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Magharedes' Runes: Edas Blood Rune

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Magharedes' Runes

While traveling through this area, you begin to feel a strange sensation all over your body. As you look around to find the source of this feeling, you cannot seem to pinpoint its origins directly. Depending on where you stand, the feeling becomes either stronger or completely disappears. Using this as a guide, you eventually manage to find what has been trying to draw you in towards itself: Magharedes' Blood Rune. It is said that when all five Blood Runes are collected, the user can communicate directly with the entity to wish for something. Though, the collection comes in the form of tribute to the entity itself. Blood must be spilled. Still interested in becoming both predator and prey?


  • See Magharedes' Runes to learn more about the Blood Runes and the requirements to roll.


  • Users may perform a post in the topic and roll once per 24 hours in an attempt to claim the Blood Rune until it has been claimed by someone.

  • Should they roll 50 or greater, they will acquire the Blood Rune and become ineligible to acquire another until the Blood Battles begin. This is when all five Blood Runes have been distributed.

  • See Magharedes' Runes to learn more about the conditions.


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Arriving in Port Astera Esperia had decided to traverse the cliffs of the port once more. If one was to ask her why she had chosen to make a stop there, she had a few reasons. First and foremost was the fact that unlike herself, her wyvern needed to get some rest, and she was also curious about that mysterious merchant that had been at the cliffs before. That bat that attacked her after the trade was made, which led to her turning into a vampire raised so many questions in her mind.

However, unfortunately Esperia found no answers at the cliffs. The merchant had long disappeared, and there was no trail to be found of the bat that had attacked her. Feeling slightly disappointed the silver-haired witch made her way back toward the port, suddenly sensing a mysterious presence of some sort. She wasn't certain what it was, or what purpose it held but it reminded her of the thing she felt in Marigold city. Perhaps it was childish curiosity that led her to chase after the mysterious presence, eager to discover the nature of it. However, whether she would be able to find the source of it, was something only time could tell.

Magharedes' Runes: Edas Blood Rune MHKs2Uu

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Although she was making her way toward Baska for whatever reason only known to her, the black-haired vampire had decided to take a stop at Port Astera. The reason was actually quite simple all things considered: curiosity. She had felt a mysterious presence there before, and deciding she wanted to discover the source of it had tried to find out who or what was responsible for this odd sensation, and yet when it came to her search for answers Esperia only found more questions and mysterious thoughts drifting through her mind.

"What am I doing?" Esperia mused softly, ignoring the presence of those around her as she traversed the streets of the port. "I could just ignore everything, enjoy my time with the ones who bring me joy, but yet why am I unwilling to let go? Why does this anger boil in my chest, and who is it directed to?"

Was it anger at the Magic Council for using her as a tool, frustration at the fact that despite their logic making sense, Esperia couldn't approve of the fact nothing was being done to deal with the threat that the darkness represented?

Shaking her head lightly the vampire's gaze settled on a nearby building and took a step inside. It seemed to be an abandoned warehouse, was it the source of the presence? She wasn't certain, perhaps it was just a wild goose chase.

"Perhaps all it will take is a little push, something to set things in motion." But what was that push, and why should she be the one to provide it? If anything, in due time the likes of Crawling Chaos would surely provoke the inaction of those that represent the 'good'.

"Guess I'll go and see if he is still in Baska..."

Magharedes' Runes: Edas Blood Rune MHKs2Uu

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After leaving Oak Town, Ariael found himself arriving in a port that went by Port Astera. It was the first port he had encountered while in Fiore and he was taking his time to explore it. The air smelled salty with a hint of raw seafood. The opened his nose and caused his stomach to growl louder than he had heard in weeks. Putting his hand inside of his shirt, Ariael would rub his stomach while walking the streets of Astera. "Oh man! I have to find me a good restaurant to dine at before I start hunting." said the silver haired man.

Ariael was going to take a break from doing quests for a couple of weeks. He had built his strength back to how it was before the incident. The only thing he was missing was a couple of spells and a main weapon. There was probably a spell shop somewhere in the port, but he would find that later. He needed food before anything else. Looking at the various street signs, he would begin following them. One of the signs had the name Tasty Squid on it. Ariael had never had squid before, but he was in the mood to try something new.

The cheerful look he had on his face was rare. Even he was surprised with the way he was acting. The day was young, so Port Astera was bustling with various people. Some were the same as him and were looking for restaurants to dine at. Others were simply working from what he could tell. Maybe once he got done hunting he would take a vacation in Astera. He doubt that any powerful people were around, so he didn't have to kill anyone no matter how much that he wanted to. Taking one more sniff of the air, Ariael would continue searching for the Tasty Squid.


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