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Antoinette Sinclair

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Name: Antoinette Sinclair

Age: September 16th, X541 (250)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual

Ethnicity, Father:  Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Minstreli

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Vampire

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Left sole of her foot, Black

Face: Remilia Scarlet - Touhou


Height: 5'4"


Hair: Pale Blue

Eyes: Crimson

Overall: Pale unblemished skin, piercing Crimson irises, and sharp canines all point to Antoinette's Vampire genetics and usually the first features others notice when they see her. Though she stands at an unimpressive height of five feet and four inches, she carries herself as if she stands much taller. With immaculate posture and calculated movements, she makes it clear through her body movements alone that she was bred and raised with an aristocratic lifestyle.  Pale Blue hair that falls in waves just below her chin, which is less round and just a bit more sharp looking to match her high cheekbones and overall oval facial shape.  With a petite frame, she still holds curves that wouldn't have anyone mistaking her for anything but a woman. Her hands and feet are well-manicured and delicate as if they've never seen hard work a day in their lives ( a fact).

Extra: N/A


Like many individuals who want to appear sane and well put together, Antoinette comes with a mask. When this mask is present she appears confident which shows in every action she takes and every word she speaks. She hardly doubts herself even when she knows she's wrong, opting to " fake it till she makes it " until it's too obvious to go unnoticed. She has a certain charm to her, one that doesn't draw people in right away but is a slow burn. She pretends to care, does acts of good when people are looking, and overall shows the world that she is a good-natured person with nothing to hide (of course that's what she wants them to think). Without a doubt Antoinette puts others at ease when they are around her, assuring them not all vampires are vicious bloodsucking fiends that will charm the life right out of mortal beings.

Now let's remove that mask...

To put it plainly, Antoinette is a psychopath. She has no moral compass nor any real emotions. Her whole MO is to feed and gain enough power to do it so openly that she can't be stopped or questioned. As one person put it she is a "  skilled actor whose sole mission is to manipulate people for personal gain, ". There is never any real connection that she makes with another individual, but it's good that they think so for her to climb the never-ending ladder of power. The world to her is made up of predators and prey and she's not about to live her life at the bottom of the totem pole. No tactic is too underhanded for her to take to get ahead. She only believes in herself and trusts only herself, no one in her eyes can compare, everyone even her own family falls short of her expectations. In the end, Antoinette is every bit of what they say a vampire is.


  • Feeding: What greater pleasure is there than to drain the blood from a human being? Bonus points if they're a virgin. Cliche I know but, it's just so much sweeter when they've been...Untainted.

  • Current Events: Keeping up on current events of the world is a great way to pass the time for someone who lives a long life, or at least it is to Antoinette. She frequently reads newspapers from most of the countries on earth just to stay informed.


  • A Failed Hunt: Having her meal get away from her is downright annoying because so much has to be done to get it back and silence it. She would rather be successful the first time around and not have to do catch them a second time.

  • Children:   They are so damn weak, and they always seem to be sticky for whatever reason, they have constant questions, and they aren't even a challenge when it comes to feeding on them, they don't even put up a fight.


  • All Powerful Being: To feed A never-ending hunger one needs an never-ending amount of power. Antoinette's goal in life is to stand above the rest and sate her hunger with the finest blood from the strongest beings. She will do what it takes to climb the ranks and accumulate the power she needs in order to do as she pleases.


  • Death: A so-called " immortal being " that can still die really never sat well with Antoinette. She's lived longer than any of those she preys on but she always wondered who or what would be the one to cause her end.

  • Confinment: To be confined is to starve, and to starve is torture. Almost nothing is worse than feeling weak and unable to save oneself and that's exactly the sort of feeling being confined gives her. It takes away her control, strips her of her power, and degrades her. She hates it but she fears it more.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 6

Speed: 6

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 6


Magic Name: Tainted Blood

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Enhancement:
Debuff on Strike

Price: 1,000,000 Jewels

Description: This enhancement causes the selected spell type to also debuff the target for one post equivalent to the spell's rank. This must be defined on spell creation.

Magic Description: A simple magic that utilizes a substance that has all the physical properties of blood though it looks black with a red glow. With this magic, Antoinette is able to use Offensive spells at their peak, while spells such as Supplementary, Defensive, Self-Buff are used though not with as much mastery.


History: Antoinette was the first of sextuplets born to Elizabeth and Jonathan Sinclair, a pair of very old vampires. The fact that Elizabeth had Sextuplets at all and lived through it was cause for celebration as vampire births were very uncommon, in fact, it was rare to breed a pure-blooded vampire that wasn't turned from some other race. Being born as a Sinclair meant that Antoinette and her siblings were given anything they could ever want and were taught how to present themselves among the Aristocats.

Out of all her siblings Antoinette had to be the most vicious when it came down to it. She never fully grew out of that feral stage that young vampires went through, and in fact, it grew with her. She presented herself properly when she had to but when she was allowed to hunt she didn't hold back and usually decimated any town or village she was allowed to hunt in. As she grew older of course she reeled it in but she still held onto to a touch of ferocity to strike fear in the hearts of those who were unfortunate enough to be on her feeding list. For a while, her life was good with her family but all baby birds grew up and left the nest and that's exactly what happened with her.

She had to be about fifty years old when she finally decided to go out on her own. She found herself a nice castle to take over after killing the occupants and claiming the village as her own. This place would be her new stomping ground and she ruled with an iron fist, letting no one escape her feeding frenzy when she had them. Eventually, rumors grew and the people began to fear her, and that fear eventually grew into resentment. No one in the village could stop Antoinette from killing them, so they saved up what they could and hired a hunter to do it for them..

Antoinette for all her power was unaware of what her subjects had done behind her back, she might have been powerful but she wasn't all-knowing. So of course, she was surprised when a group of wizards stormed her magic and nearly killed her with their overpowering strength which caused her to flee in her weakened state. She never expected an ambush or to be overpowered. She cursed the village and vowed revenge of course but first she needed to regain her strength. This caused her to fly to Fiore and find herself hiding and sleeping in the catacombs of some graveyard for many many years until she was awoken early to a new time but without the strength, she used to have.

Reference: Neptune's Alt.

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All stats start at 1, so add +1 to each stat for it to be 25 total (it'll be 30 total but as we don't count '1' as 1)


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This character application has been approved.

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