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Quest Tweaking

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Quest Tweaking Empty Sun May 02, 2021 6:59 pm

I noticed that this quest;


Still seems to very much lean into the concept that Rune Knights are everywhere? Which, to my understanding, isn't the case, given the conquest system and such?

For one thing, with Blue Pegasus in charge of Hargeon, they'd essentially be the 'law' there? And even if they're not, I'd guess there was a local law outfit similar to a militia which takes care of arrest and punishment?

Because of this, I think that any areas that aren't in the central 'Rune Knight Zone' should probably be tweaked to something a little more generic and vague like "Officers of the Law" or "Local Authorities", just to ensure continuity?

For the specific quest I bring up, given the theme of the mission, one could also tweak the title to "Bounty Hunter for the Day" or something like that?

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