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Name: Sephiroth

Age: March 4th, X768

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sevese

Ethnicity, Mother: Florian

Class: Warrior

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Runeknights

Tattoo: Left shoulder

Face: Satoru Gojou - Jujutsu Kaisen


Height: 6'7"

Weight: 280 lbs

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Sephiroth boasts very delicate and almost angelic like facial features with his smooth and pale complexion, sapphire blue eyes and snow like wavy white hair. His irregular features often makes him the centre of attention of many unwanted eyes, however his large and intimidating figure often tend to make most people keep their distances.

Standing over at 2 meters tall, it wouldn't be farfetched to assume that one of his distant ancestors was a part of a tribe full of giants or something. His origins, alas, are a mystery even to him to this day.

At a glance, the numerous scars that run along his almost overly-muscular build displays the nightmarish training the man has been through, although the most surprising aspect about the youth still remains to be his intact face despite all the scars on his body.

The man tends to carry himself in a militaristic fashion and likes to wear heavy armour on the daily due to his overly anxious side that he tries to hide most of the time.

Extra: n/a


Personality: A "religious fanatic" would be a more befitting term to describe the man instead of calling him "chivalrous". His complete devotion to the god of these lands have caused him to have a somewhat very linear sense of justice when it comes to doing what is right and what is actually good for the people. Sephiroth is the type of person that would not hesitate to sacrifice others for the greater good as he is a firm believer of the saying, "The end justifies the means." He is not the type of person that helps people out of his own volition but rather because it corresponds to Illumin's teachings.

Surprisingly, he is actually a very laid-back person when he is not on quests or doing anything that is not related to his profession. The man likes to crack very cold jokes in the most unsuitable situations such as funerals or when he is in a pinch as a sort of coping mechanism.

Sephiroth is also a very direct person that hates beating around the bushes. His strong character often leads him to say what is on his mind without a second of hesitation, which often leads him to create more enemies than friends. Insults and swear words are nothing that the man is unfamiliar with, however, he is truly only angry in the presence of anything that is unholy. This inner rage he has from anything that goes against Illumin's teachings derives from the numerous brainwashes and mental conditioning the church has made him go through.


  • Swords: Fighting is generally against Illumin's teachings, however, Sephiroth is a fanatic about swords and likes to spar with people to constantly improve himself. He views swordplay more as an art and a mean to justify an end rather than inciting violence and hatred.

  • Women: Bathing in carnal pleasure is not something that Illumin's followers usually do, however, the god does preach love instead of war. Sephiroth would never impose himself onto another person as consent is something that he strongly emphasizes on. The art of using a person's charm to their own advantage is certainly something that the man is unfamiliar with.


  • Slavery: Being a victim of slavery during his early ages, Sephiroth harbours a deep hatred toward slave traders and underground markets. The man will not hesitate to kill slave traders on sight should an unfortunate encounter ever happen.

  • Heresy: Anything that goes against the teachings of Illumin goes against Sephiroth's very existence as he has devoted his life and soul to please the god of these lands. Sephiroth is a firm believer that all unholy things must be cleansed from this land before mankind can live in peace.


  • Illumin: Sephiroth genuinely believes that the world will become a better place once everyone follows the teachings of Illumin. The fact that the world will eventually be rid of all evil is what motivates Sephiroth to continue his cleansing of heretics.


  • Betrayals: While being someone who is very loyal to his companions and a man who is true to his word, Sephiroth is also aware that not everyone follows his code of ethics and honour. There is nothing that would hurt the man more than being backstabbed by someone he put his trust in like in the past, hence why the man doesn't easily put his trust in just anyone these days.

  • Spiders: Sephiroth has an irrational fear toward spiders to the point that people could actually label this as arachnophobia. These six legged furry creatures seems to only appear in the man's worst nightmares.


Strength: 11

Speed: 6

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: None, because a handicap will be needed to make it fair for the heretics.

Magic Element: A sword is all I need.

Magic Enhancement: n/a

Magic Description: n/a


History: Sephiroth grew up in the slums of Fiorre where an underground slave market of kids  thrived. Often pitted against his own kind to amuse customers of higher social statuses in arenas where only one could survive, the boy had to learn how to be a cold-blooded killing machine since a very young age. Being a slave meant that he had no free will of his own as he was subject to many horrific experimentations and acts of dishonour such as serving men who called themselves nobles on numerous occasions.

His childhood could be described as anything but normal and is actually the main cause of why the man is so cautious all the time; however, things were not always so grim for the youth. Once upon a time, he too had loving parents that cared and nourished him with unconditional love. His parents lived a nomad like lifestyle since they were travellers and would often take the youth to explore the different continents that existed along the border. Unfortunately, the lifestyle of wanderers also meant that the family was exposed to more dangers than those who lived in the big cities. One night, a demon murdered and ate his parents.

From Sephiroth's perspective, his parents simply abandoned him as they went to gather food and simply never returned. The boy waited for days, until a group of fancy-dressed men clad in regal ornaments approached him and offered their help. A bite into the food offered by the strangers was all it took to make him drowsy and pass out. When he woke up, he found himself entrapped in a kind of cage and it certainly didn't take long before the boy figured out what kind of life was awaiting him afterwards... Days, months and years passed by...

The distant memories of his once warm and loving home had long vanished inside his head as the constant thought of how he was going to survive the next day occupied his mind most of the time, until rune knights arrived one day and put a stop to the slave trafficking ring. On that day, he saw a knight stop the guards hired by the owners of the ring with ease. A single swing of his sword was all it took to take the lives of the adults that most of the slaves including him feared so much to oppose. This created a new drive and desire in him to become stronger so that he won't ever be taken advantage of anymore.

It did not take long before the Church of Illumin took him in after he was freed from his chains. There he found a sense of belonging and a warm kind of feeling akin to that of a home. Something he thought he would never experience again. From then on, the boy was given the name of Sephiroth by the church as he swore to devote his life and soul to the one and only creator of this world. He would go on to join the rune knights and hone his mind and body for the next few years in the hope of becoming a sword for his god that will rid this world of heresy and evil.

Reference: n/a


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