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[Storyline Quest 1-A] Visions of an Uncertain Future

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It all began with a dream. While slumbering within her chamber within the Sentinel Syndicate, which was carefully sealed from unwanted intrusion, Esperia found her dreams disturbed by something. It might have been a dream, but it was a dream where she held no control over its contents, it reminded her a little of the dreamscape Asmodeus was able to conjure within her soul when she was still her vessel.

Yet this time it didn’t feel like she had entered the throne room of a ruler of an infernal realm, instead, it was a comfortable, borderline homely room that she found herself in. It reminded her a little of home, of the time she had once experienced so long ago at Fia’s side, a time long gone, and yet the atmosphere made her feel nostalgic and at ease.

“Welcome, Esperia~” An unfamiliar voice called out to her, making Esperia’s gaze shift toward the direction it came from. Seated on a couch near a hearth was a young silver haired woman, clad in a majestic gown.

“Or perhaps I should say, I’m sorry for the intrusion~ Considering we are currently having this meeting within your own mind.” The words spoken by the stranger reminded her of the nature that the world used to communicate with her, through peculiar and roundabout fashions, although this one seemed more… human in the choice of how to converse.

“At this point I’m used to having otherwordly beings use my mind as a meeting ground, but nonetheless I appreciate the gesture.” As she watched the woman gesture at the seat across from her, Esperia accepted the invitation and took a seat, her gaze lingering on the woman for just a moment upon which she finally spoke.

“Although, forgive the question but: Who are you?”

The inquiry earned a soft smile from the silver-haired woman who leaned back in her seat and hummed softly. “You have known me as a benefactor for some time now, for it was I who had led you to the temple where a certain friend of mine was sealed.

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Wait, the dragon? Then could this woman be related to the nature dragon she met back then? “I am Yarghast one of the ancient dragons that have watched over the countless dimensions since its creation.

Esperia nodded her head lightly in response to the statement. “Forgive me for being so blunt to ask, but why would one of your power desire to have this meeting?” The words spoken by Esperia made sense, after all compared to an ancient dragon, mortals weren’t exactly the type of being that would be considered their equals.

“A fair question, surely one of your resources and knowledge has learned already of the encroaching conflict of the warring dragon factions, correct?” Esperia nodded her head curtly in response to the statement. “I believe one of your kin is working on recruiting mortals to her side, to help stem the tide of our enemy’s minions.

Esperia raised a hand to her chin, pondering quietly about the matter. “Who is this enemy you speak of, and why does their actions seem to endanger the future of Earthland so strongly?”

In return to that question the woman paused for just the briefest of moments upon which she finally spoke. “Among the ancient dragons there is one more, one dragon that it required our collective strength to seal it away. This dragon desires nothing more than to consume Earthland in everlasting darkness, a world where evil reigns supreme and no matter who rises up to meet the challenge, or what is done to counter them, they will fail, for it is an inevitable and unchangeable future.”

Esperia’s eyes narrowed in a firm stare as she continued to speak. “Already one of their servants has rallied powerful mortals to their cause, intending to break the seal and unleash this terror upon Earthland.”

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The dragon’s warning was clear, yet there was something that left Esperia both curious and intrigued. “Yet, despite your power you do not stop them, why is that so?”

The woman shook her head as she continued. “An oath, I swore that as long as Earthland remains, as long as the myriad of futures continues to exist I will continue to drift in the space between dimensions, should I intervene directly, the consequences would have been dire.”

And yet, with the encroaching conflict it was clear this passive approach had to be broken. “Then why did you reach out to me of all people?” The question made the woman pause, her eyes locking onto Esperia’s own. “Because I desire a champion to intervene for my cause, someone who is willing to ensure the existence of Earthland, and the various dimensions continue to exist.”

Wait, different dimensions… like the abyss and such? Did that mean this dragon was capable of traversing to other dimensions without any gateways?

“Yet, a power like mine would be dangerous in the hands of the wrong person, so I would like to ask of you to accompany me on a journey, I wish to see for myself if you’re the right person for this gift.”

Wait, did she seriously mean to tell her she was about to go on some sort of trip into a different dimension in order to hopefully obtain some grandiose power? Most would call her crazy for considering the idea, but the truth was that Esperia was incredibly fascinated with the idea. To traverse into another realm, to master the power of an Ancient Dragon, to meet the people of another world, how could she possibly not be interested in the offer?

"Fine, I accept your proposal." Esperia's words earned a brief smile from the woman as she rose from her seat. "Perfect, meet me within the structure where you found the Nature Dragon, It would be best for our departure to go by unnoticed from prying eyes, lest my enemy finds out about my intentions.

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And then, as if on cue the dream started to distort, her vision growing blurry as the last words she heard were a beckoning: "I'll be waiting for you Esperia." And then Esperia suddenly found herself back in her bed within her chambers inside the Sentinel Syndicate.

Thinking on the matter, it would be difficult for her to simply up and leave on this adventure, so instead she had chosen to have one of her ravens deliver the message for her to Kon. It was a cryptic message, one that told the Guild Master she was going to be looking for some information and a potential opportunity for them to gain an edge over the potential threats that would await the Syndicate. She couldn't tell the Guild Master about the Ancient Dragon yet obviously, all but aware of the importance that secrecy had right now.

After gathering her supplies and being formally dressed for her trip Esperia decided to depart from the Sentinel Syndicate their headquarters, making her way along the streets of the town that the floating castle overlooked.

In order for her to reach the prison that had once contained the Nature Dragon, she would need to traverse through the Dawncliff Mine, quite a simple journey considering the plenty of times she had traveled through there, but it still made her curious how few people knew about the secret civilization, about the true nature of the conflict between the dragons, and even if she wanted to, she couldn't warn them properly.

As her steps took her along the mountain toward the Dawncliff Mine, Esperia could see in the distance that the obsidian colored raven descending toward her, the absence of its scroll confirming to her that its task had been completed as intended. Good, then all that would be left was to travel through the Dawncliff Mine, reach the prison of the Nature Dragon and meet the Ancient Dragon there.

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Once she reached the entrance of the Dawncliff Mine Esperia only now noticed how early it still was, the sun barely peeking over the distant horizon, but it also explained the absence of the usual miners that worked there.

Traveling through the collection of tunnels and corridors within the mine Esperia couldn't help but wonder what type of adventure would await her. It was clear the dragon intended to take her somewhere outside of Earthland, but what type of realm should she expect to find there?

Finally, the mine gave way for the withered forest that had surrounded the nature dragon's former prison, and the moment Esperia stepped into the clearing something 'peculiar' happened. The air in front of her seemed to tear open as if the seams that made up the border between dimensions had been torn, and emerging from within was the same silver-haired elven maiden she had seen in her dreams, yet this was clearly not an elf: it was an Ancient Dragon who merely adopted the disguise of one.

She smiled kindly at her as she started speaking. "Thank you for meeting me so quickly Esperia, I wish we could have taken the time for pleasantries, but I'm afraid that I had to use the means at my disposal in order to ensure this meeting would go by unnoticed."

Esperia pondered for a moment, wondering about something that had been lingering in her thoughts for a while already. "Your kin seems quite wary of this 'enemy' of yours, Are they that powerful?"

The Ancient Dragon nodded her head lightly in response to the inquiry, explaining further. "Indeed Esperia, this threat that was sealed away countless years ago is that fearsome, if our efforts were to fail, and the servants of the enemy succeed in their agenda, I doubt even the strongest of mortals would be able to oppose the menace that awaits them."

So the enemy had to remain sealed away at all costs? It seemed that might had been the case judging from the way those dragons talked about the threat that awaited Earthland. But nonetheless, for now she had something else to focus on:

"So~ You wanted us to go on a journey together, something about proving myself worthy of your power? I assume we aren't going to some vacation resort?"

The words earned a little chuckle from the ancient dragon who took a step closer toward Esperia. "In a way, you could say that some people would consider it an eternal paradise for them."

Blinking in confusion Esperia suddenly felt her companion's hands against her shoulders, a light push making her stagger backwards when rather than staggering through the grass, Esperia felt her presence staggering straight through the seams of dimensions as the dragon walked beside her.

"There where warriors revel with eternal glory and feast among the Gods within the golden halls of... "Valhalla" Wait, she was going to the realm of gods?!

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