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Surgery (Tempris, Quest)

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#1Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni was walking down the streets of Baska contemplating the next potential job she could do to make a few Jewels. She decided to head to the hospital to check on Dr. Gerard, see how he's been doing since the last mission he gave her and Tempris to complete. Delivering prescriptions was a piece of cake for the two girls, but one never knows when new problems will arise.

And the commotion coming from the hospital confirmed that a new problem had, indeed, arose. Rinni rushed toward the Hospital followed closely by Candy. If Tempris would meet her on the way or already be there, Rinni would look to the girl and ask, "What's going on? Tempris, do you know what's happening?" Rinni would wait for an answer as she saw Gerard running around, trying to help people as best he can.

If Tempris was in the middle of responding to Rinni, she would be interrupted by the frantic Gerard grabbing Rinni's shoulders, his eyes going between the two girls desperately as he cried out, "Oh, thank Illumin you're here! I need your help!"

"Ok... I'm guessing this isn't another simple delivery..." Rinni spoke carefully, her eyes showing concern for the gravity of the situation. Was it as bad as he was making it out to bed?

"You ladies did an excellent job helping me before! I ask of you to please help me again!" Dr. Gerard explained frantically. "I need to perform a very serious heart transplant. Please, I need your assistance!"

"Uh... h-heart transplant?" Rinni turned and looked down at Tempris. "How do you feel about... um... blood?"


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Surgery (Tempris, Quest) Npc_sd11

Was this man bananas? Here Tempris was try trying to earn a little money help the poor helpless souls of this stupid city with her Rinni. The illness situation has only gotten worst with more people getting ill in the Rune Knights. The amount of extra work was piling high so she really hoped helping the good old doctor with help put a dent in this situation. She didn't know what was happening when the doctor came out in a panic. All Tempris knew was about the on going illness. However she wouldn't get the chance to as the doctor came out. What did he want? He wanted the two to help him in open heart surgery.

Tempris almost vomited at the idea. All that blood, all that heresy being spilled over her. She would have to purge herself in a bonfire and even that wouldn't be enough. Still, she couldn't refuse. More people would get sick which meant more work for her.

"I rather not... can't we just let their souls return to Illumin instead?"

Tempris backed up and tried to hide behind Illumin due to not being able to keep her composure. However it was probably too late for that. Both of them were brought into the building, forced to sanitize and given scrubs. "Rinni... I really... do not think... We should be doing this. Can I just help them my own way, the right way?"

The good ole doctor had them both running back and forth between the room fetching tools and equipment. Tempris fought the urge to hurl only keeping her sanity by repeating her chant. "Illumin's love is warmth. Illumin's love is warmth." There was no other way about it. As long as Rinni was willing to be the closest to their body then Tempris would be willing to hold on to her flame.

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#3Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni could sense the girl's discomfort. She was well familiar with the discomfort and tension that came with having to do stuff she wasn't comfortable with. Rinni was used to blood by now, and at least this time she was saving a life, not taking one. She was certain the girl was just scared, she was a child after all. As she and Tempris were cleaned up and put into their scrubs, Rinni stood between the doctor and the Paladin, allowing Tempris to pass tools to her while she in turn passed them on to the doctor. When it came to cleaning used tools, Rinni did that herself.

She remembered the girl's obsession with her tail while drunk. Would it bring her the same comfort sober?  Rinni didn't wish to startle the doctor or anyone else busy or sick in the hospital, so she didn't take on a full transformation. Instead, she partially transformed and lightly wagged her tail from side to side smiling. If the girl wanted to hug her tail or use it for comfort, Rinni would allow this. Her ears twitched as she focused on the task at hand. Suddenly she heard the doctor curse.

She smelled blood, but that meant nothing as blood was everywhere due to the patient being cut open upon the operating table. However, Rinni turned toward the Doctor and saw that he had cut himself. She wasn't sure if the Paladin knew any healing spells, but his next words made her nervous. "I can't work like this. You'll have to finish the heart transplant without me!"

"Wait... what? Are you serious? We can't... we have no..." Rinni sighed and looked at Tempris. "Can you tend to Doctor Gerard's injury? I'll finish the surgery myself."


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Mana Cost: 5% of Total Base Mana
Requirements: 50 RP Posts as Werewolf
Type: Transformation
Range: Self
Cooldown: Instant (Composed Transformation)
Duration: Sustain
Effect: When using the Half-Transformation, the user becomes more muscular and will grow hair across their shoulder and in some cases over their arms. Their features will look more like that of a wolf, while they still retain their humanoid appearance. This transformation increases the base Strength, Speed, Endurance, and Constitution of the user by 50% as long as it is sustained. The user also receives Minor Magical Resistance and Minor Physical Resistance while using this transformation. In addition, the user can keep using magic while using this transformation. This is not a spell but a biological capability. Therefore it cannot be canceled by artifacts or magics that can cancel spells.



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Things were getting worst. The doctor was injured now bleeding profusely. His finger was cut, it was a small wound but so much blood was coming out. Tempris did not want to go near it, even if she was wearing scrubs. But a new problem arose. Who was going to replace the heart. Surely it was not going to be Tempris. Rinni agreed, directing Tempris to help the doctor.
"Argh... stupid stupid stupid!" Tempris repeated while grabbing a roll of bandages and rushing to the bleeding man. Blood squirted all over her face before she was abled to contain the bleeding. It was disgusting. It was blasphemy. But at least she wasn't messing with the heart. With the doctor calmed down, he started passing orders to Rinni. Tempris struggled to move around as the warm blood just ran down her outfit. "This is not love... This is sin. Straight up heresy."

With the doctors guidance, Rinni would be abled walked through all the steps and due to his fantastic teaching skills, there would be no problem unless Rinni messed up by doing something on her own. There was a really high rate of success. A life could easily be saved, given Tempris didnt just cover them in fire.

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#5Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
"Calm down, Tempris, please. If Illumin is all about love, then wouldn't he want you to help your brothers and sisters? If we save his life, we'll be heroes." Rinni reassured, though it was clear transforming had no effect on the child sober. Oh well, she tried. Canceling her transformation, she proceeded to follow the doctor's instructions. Her heart w as racing, and she was clearly nervous, but she managed to safely remove the diseased heart with little difficulty. What on earth happened to this poor man, anyway? What kind of disease caused that?

The scent of blood and sickness was strong, and her werewolf senses only amplified the smell causing the girl to crinkle her nose. Making a small gagging noise she reassured the holy child. "Be glad you can't smell this the way I do." She would proceed to place the new heart as she said this, and follow Gerard's instructions as he explained how to set it properly and connect the valves, etc.

The next step was simple in comparison. She only needed to stitch him up. She grabbed the sterilized needle and thread. Putting the thread through the eye of the needle she proceeded to stick the patient's flesh together. It was gross, and she was only grateful the man was asleep during this whole procedure. She wished she was so lucky. As she eventually managed to stitch him completely, she gave a sigh of relief. "Very good, Miss Faithe! Are you sure you don't want to be a doctor? You seem to have an aptitude for working under pressure!"

Rinni threw her blood-covered gloved hands into the air. "Oh, no, Dr. Gerard! I'm much happier with the life of an adventurer. But I will admit, this was quite an adventure!"

Rinni smiled at Tempris and said, "Good job, kiddo." They were then promptly rewarded by Gerard for their deed, and as they left Candy found some loose change on the floor and followed Rinni and Tempris out the door.

"Hm... I wonder what's causing this plague..." Rinni overheard the Doctor mumble to himself as the two girls left the hospital.

"I wonder what that was about?" Rinni asked no one in particular. Then she looked down at Tempris. "Do you think we should look into this further?"


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Rinni was the star of this whole ordeal. Tempris was barely holding on to the tiny bit of self control she had left. The slightest nudge, however, would push her into burning down this whole place. That was the best way to save these souls, not adding replace one heretical heart with another. Still, she managed to find ways to be useful, washing the tools, following the doctors orders, and replacing his bandage when needed. A the end of the day, they succeeded and were paid. Now she could say she assisted in surgery. However she would never do this again... at least not anytime soon.

"Rinni... th-thank you... I-I couldn't do this... alone. I really... dont like blood. Its why I feel fire is so holy." Tempris didn't look at the girl. She did not enjoy praising a sinner but, she deserved it. It was as Illumin willed it. Also, it got them out of the blood soaked clothes quicker than freaking out.

"I dont like this at all. Its really making my work harder with everyone getting sick. I think we should find this heretical source and purge it from this world." Tempris clasped her hands and started praying. Hopefully the future wont bring another day like this.

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