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[Storyline Quest 2-A] Within the Hall of Gods

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[Storyline Quest 2-A] Within the Hall of Gods Empty Sun May 02, 2021 9:12 pm


As Esperia regained her footing the first thing she noticed was that she was clearly no longer within the nature dragon's prison within the deepest reaches of the Dawncliff Mine, but then where... where had they possibly traveled to? Surely even an Ancient Dragon couldn't... "Valhalla, truly a spectacle to behold, isn't it so Esperia?"

The words spoken by the dragon made Esperia look awestruck at the dragon, fortunately quickly regaining her composure as she shook her head briefly to clear out the lingering thoughts. "An intruder!"

A voice called out from nearby as Esperia watched two women in chainmail armor brandish their swords at her. This was bad! She had just arrived in the place the Ancient Dragon claimed was Valhalla, and already she gotten herself involved into a conflict?!

As one of the warriors dashed toward her, a nimble sweep of her sword was narrowly parried by Esperia holding her staff to intercept the blow, yet surprisingly enough it did little to sway the stranger from their attack!

A pair of white wings erupted from the warrior's back, causing Esperia to watch the Valkyrie ascend into the air, yet at the same time the sorceress started to channel mana into her staff a masculine voice resounded through the air.

"Hold your blade Valkyrie, this is no way to treat a guest within my hall."

The words caused the Valkyrie to rapidly descend backward toward the ground, bending the knee toward the sagely-looking figure on the throne further ahead. "Forgive me for my insolence, I thought they might have been an enemy spy."

The elderly man laughed softly at her words, rising from his seat. "Nonsense, take a look at her, she is clearly a mortal from the realm of Earthland, although I sense the presence of a dragon within her, and so for her companion."

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The Dimensional Dragon took a step forward and made a slight wave with her hand. "As observant as one would have expected from the wise Odin, I am pleased to make your acquaintance, I am Yarghast , and this is my companion Esperia, a human from Earthland."

For a moment Esperia couldn’t help but notice a glint in Odin’s eyes, as if he knew more about the name than she herself did.

Esperia nodded her head slightly, not entirely sure of how to act now she was within the domain of gods, yet the sagely figure in front of her didn't just look wise, there was something about the way that he looked at her, the way he addressed her, almost akin to an equal that made her feel comfortable, at ease even.

"I am Odin, and I welcome you to Valhalla visitors from another realm. Stay awhile and tell me of the tale that brought you here."

The Ancient Dragon nodded her head lightly as she started to speak. "As we speak a dire threat is on the brink of being unleashed within Earthland, for decades our kin has fought a war in the shadows against the servants of this menace, yet recently a bold act of one of them led to the involvement of the mortal races of Earthland. It is for that reason I came to seek out Esperia, to see if she is worthy of inheriting my power."

Odin nodded his head lightly in understanding, a brief glimpse in Esperia's direction being made. "I think I understand this threat you are talking about, tell me dragon: Do you believe this mortal girl to be capable of aiding her allies in stopping the release of that monster?"

Esperia's gaze drifted to the dragon as the question was asked, yet as expected the dragon shook her head lightly. "I am not certain, I know that alone she would become a fierce opposition for the enemy, but without allies, she, like others before her would fall. I do not know yet for certain if she is the one meant to obtain my power, it is for that reason I brought her here."

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Odin raised a hand to his chin, stroking his beard slightly as he wondered out loud. "And so you send her to Valhalla, a mortal to walk among the gods... Intriguing! I like the reasoning, very well: Esperia, consider yourself my guest within this realm as long as you desire."

Esperia smiled lightly and bowed toward the man, yet the gesture made Odin chuckle softly. "There is no need to bow young one, you are my guest. You should visit my son Thor, he will be interested to hear about your tales, he always had a passion for the stories from Earthland's realm."

Esperia nodded her head lightly as she watched Odin gesture toward the large archway leading deeper into the realm, and so Esperia ventured along into the halls of Valhalla.

It was a majestic sight to say the least, yet it also appeared there was something... different to it. Esperia knew deep inside that this was a test, she was being challenged and observed about whether she would be worthy or not of obtaining the power of the Ancient Dragon, but to think she was meeting actual Gods and Goddesses, the awareness of this somehow filled her with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

After a while, Esperia found herself in a lush green garden, and seated on a bench a powerful-looking man was seated. "A sight to behold, isn't it?" The man beckoned at the tree that towered in the center of the garden. "A golden tree, straight from the legends themselves."

The man laughed at Esperia's musing as he shook his head lightly. "Legends are still born from stories, meaning that even the achievements of mortals can become as grand." Esperia blinked in bewilderment at the words of the man, and noticing her confusion he explained himself further. "Haha sorry, I didn't mean to confuse you, It is just that there is a certain sense of amusement in the fact the denizen of Earthland revere us with such faith and intensity, yet they often remain oblivious to how grandiose and fascinating their own sagas can become. It is why I always been fascinated by your kin."

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Was this man- Rising from his seat the man extended a muscular arm toward her, seemingly expecting a handshake. "You must be the source of all that excitement within my father's halls, I am Thor, a pleasure to meet you."

Finally growing through her awestruck phase Esperia introduced herself with a sheepish smile. "Esperia, and I am uncertain whether it is my presence or that of my dragonic company that has drawn the fascination of the hall's residents.

Thor grinned at her words, a slight shake of his head following. "I believe it is both, but you should tell me more about what brought you here later, I am quite interested to hear the tales of your saga, Until then: How about I take you on a small tour around the halls? They are quite spacious, and it would do you no good to get lost.

Esperia was eager to accept the offer, and soon Thor started to guide her along the halls and corridors of Valhalla. "You were once possessed by a Demon Lord? It is impressive you were able to break free from her grasp."

Esperia smiled weakly at Thor's praise, for inwardly she felt that it was Asmodeus who had abandoned her, rather than her escaping from the Demon Lord, but that was a matter of the past. "I see that you have met the Valkyrie already, aside from them and the other gods you will also meet the Einherjar, the legendary heroes and warriors who died on the battlefield, they are meant to aid my father when the disaster knows as Ragnarok unfolds."

The words spoken by Thor made Esperia pause for a moment, wondering if there would had been a means to gain the aid of people like Thor and the Einherjar in the battle against the dragons, but such an idea was irresponsible, this was Earthland's problem to resolve.

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Indeed, even if she wished it could have been otherwise, she felt it would be wrong to rely on their help, especially when Thor had mentioned they had their own conflict to deal with. However, Esperia's attention was quickly drawn away by the sound of a warhorn in the distance, making Thor's eyes blaze with excitement. "The Einherjar are preparing a feast it seems! Perfect, you should join us once they are ready Esperia. We drink and feast in a way only the gods can!" Thor laughed at his jest, a light clap on her shoulder as he walked toward the direction the horn sound had come from.

Meanwhile, as Esperia was left to ponder the situation she decided to explore a bit more for the time being. Would she be able to prove herself in the eyes of the Dimension Dragon? Would her power be enough to help Kon and the others prevent the dragons from winning? The more she thought about it, the more concerned she became.

It was at that point when all of a sudden a soft caw came from nearby, and looking for the source of the sound Esperia spotted a raven sitting on a nearby tree, yet the first thing Esperia noticed was the immense amount of mana that coursed through the raven's body.

"I can see you are no mere raven, show yourself, stranger!"

Esperia declared firmly, brandishing her staff when all of a sudden the raven hopped off the branch, its form shifting into that of a slender man who grinned mischievously at her. "Sorry~ Sorry~ I didn't mean to offend you, I was merely... fascinated! Yes, fascinated is an excellent way to describe how I feel about your presence."

The words made Esperia's eyes narrow slightly as she inquired about the motives of the stranger. "Why would you be fascinated by my presence here?" The man laughed softly, explaining with a smirk. "Who wouldn't be fascinated? To see a human walking among the gods, to be invited personally by the mighty Odin himself? How can one possibly not be excited at finding out just what type of tale this maiden from another world has to tell?"

Esperia withdrew her staff as she spoke, seemingly inquiring about the identity of this stranger. "Who are you?" The question earned a soft hum from the man who replied with a surprisingly cheerful tone. "They call me by many names, but I believe that among all of them there is one name that you will find the easiest to remember.

The man made a playful bow, akin to a gentleman greeting someone as he introduced himself. "I am Loki, and it is 'truly' a delight to meet you, Esperia von Eisenberg." It seemed she had just met one very, very tricky person! Well, to be expected considering he was the God of Tricksters! This would be one very dangerous person to be wary of!

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