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[Storyline Quest 7-S] An Epic Saga

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Even as the chilly winds of the blizzard would have buffeted even mighty giants, Esperia refused to back down from this fight. She didn't want to, nor could she admit defeat, for losing this battle meant losing that what she believed in. Fenrir rapidly lunged at her, a motion that Esperia was barely able to escape by flying sideways and up into the air, but not before unleashing a counter-attack of her own! Raising her staff she conjured a collection of fireballs, each of them so hot the ice within the blizzard seemed to melt and start producing a mist, and after she launched the projectiles the mist ended up shrouding the results! Did she get him? That many attacks should have had an effect on him, right? However, to her surprise she saw a huge shadow lunging through the blanket of mist, and Fenrir knocked her backward through the air!

A pained cry escaped Esperia's lips, yet she remained upright, this time sweeping her staff to create a crescend blade of whirling wind energy, the attack not only slicing into Fenrir's hide, but also blowing away the mist that had been produced by the melting ice earlier! Nonetheless, even amidst all this effort Fenrir seemed... unfazed. As if he didn't even consider her a true threat, a worthy opponent, it was more like a cat playing with a toy. Once more the wolf batted her through the air, the sheer power of the blow likely having broken her ribs if not for the timely intervention of her barrier spell and the enhancement of her durability! But even then it still hurt a lot! Even worse, Esperia knew it would be only a matter of time before even her mana would be depleted and then it would be over...

She needed to think, think of a strategy on how to properly harm this seemingly invincible monster. But how? His hide seemed too sturdy for any of her attacks to work, and it was too fast for her to channel a more destructive spell...

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At the same time Esperia was too late to notice that in her momentary daze, Fenrir had lunged at her once more, his jaws opening, yet as he caught her in his jaws she found him surprisingly enough not trying to use force, it was almost as if he was trying to restrain and intimidate her!

He really was just toying with her... Clutching a hold of her staff Esperia pointed the top toward Fenrir's mouth and channeled yet another spell, this time sending a surge of electricity down his throat, the attack seemingly having surprised Fenrir for the wolf released her from its grip, and not only that, it howled slightly in agony! "How dawe you! Shit, bit my tongue there, you made my mouth feel numb!"

At the sight, Loki laughed in amusement but Esperia shrugged it off, at least that was the first attack she made that had 'some' sort of success! Floating back in mid-air she quickly hovered out of the wolf's range, a sweep of her staff transforming the snow into several layers of earthen walls to put some resistance between her and Fenrir, but judging from the strength of the wolf, it clearly wouldn't keep him busy for long! No, she needed to think of a strategy quickly!

A loud bang resounded from the other side of the barricade she had made, and already she could imagine Fenrir having taken down the first wall. She needed to be quick and figure something out, but what and how? Hearing several loud clashes, she could already visualize the encroaching wolf, clawing and headbutting against the walls to break through them. It actually gave Esperia an idea, even if it was a risky one that would rely immensely on luck in order for her to succeed, but perhaps it would be worth the try?

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Raising her staff toward the final barricade, she started to channel a huge amount of mana in front of her, visualizing the form of a huge orb of explosive fire, and as the image materialized in a large smouldering orb, it finally happened. Fenrir broke the final barricade between himself and Esperia, his jaws wide open, and Esperia took the opportunity as she launched the orb into Fenrir's mouth!

The wolf had clearly not expected this, for he gulped down the orb and soon started to howl and trash in pain as the fire burned him from the inside. Another attack that had worked! Perhaps she had a chance after all! She just had to play it smart!

"Playtime is over human!" Fenrir howled in anger as the same chilly aura from before intensified, and it seemingly also brought Fenrir's temperature to such a low level it froze the fire inside his stomach!

The wolf dashed toward Esperia who attempted to maneuver out of the way, but Fenrir lunged with a claw at her, the sweep knocking her sideways against the wall, the claw of the wolf digging into her shoulder as he batted her from the wall down onto the snow.

Esperia couldn't help but let out a pained cry as she collapsed onto the snow, the blood starting to stain the snow red as Fenrir gazed down coldly onto her. "The time for games has ended." Up above in the tribunes the Pantheon and the Einherjar were looking at her, and she could see... pride in them? "Did you see that? Despite being just a human she actually hurt Fenrir!" Thor glared in anger at Fenrir, raising a hand as he summoned his mythical hammer into existence and was about to jump into the arena but Odin held a hand on his shoulder. "Don't... Don't let her sacrifice be in vain my son."

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Was this it? Was this how she was going to die? Having lost her battle against Fenrir, having been unable to save anyone? It pained her to feel so useless, to feel so weak... And then, as her visage started to blur out she heard a voice calling out to her.


The voice beckoned to her, and the snowy arena changed into a plain of white, and there, a few meters across from her she stood, the majestic Ancient Dragon that governed over Dimensions. "Tell me Esperia, if you had the strength to stand, would you do so?"

Against such overwhelming odds? To stand and fight against the likes of Fenrir? "You know I would!" Esperia called out to the dragon, who smiled softly. "But why, why do you fight with such conviction? With such confidence and determination?"

Why... Why was she going through such great lengths for people who had rightly been but mere strangers to her a few days ago? "There is beauty... in the myriad of futures, in the countless possibilities found across dimensions. I want to see it all, experience it all, protect it all. I don't want to let anyone take it away from me!"

In response to that statement the Ancient Dragon nodded her head in affirmation. "Then stand, fight! We fight together as one!"

In the tribune seats the Pantheon watched in surprise as Esperia's staff suddenly lit up with the same eerie purple glow from before, lines of mana seemingly connecting to the staff and the Ancient Dragon. Loki's eyes softened their gaze, a soft hum of fascination escaping his lips. "Oh~ You are finally granting her your boon, are you? This will become so much more interesting now."

Fenrir watched in confusion as the purple light seemed to spread around Esperia's body, the sight of it making the wolf hound hesitate for a moment, not entirely certain of what was going on. He could see the girl's injuries were standing to get mend, but it was something else than a mere recovery spell, he could feel her presence growing more dense, more powerful and when she finally opened her eyes Fenrir understood what happened: Those slitted dragonic pupils: The girl had no longer been a 'mere' human girl.

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"Blessed by the Ancients, let us see if it makes you finally a challenge Esperia!" Fenrir rapidly lashed forward at her, a large clawed arm swinging straight toward the girl but at the same time Esperia took a step forward and, disappeared?!

Suddenly reemerging behind Fenrir, the wolf hound turned around in bewilderment as it rapidly dashed backward, a sense of distrust in his voice. "That was just a fluke! Nothing more!" Letting out another piercing howl, the wolf caused a giant spike of ice to emerge in front of his opened jaws and expelled it straight toward Esperia who raised a hand in defiance, the air in front of her distorting as the ice spike disappeared into thin air!

Fenrir's eyes widened in disbelief and yet he was not one to admit defeat! Rushing rapidly at Esperia he attempted to body-slam her, yet the lass raised a hand into the air, and all of a sudden Fenrir felt the ice spike he had made earlier fall onto his head! The beast collapsed on the ground with a heavy thud as Esperia panted softly.

Those spells... those Dimension Spells took a heavy toll upon her energy, she needed to be quick to seal this fight... Wait, seal?! That's right! Didn't the gods used to seal Fenrir a long time ago? Her eyes gazed firmly at Fenrir as the world's eyes told her what she needed to know: the Gleipnir that Loki had secretly released Fenrir from! Opening several dimensional portals, Esperia reached out to the spots Gleipnir was at, the chains rapidly wrapping around the wolf's limbs as its magic started to sap its strength.

"What trickery is this! How could you use Gleipnir?!" Fenrir roared in protest yet as Esperia raised a hand to cast another spell Loki's voice resounded through the air. "That's enough~ You have won the bet Esperia~" Loki descended from the tribunes, a smirk on his lips and clapping his hands in applause. "You have bested Fenrir in my eyes, and therefore won our bet. As promised I will prevent Ragnarok from happening, and will even give you a gift, consider it a boon for entertaining us so splendidly~"

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A boon, what in the world could Loki be planning this time? "Fenrir, from now on you are to serve Esperia as your master, understood?" The wolf growled under the chains in protest. "But father! I can still fight! I will not surrender to a-"

Yet Loki's glint of mischief in his eyes intensified as he waved a hand at Fenrir, a torrent of mana escaping from the wolf as he turned into... WAIT A GIRL?!

"WHAT THE?! TURN ME BACK TO NORMAL FATHER!" Yet Loki feigned ignorance as he hummed softly. "Serve her well and I might consider it Fenrir." O boy, that Loki was dangerous, pranking even his own son like that... Or was it daughter now? She wasn't entirely certain. Did Kon consider himself a woman now? Maybe she should ask him later. However, it seemed exhaustion from the conflict started to take its toll upon her, for the last thing Esperia saw was Thor rushing toward her as she started to black out...

After that fight it took Esperia at least three days to recover enough to regain consciousness, according to the seers it was due to having drained so much of her mana, on top of using the foreign powers of the Ancient Dragon that her body was not yet used to, meanwhile news had spread of Esperia's battle against Fenrir all over Valhalla, and what about Fenrir? He had stayed at her side, as forced to by his father.

"soft..." Esperia muttered softly, feeling a soft sensation pressing against her, it was akin to the softness of a pillow, so she couldn't help but nuzzle lightly into it, but as Esperia opened her eyes she saw she had just made a dire mistake: This was not a pillow, but Fenrir she was nuzzling into!

"F-F-Fenrir?!" Esperia exclaimed in surprise while the wolf girl merely sat upright and yawned softly. "Finally awake are you? Good, the others were looking for you. Seems they all want to have words with you."

Hopping off the bed Fenrir made her way to the entrance of the room and impatiently called out to her. "Hurry up now! We don't have all day!" Geez, was this how it felt to have a dog to take care of? Well, a talking wolf really but both were canines?

Opening the door Esperia soon heard deafening cheers as people seemingly were feasting already in the halls of Valhalla. So... Ragnarok was finally prevented? For a moment the girl couldn't help but smile as she approached the direction of the sounds with Fenrir following in her wake. This was it! She had really bested Fenrir! She had succeeded in preventing Ragnarok and none of the gods were killed! The outcome she had desired was finally reached. As soon as she reached the feasting hall the crowd called out to her: "There she is!" and a swarm of Einherjar and Valkyrie rushed toward her, making the young sorceress blink in disbelief while a bit further ahead Thor, Odin, and the others were looking at her, with at their side the Ancient Dragon that had helped her secure victory from the battle with impossible odds.

This was really it, huh? Yet little did Esperia know that this story was still far from over, a harsh reminder that she would learn soon...

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