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[Storyline Quest 3-A] A Spirited Conversation

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Loki, the god of tricksters, fortunately Esperia had heard of some of the stories behind Loki before, courtesy of her religious upbringing and her sister's fascination with other faiths, but to think she was actually interacting with the one who would cause Ragnarok to happen. It was a bit frightening, but the fact he was expressing interest in her might had been a boon in disguise! "Don't look so nervous Esperia" The man chimed in amusement as he raised both his hands up into the air for her to see. "I am unarmed and mean you no harm~" Esperia couldn't help but chuckle weakly at the words spoken by the trickster god, retaliating with a verbal quip of her own. "As if the Trickster God would need a weapon to be dangerous to a human."

The remark earned a smirk from Loki who made a playful poking gesture at her. "Touche~ You got me there, but seriously I mean you no ill will, in fact, I am genuinely interested in your presence here."

As Loki approached her, seemingly circling around her to see if there was anything unique or otherworldly about her, the man mused softly. "Although I can sense the immense power within your staff, and the lingering presence of a dragon slumbering within your body, I can't help but wonder what the others see in you."

Although the words might had sounded offensive to another, Esperia knew all too well the true meaning behind them. There were plenty of other people who could have filled her shoes, who could play the role of the chosen one, so why was she chosen by the Dimensional Dragon as a candidate to inherit her powers? It was a reminder that Esperia was not a chosen one, she was just someone given an opportunity, and she certainly wasn't a hero from the fairy tales.

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"No retort hmm? Is it because you're upset, or because you know it to be the truth?" Loki chimed in amusement while Esperia shook her head lightly in denial. "I believe my actions will speak louder than my words Loki."

Loki laughed heartily at that statement, clapping his hands as he nodded his head in approval. "Indeed! Indeed! For words hold little purpose in the halls of gods, it are your actions that will earn you their favor, speaking of which..."

He paused for a bit and grinned mischievously. "I can see the lingering phantom of a trickster within you~ Someone who enjoys a little fun and a good laugh, how about you help your new pal have a good laugh?"

Esperia blinked in bewilderment as Loki conjured forth what appeared to be a flask of sorts with a white creamy liquid inside it. "Thor is about to hold a little party with the Einherjar soon, how about we'll liven up the party a bit by giving him a surprise?"

A surprise, o boy... he couldn't be planning to... "Inside this flask is milk from a certain goat, just pour it into Thor's drink, he won't be anything wiser until the beverage goes down his throat."

Esperia had to admit that while it sounded like a harmless prank, it also felt like something that could either make for a good laugh, or cause Thor to whack her with his hammer! A dangerous idea to say the least! Surely she wouldn't be crazy enough to try to do something like that, right?

Grasping a hold of the flask Esperia nodded her head lightly in response while she added a condition of her own. "But you have to participate: Help distract Thor while I pour it into his drink."

Loki nodded his head lightly in response to the condition Esperia made. "Very well~ I will aid you in distracting Thor long enough for you to pour the milk into his drink."

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And so the pact was made between the tricksters. Following Loki into the hall, the man motioned for her to approach Thor who was further down the hall, seemingly feasting already with a group of rough-looking warriors. While Esperia approached them Loki went into hiding, and upon spotting her Thor raised his arm in a waving gesture. "Espy! Glad you could make it! This is her men! The girl chosen by the ancient dragon! She even was allowed to wander around the halls of Valhalla by my father, and freed herself from the captivity of a Demon Lord!"

The warriors raised their drinks and cheered in greeting. "A demon lord? Sounds like she has quite some adventures to tell us! Take a seat lass!"

So those were the legendary Einherjar? They almost reminded her of the more noisy sentinels of the syndicate! Still, there was this warm and hearty feeling to them. However, as Thor brought a seat beside him for her to sit at, it seemed Loki saw an opportunity to step in, his presence quickly earning collective scoffs from the Einherjar while Thor approached the trickster god.

"Thor my old friend! How goes the feast? Any splendid tales to tell?" The words spoken by the trickster god earned a subtle glare from Thor. "Likely none of which you haven't heard of. But what brings you to Valhalla? Another scheme of sorts?"

Meanwhile, with the god's back turned toward her and his drink so close to her, Esperia started to subtly pour the flask into his drink, and finished just in time that Thor returned to the table, none the wiser of what was about to happen.

"That Loki if a scheming one Espy, you should be wary if you ever encounter him, he always has a trick or two up his sleeve-" Yet as he spoke he brought the ale to his mouth and took a long jug of the drink, only realizing too late about the goat milk Esperia had poured into his drink.

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"What the- This shit tastes like milk!"

Loki emerged beside Thor, a grin on his lips as he spoke: "For it is milk my dear friend~ A perfect drink for the mighty Thor, right?"

The Einherjar snickered softly, while Esperia was trying her best to conceal her laughter, hands covering her mouth and it took only a brief moment for Thor to realize who the source of the prank had been. "Hah! You got balls Espy!" Loki meanwhile hummed in amusement "She doesn't" While Esperia's laughter only intensified. "Could you two please stop debating what is in my underwear?!"

Thor meanwhile rose up from his seat, grabbing his hammer. "Eeeh... wait Thor-" Loki quickly began, but Thor shook his head violently. "I won't, if you got the balls to prank a god, you got the balls to challenge them!" Meanwhile Loki replied deadpan: "I TOLD YOU ALREADY: SHE HAS NO BALLS!" which only made Esperia laugh hysterically for a moment. But it was at that moment Esperia realized the danger she was in: challenging a god? Was she about to be forced to fight Thor?! O boy, she might as well sign up for the afterlife already!

As Thor scooped her up by the back of her neck like some kitten the girl flailed lightly in a panic. "Wait Thor, I can't possibly be a challenge for someone like you!"

Yet Thor didn't want to hear a thing about her protests, instead dragging the girl off to the center of the hall where the Einherjar were gathering. "The time for words has passed Esperia, let your belly speak for the rest!"

Wait what?! Her belly?! Being finally released Esperia watched in bewilderment as the Einherjar placed various containers filled with some sort of liquid inside it. O no... they had to be kidding her? Surely they weren't planning to let this challenge be...

"DRINK! Drink! Drink!" The Einherjar chanted in the crowd as Thor drowned his goblet into the container and raised it into the air. "No more tricks Esperia! You challenged a god, show us you can drink like one!"

It seemed she had just been challenged by Thor to a drinking contest...

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Meanwhile in Odin's hall:

The Ancient Dragon was seated at a table opposite of Odin, the two having a grave expression on their face. "So the last seals on the prison are about to be broken?" Odin asked, for the first time hesitation noticeable in his voice.

"Indeed, even as we speak he is rallying mortals to his cause. They are oblivious of their benefactor's true nature and their intentions. Although our side has been retaliating in kin by gathering powerful champions from Earthland's realm to fight for our cause, I fear it will be only a matter of time before the seals are finally broken."

The dragon's warning caused Odin to frown, who leaned back slightly in his seat. "Is that why you send her here? I sensed it upon her arrival, but isn't that staff?" The question of Odin earned a light nod from the Ancient Dragon. "Indeed, sealed within the staff is the soul of the mightiest Sorceress who ever existed, fortunately, Esperia has not yet shown any signs of being swayed by the same madness that consumed Morrigan."

Odin nodded his head curtly in response. "The staff of Morrigan and the power of an Ancient Dragon, together she could become a powerful champion to fight for your cause, at one point one might even say she will cross past the boundaries of mankind and become more akin to a demi-god."

It were words that made the Ancient Dragon smile briefly: "Let us not get ahead of ourselves, right now she is still but a mere human girl. But I hope she and her allies will be able to stop the seal from being broken."

Odin pondered for a moment, his eyes sharpening in return. "What about 'him'? Why has he not yet emerged out of hiding?" The words caused a sorrowful look to cross the ancient dragon's visage as she confessed in a troubled tone. "I'm afraid nobody has heard or seen anything of our emperor since he disappeared, some say he is awaiting the right time to emerge, others believe he gave up and thinks Earthland isn't worth saving."

Odin sighed wearily at those words. "Those are troubling times for Earthland, and unfortunately they are not the only ones dealing with problems." The words made the ancient dragon tilt her head slightly to the side in confusion.

"Do you mean the prophecy?" Odin nodded his head firmly in response to the question. "My ravens tell me that it is only a matter of time till the event spoken about in the prophecy will occur: The event known as Ragnarok..."

What a terrifying future that awaited them... And yet perhaps there was still a shimmer of hope, for there were a myriad of futures, and Esperia's presence here might have set in motion events even the gods couldn't perceive!

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