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[Storyline Quest 8-S] A Clever Trap

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For a while festivities were there to enjoy, talking to Valkyrie, Einherjar and god alike, it seemed like an experience more fitting for a dream rather than a reality, and yet it was in fact her reality now. After what felt like hours she was given an opportunity to the approach Odin, Thor and the Ancient Dragon, of course the first one to react was Thor, who smiled at her and clapped her shoulder as if she had been a friend he had known for countless years, there was clearly pride and joy in his eyes. "You actually did it Espy! You tamed Fenrir and prevented Ragnarok from happening!" Of course, the words earned a growl from the wolf girl at her side who tensed her arms, causing the bindings of Gleiphnir to rustle lightly against her body. "Who are you calling tamed?!" Yet Esperia merely smiled at Thor and turned her attention toward Odin. "So the prophecy has changed then Odin?"

Odin nodded his head lightly in response to the statement. "It seems that your presence and actions have changed the prophecy of Ragnarok in its entirety." So she had done the right thing! By convincing Loki and winning his bet she had actually prevented Ragnarok from happening! "But what about Loki? Where is he?" Odin frowned, a light shake of his head following as he explained. "We have no idea, after your battle with Fenrir he disappeared, but I am confident it is only a matter of time until that trickster will reemerge from the shadows."

Thor laughed heartily as he added: "Therefore, now is the time to celebrate and have fun!" Yet Odin's smile soon became more sorrowful. "I'm afraid our hero has little time to celebrate my son." The words made Esperia hesitatingly turn toward the Ancient Dragon who nodded her head lightly in agreement to the notion.

"It is true Esperia, I have lost contact with the other ancients, and my comrades in Earthland report sightings of dragons attacking various locations within Fiore."

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So Nacht was finally making its move. But to think that even the other ancients had disappeared... Such news was worrying to say the least! "We should prepare for our confrontation against Nacht and their servants then." Esperia declared firmly.

Meanwhile Odin explained in a calm voice. "While we might not be able to intervene directly into the conflict you will head toward, I hope Fenrir's presence will become a boon for you during the battles to come."

Fenrir idly sat at her side muttering softly. "Yeah right, once those chains go off you can bet not even a dragon will be safe from my wrath."

The words earned a brief chuckle from Esperia as she replied in return to the statement. "I'll be sure to take that into consideration when I sic you onto our enemies." But for now it was clear that she would need to return to Earthland.

"However, you came in those halls as a guest of mine Esperia." Odin's words suddenly made Esperia's gaze shift toward the hall as she saw something magnificent. Row after row of Einherjar and Valkyrie stood, akin to a ceremony. Meanwhile, the other gods gathered at Odin's side as Odin continue. "But today you will leave as a hero they will sing songs of for eternity: To Esperia, The Traveler!"

The crowd cheered as the ancient dragon conjured the portal further down the path to lead them back to Earthland, and while Esperia, Fenrir and the Ancient Dragon made their way toward it the girl spotted a black raven briefly flying toward her, perching on its shoulder as it whispered softly. "We will meet again, my trickster friend~"

And with that the raven flew off, leaving Esperia to smile as she made her way through the portal. The group had soon returned back to Earthland, the portal allowing them to return to the nature dragon's prison, and yet the young woman felt different from when she had departed there a few days ago.

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"So, we should expect Nacht to send their servants after you soon." Esperia's words earned a slight nod from the Ancient Dragon who clarified quickly: "I believe that they already sensed our arrival. A man carrying the stench of necromancy and a follower of Nacht are within the Dawncliff Mine."

Esperia frowned at the news, to think they had already come this close! They needed to figure out a solution to deal with Nach's servants soon, but how? "Why did they send a necromancer?" A sound question to ask, and one the ancient dragon would have a simple answer to: "They likely will attempt to kill me and bind me to their will through necromancy, but fortunately for us, their plan is flawed." The Dragon's words made Esperia tilt her head lightly to the side in confusion, not entirely sure what she meant. "How do you mean, their plan is flawed?"

The ancient dragon raised a hand and rested it on Esperia's chest, explaining further. "My essence is within you now Esperia, I am but an ordinary dragon now, the last of my ancient powers spend to get us back to Earthland, but I will do all in my might to help you slay the evil that is approaching us."

So Nacht's plan was doomed to fail from the start, that was at least some positive news to hear! However, they still had to deal with the necromancer and Nacht's servant...

"You can leave Nacht's servant to me, can I ask you and Fenrir to deal with the Necromancer?" In response to the Ancient Dragon's words Fenrir scoffed in annoyance: "A necromancer? What do I look like, some sort of barking dog?!" Yet Esperia stepped in front of Fenrir, a doe-eyes look aimed at him as she spoke: "But Fenrir~ Imagine the glory you'd earn from fighting a powerful necromancer? Maybe you'll be lucky and it might be a Lich or something! Please~ Please help me best him?"

Fenrir thought on the words for a bit, upon which he finally turned his head away and muttered softly. "Fine. But I get to fight the Necromancer! You deal with whatever minions the guy has!" That was easy! It was actually surprisingly adorable to see how easy Fenrir was able to be manipulated by her.

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But for now they still had another matter to figure out, and that was how to deal with the two threats. "Say, can I use the Dimensional Powers to send the Necromancer to another dimension and best him there? That way we get him out of the picture quickly, and you can fight Nacht's servant without having to worry about us."

The Ancient Dragon pondered about the idea: It was a clever tactic, and without Esperia and Fenrir around she could surely fight at her full strength! "That seems like a sound reasoning, just be careful Esperia, we can't lose you to the forces of Nacht."

Esperia nodded her head firmly in response: "I'll be fine, I fought necromancers before, and got Fenrir to help me out." Fenrir meanwhile spoke in defiance: "You mean you will be helping me out."

Of course she needed to first make certain that all the key pieces were in the right place before she could spun her trap, and for that it meant she and Fenrir needed to hide so they could ambush the Necromancer.

As Esperia and Fenrir went to hide in the shadows of the structure, the ancient dragon took the cue to await her pursuers in the center of the structure, and after a while she could sense it: the stench of necromancy magic. Two men approached the clearing, one wearing a gathered hooded robe, while the other wore a much more regal looking hooded robe. The first figure slowly raised his hands to his hood, lifting it off to reveal a skeleton underneath the robe: A lich!

"You were quite a pesky prey to find Dragon, but your days of playing hide and seek are over." The Ancient Dragon smiled calmly at the Lich "Is that so?" Yet the Lich remained unfazed, instead turning toward his ally: "She is all yours..."

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Yet it was in that moment Fenrir darted from out of her hiding spot, a howling sound coming from her as she pounced straight onto the Lich. "WHAT THE?!" And Esperia saw her opportunity, activating a dimensional warp hole that sucked the two into another dimension! "Be careful Yarghast We will be back to help you soon!" And with those words Esperia lightly swayed her staff, disappearing into a dimension gate also!

Now left with only the hooded figure the ancient dragon took a step forward. "So, shall we get this over with?" Yet the hooded figure spoke in a female's voice: "Why the hurry old friend, after all those years we finally have our reunion."

The ancient dragon's eyes widened in disbelief at the sound of the voice as the hooded figure removed her hood. "You... Tiamat?! How is this possible?! You died on that night when we sealed him away!"

Yet Tiamat shook her head lightly in denial to the statement. "I was grievously injured and thrown into Nacht's prison, true but I did not perish. It was within that realm I learned the truth, of what Nacht desires, of Nacht's true power... It is futile to resist Nacht my dear sister, and I'd rather join the victor and share in their spoils, than to die fighting a battle against impossible odds."

The Ancient Dragon glared at Tiamat, her words almost being as if venom was being spit. "You never were a coward, to think Nacht changed you that much. You're unforgivable! You know what Nacht plans to do! The sacrifices and suffering it will cause, and still you agree to it?"

Tiamat shrugged her shoulders lightly. "We will never see eye to eye on this matter sister, so let us use that saying you are so fond of:"

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As she spoke Tiamat started to transform into a giant black dragon, towering over her opponent: "The time for words is over, let your actions speak for the rest." The ancient dragon sighed, her shape transforming into that of her true form as the two dragons faced off against one another!

Meanwhile in the other dimension:

The Necromancer had just released a burst of dark magic to force Fenrir off his body, and as the lich climbed back onto his feet he grumbled softly. "Damd werewolf." Yet Esperia quickly corrected the Lich with a smirk: "Not exactly correct~ Fenrir, as promised: the Lich is yours~"

Fenrir grinned wickedly, balling up her claws into fists and slightly pushed them together in a threatening motion: "Finally some stress relief!" The wolf girl rapidly dashed toward the Necromancer, a swing of her arm clawing off the Lich's arm, but the Lich seemed unfazed by it, instead looking around in curiosity. "Hmm, we don't seem to be in Earthland anymore." "Perceptive of you~" Esperia chimed in response, the Lich nodding his head lightly. "I understand now: So you're the one who gained the Dimensional Dragon's power, not that it will do you much, even with no corpses here, I can still call upon the spirits of the damned!"

The lich laughed menacingly as four shadowy spectres manifested around Esperia, but the sorceress merely slammed her staff onto the ground, a flurry of light magic blades piercing the spectres and making them collapse onto the ground!

"Grrr, they didn't tell me the dragon was accompanied by a sorceress!"

Yet in response to the Lich's upset remarks she merely smiled, a hand raised toward herself. "O~ Didn't they tell you about me? I am Esperia, the Traveler~ and she over there?"

The Lich turned his gaze toward Fenrir, who was chewing lightly on his bone before tossing it away. "Back, no meat on it..." Esperia chuckled in amusement as she continued her introduction: "It's Fenrir~" The Lich tapped his severed limb, and soon a new bone came out of it! "You think you scare me by naming your pet werewolf like that?"

The Lich's words earned a soft snicker from the sorceress as Fenrir lunged back over to her side. "I told you already, she sin't a werewolf: By the way, when I say Fenrir, I do truly mean: That Fenrir, but perhaps it's easier to believe me if I undo her chains?"

Wait, chains?! The Lich seemingly started to get nervous, a staggering step backwards being made as Esperia tapped the chains wrapped around the wolf girl's body. "Yes, Gleipnir~"

As the chains came off and rested in Esperia's hands the girl hummed softly. "Feel free to go wild Fenrir~" Yet in response the wolf girl smirked wickedly: "You don't need to tell me twice!" and as she went onto all fours, her form started to shift and distort into the giant wolf, the icy chills of the blizzard returning, but oddly enough Esperia felt no longer bothered by it. "Yes~ this is the same Fenrir the Icebergians myths tell of~"

O boy, to see the dread in the Lich's motions was a surprisingly pleasant feeling to her. She wasn't a sadist persay, but it was just so amusing to see a Lich actually afraid of something, or someone rather. Fenrir growled menacingly at the Lich who rapidly summoned another collection of spectres to fight for him, but there was little one like him would be able to do against the unleashed wolf of the Icebergian myths!

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