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[Storyline Quest 4-A] An Epic Battle: Esperia versus Thor!

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[Storyline Quest 4-A] An Epic Battle: Esperia versus Thor! Empty Sun May 02, 2021 9:24 pm


To think she was about to compete with a drinking contest against Thor, such an odd change of events! Still, perhaps it was an opportunity for her, a challenge that she could turn into her favor if she played her cards right. As she scooped up the goblet in her hands Esperia brought it to her lips and drunk the mead, it was fairly strong, as expected but fortunately, she couldn't taste anything that might have suggested it was enhanced by magic.

"That's the spirit! First one to drop loses!" Thor declared with a smirk as he watched Esperia finish her goblet, and soon the Einherjar refilled their drinks. Esperia meanwhile had been pondering some ideas, and as she was handed over her goblet she had thought for a moment about altering the contents of the goblet by means of a spell, but now she thought more on it: that would have been a waste of the mead!

Taking another jug Esperia was the one to finish her goblet this time, earning a grin from Thor and a cheer from the crowd that started to chant. "Harken well in hall of kings, On ocean steed my words gain wings, Odin's mead I forth will bring, for noble deeds thine honor sings!" It was odd the chant of the Einherjar seemed to be encouraging, filling her with courage and determination, not unlike the magic of a Spellsinger.

"The brave man slain, Valkyrjur waves, reward for strain to Valhöll takes, then horns resound the mighty hall... for those who fight, for those who fall!" One goblet came after the other, and after a while both had lost count of the amount they had drunk already. There was just their duel and the excited chant of the Einherjar "Warlord weaves his web of fear, each man gets his fated share, a blood red search, the warrior's shield, Ravens scan the battlefield, Ravens scan the battlefield!"

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As her goblet was finished Esperia smirked at Thor, who shot her a gaze that told her she was far too early to declare herself the winner. "We beat and blazed our trail of red! Till Odin gazed upon the dead! For those who fight, for those who fall! For those who fight and those who fall!"

Yet as the chant continued Esperia started to feel the intoxication of all the mead starting to take its toll upon her, her cheeks flushed as she held tight to her goblet to make sure not to let go of it.

Another jug came as she finished the goblet, the chant almost deafening almost any other sound she was hearing: "May horns resound the mighty hall..." And then it happened. "FOR WE WHO FIGHT, FOR WE WHO FALL!" With her utmost effort, Esperia finished her goblet, and staggered backward, about to fall when Loki narrowly was able to catch her by her shoulders.

"I... lost?" Esperia muttered weakly, yet at the same time a heavy thud resounded beside her and Thor was looking up at the ceiling, letting out a loud burp.

"It seems we have a tie." Loki mused in amusement while the Einherjar cheered: "She actually reached a tie against Thor! PRAISE BE TO ESPERIA, THE MEAD DEVOURER!" "THE MEAD DEVOURER!" And then the last thing Esperia recalled was the laughter of the crowd as her vision blurred out...

How long had she been unconscious? It felt like an eternity had passed, but at long last, she felt her consciousness being drifted back to reality, Raising her body upwards a sharp headache coursed through her being and a soft voice called out to her. "Rest traveler, it is not often one can claim to have tied with a God in a challenge." Esperia felt her vision strained, and exhaustion made her more than willing to lie back down for a bit.

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[Storyline Quest 4-A] An Epic Battle: Esperia versus Thor! Empty Sun May 02, 2021 9:25 pm


"Where is Thor?" Esperia inquired, upon which the voice chuckled softly, answering her with the same softness from before. "He is resting across the room, you are a peculiar one..." Esperia sensed a hint of genuine surprise in the speaker's voice. "To befriend both Loki and Thor, there is both irony and tragedy in that."

The words made Esperia pause for a bit, closing her eyes as she inquired softly. "Why is that so strange?" Well, aside from the obvious fact both were gods? "It is not my place to say, but I am certain you will be told why soon enough. Until then rest and be at ease, for no harm will come to you while you are under my care."

Esperia's gaze shifted sideways, barely seeing a shadowy silhouette nearby. "Who... are you?" Esperia asked, but as the stranger started speaking "I am-" Esperia felt her consciousness drifting off again.

Hours passed, and finally, Esperia found herself regaining her consciousness. This time she found herself alone, or at least at first glance, it seemed she was alone. Pushing her body upwards she sat upright and looked around, curiously enough it seems her robes were tended to, cleaned even and Morrigan's staff was resting next to her bed. After looking around the room she found a bathtub present, the water still warm and even a pair of towels and soap prepared, no doubt for her. Was it because of the person who she had heard earlier? Who was that person by the way?

Removing her underwear and allowing her body to soak into the warm water she let out a soft sigh of relief, gently sitting down in the bathtub as she allowed her thoughts to drift back to a more relaxed state.

To think she was an actual guest in the hall of gods, that she met the likes of Odin, Thor and Loki, it were stories others would without a doubt call her insane for. And yet they were all true, her tale of pranking Thor with Loki's help, of how she had a drinking challenge against the god himself which ended in a tie.

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Not once would she have expected those type of adventures to await her back then. No, back then she was just the youngest daughter of the Eisenberg family, a family of exorcists that worked in service for the Holy Church of Illumin, but now she knew the existence of gods to be a fact... Why was there so much happening on Earthland? If Illumin was truly their creator, then why had he forsaken them? The demonic invasions, the zealous crusades, the dragon attacks, so much had happened that Esperia just couldn't find a justified reason for Illumin's silence. Heaving a sight a hand ran through her hair as she muttered softly. "Life used to be so much simpler back then." Indeed, back then she was just a naive girl, pursuing love, having found it in the arms of Fia, and yet the love of her life had disappeared. This tied in with the mysterious games Asmodeus, the Demon Lord of Lust had been playing: Had Asmodeus truly considered her a successor, or was she just a pawn in her games? So many questions, and yet also so many responsibilities. Now she had the wisdom of the world at her disposal, the attention it drew also came with such a powerful burden. One of the Ancient Dragons had chosen her as a potential candidate to inherit its powers. It was for that reason she was here, in this realm where she was so clearly outmatched, and in all honesty? To walk among the gods was an exhilarating feeling.

A sudden subtle movement near the window caught Esperia's attention as she spotted a raven sitting on the window's frame. "I swear if you're Loki in disguise I'm telling all the gods what a pervert you are~"

Yet Esperia's jest only earned a little caw from the raven that quickly flew off to somewhere. It was fortunately not a peeping trickster, but for some reason, she felt the raven might have been special, how she didn't know.

Rising out of the bathtub she cleaned her body with the towels and got changed into her clothes, making her way toward the door but not before she spotted something: the other side of the room also had a collective of beds, one in particular was left untidied, making her wonder whether Thor had woke up at some time before her?

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Whatever the case, she would need to seek him out to apologize for the earlier prank later on. However, as she left the hall and looked around the first thing Esperia noticed was the fact the raven from before had returned, sitting on a branch as footsteps came from the opposite side of the hallway, the figure that appeared earning a sudden nervousness from Esperia.

"Odin?" Esperia's call earned a calm smile from the sagely elder who mused softly. "I see that you are awake Esperia, good. I heard from my son what happened. Quite a fascinating tale he told me."

Esperia paused for a moment, an awkward smile emerging on her lips as she inquired curiously. "Oh, did he now?" Yet Odin merely smiled. "Indeed, he told me of how you bested him in a challenge in front of the Einherjar. Their chanting had resounded through the halls of Valhalla." Esperia couldn't help but chuckle weakly. "I'd say it is considered a tie rather than a win." Odin shook his head lightly, gesturing for the girl to follow him. "To have bested Thor like that, I doubt he will see it as anything but a loss for him, but be aware he will come seeking a rematch in the future for certain."

O god no, please not another drinking contest. "There is a matter of great importance that I wish to talk to you about Esperia." The statement earned a light tilt of her head as the girl was guided into Odin's hall, and as the man took a seat he gestured for her to take a seat near him. "Indeed, there has been unrest within Asgard, and my realm is on the brink of a great conflict. For a long time it had been prophesied that this would happen, and for a long time we struggled to prevent it. But I am afraid it is only a matter of time before the conflict that will destroy everything you see around you will unfold."

The ominous warning made Esperia's gaze sharpen, concern and worry clearly visible as she asked, although deep inside she was already aware of the answer. "Do you mean... Ragnarok is about to happen soon?" Ragnarok, the event where the end of everything would begin... It truly sounded like a myth was about to become a harsh reality for her!

"Indeed, the signs tell me that it is only a matter of days till Ragnarok will truly begin."

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