was she being paranoid about the possibilities of a secret scheme being carried out by Nacht and their servants? Heaving a sigh Esperia closed her eyes for a moment. "You might be right, I have been quite on edge ever since this whole thing happened."

And who would blame her? Traveling to the realm of the gods, fighting Fenrir, befriending Thor and Loki and obtaining the power of an Ancient Dragon. It were events that would have broken anyone else. "So rest a while Esperia." And with those words Esperia felt her mind being expelled from the dream, her consciousness drifting back to reality.

"mhmm..." a soft joyous mutter came from nearby as Esperia opened her eyes, and to her surprise she found Fenrir clinging lightly against her under the blankets, leading the young woman to mutter in amusement. "I guess this is similar to having a dog sleeping in your bed, the only difference being that this half-naked wolf girl is in fact the Fenrir from Icebergian Mythology..."

Smiling weakly at the thought the girl decided to head the advice of the Authority of the World's Knowledge: for now she would rest and regain her strength, so that she could prepare for the battles that would await them.

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Turning the blanket upwards she turned onto her side and closed her eyes, allowing her mind to drift back to the realm of dreams.

Meanwhile within a dark temple in a place far far away...

A hooded figure had bend his knee toward a figure towering over them. "You are saying Tiamat got captured?" The figure nodded his head firmly. "Indeed, she was thrown into another dimension by the Dragon Slayer who obtained the Ancient's blessing."

The words earned a soft mumble from the other figure. "So Tiamat got bested by the trickery of a Dragon Slayer... Fascinating, so the Ancients are actually moving, I believe this means it is only a matter of time until it will finally happen. You are dismissed."

As the hooded figure left the temple the other figure turned toward the large shadow in the darkness. "Soon... soon the seals will be broken and all will be as it is meant to be. Until then, please wait a bit longer my master."

Stepping away from the darkness the figure mused softly. "A bearer of the ancient's power, if they survive... maybe I will see their potential for myself and see whether they are a boon to my master's cause, or a threat meant to be eliminated.

At the same time within the arena where Tiamat was being held captive by the Einherjar. After suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Thor, Tiamat had been left restrained and weakened, a prisoner and a sign of what would happen to those who would underestimate the power of humanity. Yet in the shadows a voice beckoned. "Why hello~ You seem in a bit of a pinch my dear friend~"

Tiamat raised her head in anger toward the direction the voice came from and soon growled in anger. "You... What do you want with me?"

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