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[Storyline Quest 9-S] A Short Respite

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It was an impressive sight to behold, the way Fenrir towered over the necromancer, the Lich knew by now that Esperia wasn't bluffing, and yet it didn't flee, why? Was it because it feared the wrath of its master even more than the threat that Fenrir posed toward it? Whatever the case might had been, the Lich raised both his arms in front of him and started to mutter a chant, and curiously enough Esperia spotted the sight of a black grimoire emerging out of nowhere! "Oh, an artifact?" Sensing Morrigan's curiosity stirring inside the staff, the Lich seemingly regained his confidence, and soon Esperia understood why, because as the grimoire opened several obsidian tinted portals opened and armored skeletons came marching out of it!

Fenrir however was displeased at this showing of defiance, considering it a mockery of his strength! Did that Lich truly think some skeletons would be able to stop him from reaching his prey? It was time to teach that puny boneman a lesson!

Letting out a piercing howl, Fenrir's act caused several lances made of ice to emerge from the air above him, and like an artillery cannon he fired the lances at the encroaching legion of skeletons! It was quite a spectacle, the torrent of ice impaling the skeletons as the collapsed into heaps of motionless bones, but for each skeleton that was felled, another emerged from within the portal. The sight only enraged Fenrir further as he howled a second time, this time causing a wave of freezing air to chill the battlefield, and even the skeletons stepping out of the portals were frozen into icy rocks!

"I have had enough of your mockery Lich..." Fenrir growled as he lunged forward, the motion carrying such force the rocks shattered and the skeletons collapsed, and yet the Lich still refused to back down, even as Fenrir brought down his massive jaws onto the skeleton's body. "Your efforts are in vain, even if you batter and break me, you will never slay me, for my phylactery is safe from you!"

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Yet in response to the mockery, Esperia merely grinned. "You're quite confident in your hiding place~ Unfortunately for you, I know a 'lot' of things~" As Esperia spoke she extended a hand sideways into the air, the dimension warping and distorting as she withdraw what appeared to be a crimson colored sphere from within. "How! Impossible! I only told-" Yet Esperia merely smiled calmly. "Indeed, you told someone~ Hey Fenrir! Fetch!" And with a playful lob she tossed the phylactery toward the wolf who lunged at it and broke it with his jaws! The act made the Lich howl in agony as fire started to engulf his body. "You will never stop my master! The Eternal Nightmare WILL happen!"

And then only ashes remained. Fenrir returned to her side, scoffing and muttering about how the Lich and his army of skeletons were not even a match for him, words that earned a smile from Esperia. However, they had to hurry and return to Earthland, to ensure the Ancient Dragon had defeated her foe.

Meanwhile in the underground sanctuary in the depths of the Sieghart Mountains:

The two dragons were violently clashing against one another, one fiery breath clashing onto the other in a bid to overpower the other, one tail swipe narrowly avoiding the other, and yet as this battle of dragons waged, it seemed there was already a difference in the two. Tiamat smirked in amusement at her sister, taunting her: "You seem tired already, has your time with the humans made you weak?"

Yet the Ancient dragon retaliated to that taunt with one of her own. "You underestimate them Tiamat! There are some among them who are braver and stronger than you!" Yet in response to those words Tiamat roared menacingly. "Do not mock me! There is no way a human can match one who is blessed by Nacht!"

The two skyborn dragons lunged at each other, yet it was Tiamat who was the victor in this physical clash, sending the ancient dragon reeling to the ground, collapsing with a loud crashing sound! "GAH!" A pained sound came from the ancient dragon as Tiamat's claw restrained her by the throat. "Your hopes are lost sister, your power dismissed! Surrender and my master might be merciful."

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Yet in response to those words the Ancient Dragon replied coldly. "I will never serve Nacht!" In return to those words of defiance, Tiamat raised her claw and violently impaled it into the Ancient Dragon's throat!

"Fine, if you will not serve my master, then I will just claim your power for my own!" Yet as she reached for the ancient dragon's lacrima, her eyes narrowed: "You... What did you do?!" The ancient dragon wheezed in pain, using its final baited breaths as the manifestation: "My duty here is done... my power... passed on... you will never... succeed... for after Nacht comes Dag."

It was at the same time that Tiamat did this that a portal opened near her, and to her surprise she felt the giant wolf, Fenrir lunge her off her prey's body as Esperia rushed out of the portal.

"'Yarghast' , No! You should have retreated! You can't die here! You need to live so you can see the dawn of the victory you desire!"

Yet in response to those words the ancient dragon smiled weakly at her. "I’m sorry Esperia, . But do not weep, for this is not a farewell... Consider it a ‘until we meet again’ my traveler..."

Esperia's eyes widened in disbelief as the dragon's body started to disintegrate, countless sparks of mana being drawn into her body as at the same time Tiamat knocked Fenrir off her body. "Curse you human! You will return her power to me!"

Yet Esperia brandished her staff as Fenrir landed in front of her. "There will be no demands from you! I will ensure neither Nacht nor you will prevent the next sunrise from happening!"

Fenrir lunged toward Tiamat while at the same time Esperia's staff glowed brightly, a pair of fireballs being lunged alongside Fenrir's flanks! Despite Fenrir's size and strength, the dragon was still clearly a match for him, pushing the wolf backward, but the fireballs forced Tiamat backward also!

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"Insolent Vermin!" The dragon roared wickedly, a torrent of obsidian flames erupting from the dragon's jaws, yet Esperia conjured a portal in front of Fenrir, the flames disappearing within, and at the same time as soon as the portal closed, Fenrir darted straight toward the obsidian dragon, a claw raised to slam the head of Tiamat down, and while she tried to get up again Esperia opened another portal, this time sending the torrent of flames Tiamat had expelled earlier to go surging down onto the dragon's body!

Fenrir's jaws opened as he tore into Tiamat's throat, yet a forceful trashing of the dragon knocked Fenrir off her, and soon Tiamat backed away, eying the duo warily.

How annoying! To think she was being cornered by a human girl and her dog! It was at the same time Tiamat started to beat her wings, that a dragonic roar came from the distance, and oddly enough Esperia could understand it!

"Return to me Tiamat, this is not a fight worth dying for." Yet Tiamat growled in response. "But she has the Ancient Dragon's power! At this rate she will become a nuisance to us!"

Yet the voice roared again.

"Whether she will become a nuisance or a boon remains to be seen, for now leave, I need you elsewhere." And with those words Tiamat glared at Esperia and Fenrir: "We are not done here human, the next time we meet... I will slay you myself!"

And with a torrent of flames expelled at Esperia the dragon took flight! Fenrir rapidly leapt between Esperia and the flames, creating a mist of frost to intercept the flames, but unfortunately by the time the flames died down the dragon had disappeared.

"Che~ the bitch got away..." Fenrir mumbled in annoyance as she turned back toward Esperia, transforming back into her humanoid form. "We'll deal with her later..." Esperia's disheartened tone made Fenrir frown lightly, but as she saw Esperia's gaze directed at the spot the Ancient Dragon had died at, she understood why.

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"Give me a moment Fenrir, I want to at least leave a sign of her passing." Fenrir shrugged her shoulders lightly in response to the request as she watched Esperia create a gravestone of earthen magic and using her mana engraved the name of the Ancient Dragon on it: a grave to remember her by, even if there was no body inside, Esperia's roots required it to be that way.

However, even if she had obtained the Dimensional Dragon's power, it was far from a battle she could consider a win. They had succeeded in stopping Nacht's plan, but the cost came at the life of the Ancient Dragon.

To make the matter worse, even as they were Nacht's servants were still moving, their vile and treacherous schemes waiting to disturb the balance in this conflict between the dragons and the mortals that aided them.

For now she would need to find out more information, she needed to make proper preparations for the fight that would await her, and perhaps convince Kon to lend a hand also. Surely he would oppose Nacht's ambitions also!

Still, even as the pair walked through the dawncliff mine, an uncomfortable feeling overcame them, a tension that felt as if the battles weren't over yet, that they had no chance to relax and breathe comfortably just yet.

It would soon be shown why exactly that had been the case! As Esperia returned to the section of the Dawncliff mine the first thing she noticed was the absence of the miners, and then as she exited the mine and looked over the hill that overlooked the town and the Sentinel Syndicate's guild hall in the distance, that there was a clear sense of unrest among the townsfolk. Sentinels were gathering to reinforce the local guards, and when one of them spotted her he rapidly dashed toward her.

"Esperia! Have you seen the Guild Master?" Esperia shook her head, trying to hide her concern at the sudden question. "Why, did something happen?" Yet in response to the inquiry the sentinel clarified quickly. "Well, we were told to intensify patrols around the town and guildhall, something about expecting troubles but afterward nobody saw the boss."

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Esperia nodded her head lightly, pondering about the matter as she raised a hand to her chin, pondering for a bit. Perhaps Kon had started making preparations himself? That sounded like good news, after all he was both a clever and strong person himself, a man capable of defending himself even if he was a woman now.

Fenrir sniffed the air lightly and muttered under her breath. "Esperia... I smell something disturbing" Esperia turned her gaze sideways at Fenrir and inquired worriedly. "What do you-" And then she noticed it also, this... disturbing presence. Was this the servants of Nacht that were stirring into motion?! Gripping her staff Esperia turned toward the sentinels "Continue protecting the villagers, I'll go and search for the guild master and figure out what is going on!"

This was all happening too fast! How could she possibly get a solid plan out of the way when the enemy was essentially at her doorstep already?! As she and Fenrir made her way back to the guild hall Esperia couldn't help but shake off the thought she was missing something, some vital hint or clue.

Once at the guild hall she could see sentinels patrolling at the walls, keeping an eye out for problems or danger.

Finally having found some form of sanctuary Esperia took a seat on one of the couches and watched Fenrir looking around in bewilderment at the environment. "So Nacht's servants are moving out, which makes it likely the people fighting them will appear soon, it's possible Kon went to make his own preparations for such a conflict, but why can't I shake off this feeling something disturbing is about to happen?" Fenrir turned her gaze toward her, pondering out loud. "You mean like an ambush?"

Esperia nodded her head lightly. "If I was the enemy, I would ensure the stronger opposition would be picked off before they could gather, but instead they are just appearing all over Fiore like some sort of beacons. It just doesn't make sense..." Esperia was pondering about the matter when all of a sudden she realized it. "Oh shit... maybe the emergencies are a distraction! Then are they already moving to ambush the others?"

Was that why nobody had seen or heard anything from Kon yet? With worry starting to drift through her mind Esperia rose off her seat as a group of rushed footsteps came from nearby. "Esperia! We need your help!" Hearing those words Esperia watched a sentinel pointing outside the window. "A dragon is heading toward the castle!" It seemed that there her answer to the earlier question had finally been found: Nacht had just send decoys and was intending to pick off its opposition before they could properly reach the battlefield!

"Time to screw up their plans Fenrir..."

Fenrir was already grinning from ear to ear, more than pleased to be allowed the chance to enjoy yet another fight! "Lemme at them!" And as the pair stepped onto the wall of the castle overlooking the mountains, they saw Tiamat flying toward them. "I told you I would return to finish what I had started!"

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