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Koi Tsukami

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Name: Koi Tsukami

Age: 21 (April 19 X773)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pan

Ethnicity, Father: Desierto

Ethnicity, Mother: Sin

Class: Spellsinger

Race: Dwarf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Paradise Dawn

Tattoo: Guild symbol over Sternum

Face: Ramlethal Valentine | Guilty Gear


Height: 4'9"

Weight: 120

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Yellow

Overall: Koi is a shorter girl with a lot of spunk. She has dark skin, long hair, and a bubbly composure. She loves wearing armor and though looking clothing but she also doesn't mind wearing dresses and other "interesting" outfits if the situation calls for it. She rarely uses make-up unless she has help or feels lucky. Her favorite color is black and red and, she adores evil looking clothing. That is not to say she will not wear lighter clothing. She also loves cloaks and having animal ears and well, fluff. Any amount of fluff is a good thing and she hopes to always wear something with some personality.

Extra: none


Personality: Koi is a bubbly girl. Nothing really gets her down and she always tries to walk through life with a smile. She tries to make every day fun, even when fighting her enemies. She's the type of person who will even offer a snack to her foe if they seemed tired or cranky. Like you can't have fun fighting if you are hungry, ya know. Koi is every explorative and always willing to try new things.

However, Koi has trouble being mean and aggressive. Like she is the person who would like put on a mean face and then raise her voice. Then she would immediately follow it up with, "Did it work?" Its just not in her to be mean. What protector could ever be mean anyway? She believed that if you have to be mean, then things have to be very serious.

Also, Koi is a very loving individual. She wants to love all the people everywhere. She wants to love all the places. She wants to love all the things. She is also very flirty and playful. She hopes to be the epidemy of love and happiness. Also, she wants Sempai to notice her. So please notice her sempai.

  • Adventure: where ever you see mystery, drama, danger, or a good cup of tea, you will find Koi. She is the fun train and she will make sure everyone is having a good time. Or else! (just kidding)

  • Timid People: Koi loves messing with the shy and timid. Though her intentions are never bad. She wants every to have a good time and hiding behind that tree is not going to be half as fun as running into the middle of the chaos.

  • Kill Joys: Koi hates it when people are anti fun. Anti fun people get the bopping cause bopping is fun. If that doesnt fix them, then she bops them some more. After all, insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result and insanity is fun... if not kinky.
  • Koi fish: They stole her name. Also when she was younger, people use to call her a fish. Nobody likes being called a fish yo.

  • See the World: Koi wants to see the world and record all her experiences in her notebook of experiences. Her ultimate dream is to have a guide for life that she could give to her children who will pass it down to there children thus allowing ever child in the Tsukami lineage to life their best life.

  • Meet Everyone: Koi wants to see and experience all different types of people. From the nuns of the Illumin church that everyone seems to dislike for some reason to some of the more interesting shady fellows. Everyone has a story and she wants to hear them all. Of course, she wont share any secrets.

  • Losing Everyone: Having no one to meet or love is Koi's greatest fear. Honestly its her only fear outside of things like, love ones dying or being too weak to help her friends and then her friends dying.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 26


Magic Name: Power of Friendship

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Body Defense

Magic Description: Friendship is Power and Love overcomes all. This magic uses the power from the user's feelings to manifest power effects and spells. Even if they are not powerful, the user will love them anyway cause the user of this very powerful and limited magic that probably outclasses ancient magics. The user will always be proud of their spells. Spells from this magic will try their hardest cause ultimately, all that matters is Friendship for Friendship is the true magic.


History: Born and raised in Desierto, her family had a history of being extremely devoted to the Ruler. Every mage from every generation would do their best to be recognized in their eyes and ultimately they were. They quickly became Servants of establishment and gave their all to helping the kingdom. However there would soon be a problem. 2 Princes would leave the kingdom to live in Fiore and well, how can your family properly serve the ruling class if some of the rulers family did not live in the same country as you. As such, Koi was give her mission to travel to Fiore and assist the Princes in whatever they needed. However, this was a secret mission and she was not to tell them that she was actually a servant of the ruling class.

With that Koi set off to explore the harsh outside world and do her best to find a way to be useful without giving away her identity. Upon arriving to Fiore, she learned that one of the Princes became the guild master of a entity called Paradise Dawn. So She did her best to study her magic and through love and the power of friendship, she submitted her application. Only time, luck, and maybe some intervention from gods or beings which reside outside the mortal realm of this magic world could tell if she would get accepted. Even if she would not get accepted she would be happy knowing she tried and try to find other ways to be a good person and spread friendship and magic and happiness to the world in hopes that one of the princes would notice her. After all, she was born to serve and being a helpful person. At least, this is what the note she carried with her said.  



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This character is approved for roleplay.

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