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[Storyline Quest 6-A] A Bet With The Trickster God

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The events described in this topic are as told by the tales of the denizen of Asgard, whether truth or glamorous fiction, it is something only Esperia and Fenrir will truly know...


"Wait Loki" A masculine voice called out from amidst the Pantheon as Thor stepped forward, a look of determination in his eyes. "You stated that Esperia is allowed to have anyone champion for her?" Champion, the act of letting someone else fight for your cause and belief. "Thank you Thor." Esperia smiled kindly at the deity who rested a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry-" Yet before he could finish speaking she shook her head lightly. "But this is my responsibility: I made the suggestion, and I held firm in my belief that none of you has to fight each other or die in a horrifying event like Ragnarok. To champion a cause means you are willing to fight to uphold your belief, no matter what foe your face. What type of champion would I be if I let someone else do the fighting for me?"

Thor stepped back lightly in surprise as Odin shook his head lightly. "Let her Thor, it is clear her conviction is unwavering in this decision of hers." Loki merely grinned at the spectacle as
Esperia entered the arena, he approached the spectator’s seats, taking a seat on one of the spectator's seats while Odin and the others had chosen to take the opposite side, almost symbolic even.

Standing in front of the giant wolf Esperia could feel the sheer pressure of its presence, to the point it almost overwhelmed her. However, despite all the odds she was still able to muster the courage to stand, to fight! From above in the tribune halls Odin's voice boomed loudly: "Loki! I propose a compromise!" The words earned a soft hum from Loki who made a light dismissive wave of his hands. "Go ahead Odin." A momentary pause followed as the others of the Pantheon glared at Loki, but nonetheless, Odin continued:

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"Surely a battle like this will do little to muster your excitement, so how about we give Esperia an edge in this bet by sealing some of Fenrir's power?"

A moment of consideration followed as Loki smiled in response: "Very well, let us see how she fares against a humanoid form of my son."

Loki made a dismissive wave of his hand as Fenrir seemed to start shrinking down in size, slowly transforming into a more humanoid form, although their feet and hands were still formed into canine paws and claws! The wolfman grinned wickedly at her as he spoke: "Surely you don't think having some of my power sealed away will turn things into your favor? A human like you is but a mere fly against one like me!"

As if to showcase his strength Fenrir pulled back an arm and suddenly swung his arm forwards, yet even if he only sweeped the air, a powerful blizzard blow through the arena and Esperia had to force her staff into the snow to keep herself from being send flying backwards! Such immense power! And yet she couldn't back down!

Noticing her stubbornness Fenrir grinned mischievously at her, seemingly pulling back his arm a second time and swung it violently, the swing causing yet another blizzard to rage through the arena!

Thor turned toward his father, a troubled look upon his visage. "Is this even a fight father? Fenrir will just toy with her until it gets bored of her!" Yet the Ancient Dragon mused softly. "I wouldn't shrug off her efforts that quickly."

Thor turned his gaze toward the arena, wondering what the ancient dragon meant, and it was at that point two flashes of lightning coursed through the blizzard and arching through the air they both struck the transformed wolf! "GAH!"

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A surprised grunt came from Fenrir as his concentration was broken, and it was at that moment Esperia saw her opportunity for a counter-attack! Conjuring a collection of fireballs at her side, the sorceress flung them toward Fenrir, yet they did little to even singe the wolfhound! Still, not detered Esperia slammed her staff into the ground, the earth erupting underneath Fenrir as it attempted to squeeze him in between two walls of rock, an attempt that earned a soft laugh from Fenrir who easily pushed through the walls and lunged straight toward Esperia!

Despite this Esperia didn't intend to give up her fight that quickly, rapidly channeling mana through her body a pair of dragon wings erupted from her back, and while she raised a hand toward Fenrir, a sudden surge of mana propelled her backward to make some distance between herself and her opponent!

"You're fast, I give you that much." Watching as Esperia lifted her staff toward him, a pair of icicles were conjured at Esperia's side, each one being flung rapidly in a beeline toward the wolf with the intention of impaling him, but to her surprise, he just batted them away as if they were flies!

A grunt of annoyance escaped from under her breath as she tried to change the spell again, this time sending both a spear of light elemental magic, and one of darkness magic toward Fenrir but as she tried to launch them Fenrir did something quite odd. She wanted to say he had lunged at her, but to Esperia it felt more like some sort of instant movement ability akin to teleportation. Suddenly he reemerged before her, and already sensing the threat of an attack Esperia rapidly gestured with her free hand toward her torso, an aura of energy flowing around her, but it was too little too late! Fenrir's violent knee-blow into her stomach not only shattered her aura, it made her topple forward as Fenrir grabbed a hold of her shoulder and tossed her downwards the snow!

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Although the blow was painful, Esperia was barely able to channel an empowering spell through her being to strengthen her body enough to take the blow. Still, even then that attack hurt her immensely!

Climbing back onto her feet Esperia's stubborn display of resistance made Fenrir growl as he landed onto the snow. "You should have stayed down human, would have made it easier on both of us."

Yet in response to those words Esperia merely smiled. It was clear she was outmatched here, and it was to be expected. How could a mere human like her hope to have a chance at besting the mighty Fenrir, who according to the legends would slay Odin himself? Then again, Esperia was not an ordinary human girl either.

"I'm afraid that backing off is no option Fenrir." Raising her staff a surge of purple energy resounded from it, and for a moment the Pantheon rose from their seats as they seemingly saw an afterimage of sorts in the light.

"Could it be?" One of the Gods muttered in disbelief while another spoke "This presence! It is Morrigan!"

Meanwhile inside the arena Esperia could see the manifestation of Morrigan beside her, a hand resting on the staff. "You wish to give the gods a spectacle? Then let me show them why I was called the greatest sorceress to have ever existed~"

As she spoke the mirage seemingly merged with Esperia, the light from the staff erupting into a bright flash similar to that of a flashbang! Fenrir growled, yet the light made him oblivious to the collection of vines that rose from underneath the snow, and by the time he spotted them they chained him down, making the wolf glare at her. "Don't think this can keep me tied down human...."

Yet from amidst the light Esperia's voice resounded alongside another one.

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"Don't underestimate the power of a human, pup"

The pantheon's gaze turned skywards as a giant meteor came crashing down from orbit, heading downwards in a flurry of fire, and soon it crushed Fenrir. For a moment victory seemed assured, as Esperia clung to her staff, the exhaustion of the spell having taken its toll upon her mana, but soon a feeling of dread started to come over her as the meteor started to crack, and soon shatter, pieces of debris flying everywhere and Fenrir rose onto his feet. "A nice trick, but you will need more than pebbles to best me Esperia!"

Impossible... So even a spell from Morrigan herself wasn't enough to take down the beast of legend? Seeing the dread in Esperia's expression Fenrir took a step forward, his intimidating presence making Esperia feel as if she was about to be crushed underneath his aura.

Was she about to lose here? Were all her efforts truly for nothing? Was there truly no way for her to win this battle?

"Sometimes you win, simply by refusing to lose~" A nostalgic voice called out to her from within the depths of her memories, and for a moment Esperia felt time itself freeze around her. It felt as if she had gone back in time, to relive a memory of a time she looked fondly upon.

Inside the room she shared with Fia during the flower festival in the city of Orchidia, Esperia had voiced her concern about how some challenges felt too great for her to win. At that time the topic had been about the fact she felt she didn't have what it took to become the next Asmodeus, to ascend into the role of the Demon Lord of Lust, and while those days were long past her, and she knew Fia never trusted Asmodeus, it were the words that Fia spoke back then that made Esperia think for a long time on their meaning: "Sometimes you win, simply by refusing to lose", back then those words sounded like a word play, but in truth they carried a more simple meaning: Sometimes victory would come into sight, merely by being too stubborn to give up! If she was to give up now, then all her efforts would truly have been for nothing. Ragnarok would still happen and all she had fought for today would have disappeared! She refused to accept such an ending.

Raising her staff toward Fenrir Esperia declared firmly. "You would do well not to underestimate the potential of humanity Fenrir! For I carry the staff of Morrigan, a human and the greatest sorceress to have ever existed!"

The name was akin to a chant, and for a moment she could have sworn she saw Fenrir flinch slightly, perhaps a hint of nervousness but it had quickly diminished, a grin upon the wolfman's face.

"Fine, you wish to fight me seriously? Then I will give you that which you desire!" As Fenrir spoke the air started to grow chilly and soon a blizzard obstructed him from sight, yet inside it she could see the silhouette of the wolfman change, transforming into the giant monstrous wolf she had seen earlier!

The battle was about to start for real!

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