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Slumbering Vampire Under a Glittering Night Sky (Gunter/Destin E)

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

Slumbering Vampire Under a Glittering Night Sky (Gunter/Destin E) Empty Sat May 01, 2021 3:01 am

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter was drinking blood in a field, he was in the boska outskirts. Gunter was surrounded by flowers, after the bandit raid, Gunter noticed this spot on his way back into town. Thats when he decided to come back here too clear his head. It had been a while since he had a moment to relax, as he began too rest his head on the ground, looking up at the sky, he thought about his journey up too this point.

It all went flashing through his mind, The Raid of Penumbral Guard, The Raid of Fariy Tail, The Torture he went through in prison, it saddened him. However because of the cool breeze, the sound of the flowers swaying in the wind, the birds chirping, it all just melted away.

His unbeating heart calmed for the first time in awile. It was as if Gunter fell asleep, lost in a state of absolute bliss, However in reality, he simply dulled out everything, except the true peace he experienced on this day.

A smile formed on his face, true absolute peace, he thought to himself it truly was all he craved.

#2Destin E 

Slumbering Vampire Under a Glittering Night Sky (Gunter/Destin E) Empty Sun May 02, 2021 1:46 am

Destin E
Destin could see a figure in the fields beyond the house from his balcony; a figure that looked awfully familiar if he focused on it. Destin slowed his movements, too distracted by the distant shape to continue toweling off his head. It was the new... friend... from earlier that day.

He grinned, tossing the damp towel over a nearby chair and cleanly leaped over the railing. He landed softly on an awning below, then dropped to the stone path beneath. It was a straight shot from there across the fields to where he had seen Gunter fall backwards into the flowers, and Destin was careful not to make any loud noises as he snuck up.

Destin turned about and collapsed backwards next to Gunter, so that his head fell beside the other man's. He basked in the feeling of warm grass beneath his bare shoulder blades for a moment before turning his head to look at Gunter, a mysterious sparkle in Destin's eyes.

#3Günter Von Wolf 

Slumbering Vampire Under a Glittering Night Sky (Gunter/Destin E) Empty Mon May 03, 2021 9:48 pm

Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter slept in the grass, he began too notice an unusual smell. His nose wiggles as the aroma tickles his senses. The fragrance smells like his home, this would be back when he was a boy in the city of Basco.

Gunter would turn on his side and extend his hand to feel somthing soft, wet, and smooth. Thats strange he thought to himself, Gunter remembered that it didnt rain today, so theres no reason for the wet feeling on his fingers.

Gunter would begin opening his eye's, only too find himself staring at the Destin the sexy man from the other day. He also noticed his hand was around Destin's neck, Gunter stared at Destins sparkling Eyes lost in his gaze, for a second he thought this was a dream. Gunter put his thumb on Destin's bottom lip to feel how soft they were. Gunter suddenly felt hungry this caused him too licked his lips. Gunter would trace his fingers down Destin's neck onto his chest before sitting up to drink.

As he begin too sit up, he really wanted to dig into this seductive half naked man beside him, however he stayed off his lust for now. As Gunter leaned up against the tree, he picked up his glass of blood and finished off the rest. A drop of blood tricked down his chin, as he put the glass down.

He would then look at the destin, Then say in a very soothing voice, "So what are you doing here." Gunter would quickly rotate his body to be partaly ontop of the seductive man before saying "Do you want me to keep you entertained" With a smile on his face. The night sky above Gunter was glittering with star's, this caused Gunters crimson eyes to stand out even more then normal.

#4Destin E 

Slumbering Vampire Under a Glittering Night Sky (Gunter/Destin E) Empty Mon May 03, 2021 10:50 pm

Destin E
Destin watched with a furrowed brow as Gunter downed the last of his glass, the red liquid much too familiar for Destin's tastes. He'd been enjoying himself, up until that. There really was no denying the man was a vampire, but at least the man had the self-respect to not drink directly from the tap, so to speak.

To act or not to act, Destin, that is the question.

He chastised himself for being so quick to judge the man when for all he knew, it was just wine and the man was just an exceptional mercenary. Just wine. Nothing important to see there. There was a dozen reasons for why Gunter had been reaching for his throat.

The bright smile Destin gave the man as he loomed over him masked the internal conflict, but the war wasn't over yet. Knowing that his decades of training would betray his rationality, the hunter lifted up and swiftly threw the vampire off balance. It was Destin's turn to loom above Gunter now, but rather than seductively hovering, he kissed Gunter's neck with a forlorn softness before he began to whisper.

"It would be so much easier if I had the benefit of the doubt, but you just have to keep airing it in my face."

When Destin lifted away, straddling Gunter's hips with one arm on either side of the vampire's head. His brow furrowed deeply, staring deep into the man's eyes but not seeming to see anything at all. Destin's right hand lifted, gently brushing away the blood from Gunter's lips.

"Here I am trying to escape vampire stories and find myself thrust neck deep into another one."

Destin's fingers trailed across Gunter's neck in the same way that Gunter's fingers had trailed across his. A heavy sigh escaped the hunter's lips before he hung his head. A moment later and he tossed himself to the side, lying in the grass beside Gunter agian, with one finger left on the man's lips as though he were hushing him.

"At least one of us has the human decency not to contemplate murder on a first date."

#5Günter Von Wolf 

Slumbering Vampire Under a Glittering Night Sky (Gunter/Destin E) Empty Tue May 04, 2021 12:32 am

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter looked at Destin after he had gotten off of him, he smiled with fangs showing, the emotion on his face was that of pure arousal. He would then say to Destin "clearly you have a bit of a disdain for my kindred, theres no need to worry i don't kill innocent's unless its for a cause."

Gunter reaches over and puts his hand's under Destin's arm's, dragging him toward Gunter till he is sitting against Gunters chest. Gunter's left arm embraced Destin wraping around his waist, while his right hand made its way up around his throat. Gunter rested his chin on Destin's right shoulder, before wispering into his ear "If you want me dead, then do it. That being said, personally I would prefer to not have you as an enemy, id rather have you as somthing else."

Gunter would tighten his grip slightly around Destin's neck in a sexual nature before speaking again "My name is Günter Von Wolf, I was born in bosco, i am of Noble birth, I have lost everyone i cared about. That being said you probably want too know if im a monster, well the answer is.....Yes."

Gunter would watch to see Destin's reaction, he let his words sink in for a moment before removing his hand from Destin's neck. Using his Right hand he would turn Destin's head toward him, Gunter is now looking Destin in the eye's. After a breaf moment Gunter would Kiss Destin on the lip's. His lips where soft, warm, totaly arousing, and if Destin showed an interest too continue Gunter would proceed to make out with Destin. If destin pushes away at any point Gunter would not Resist.

#6Destin E 

Slumbering Vampire Under a Glittering Night Sky (Gunter/Destin E) Empty Tue May 04, 2021 1:06 am

Destin E
Destin did not resist Gunter's close embrace, although he did make a muffled sound of disgruntled confusion. He didn't make any sound or obvious reactions, but as Gunter's hand wrapped around his neck the hunter reached up to brush his knuckles across the vampire's temples.

The furrow in Destin's brow only tightened as Gunter whispered. He was right, in all things, though he wished the vampire hadn't mentioned death of innocents at all. Destin cursed himself inwardly at his failure to abandon the teachings of his past. Gunter truly hadn't done anything to convince Destin that he was anything other than innocent - so far.

Gunter's kiss tempted his thoughts to a different head, try as the bias might to drown it out. Destin's left hand, still draped over the vampire's shoulder from only moments earlier, reached up agian and held Gunter's head, pulling him into the kiss with gentle force. The hunter leaned in, still tasting the blood on Gunter's lips. Surprisingly, Destin found it didn't bother him in the slightest - it wasn't as if blood in his mouth was a foreign concept to him.

Destin pulled away to breathe, adjusting in Gunter's lap as he did so. With his left arm now wrapped around the vampire's shoulders and his right hand tangling in the short dark hair, Destin faced Gunter and spoke using the vampire's own words.

"My name is Destin Eaves, formerly a Lécuyer. I was born in Minstrel, I am of noble birth. I have lost those I cared about." Destin gave him a cheeky grin, though the sentiment wasn't entirely reflected in his eyes. "That being said, you probably want to know if I'm a monster."

Destin leaned forward, whispering in Gunter's ear.

"Well the answer is..."

The hunter kissed Gunter's neck agian, harsher this time, with the intent of leaving a mark over his jugular vein.


#7Günter Von Wolf 

Slumbering Vampire Under a Glittering Night Sky (Gunter/Destin E) Empty Wed May 05, 2021 6:44 am

Günter Von Wolf

After Destin kissed Gunter's neck with the intent of leaving a mark, Gunter would push Destin onto the ground with a cheeky smile on his face. Gunter would then stand up, then with his right hand Gunter would grab his tie and rip it off his neck.

The tie would flap in the wind as moonlight outlined Gunter's silhouette, as he lets go of the tie letting it fly away in the wind, we would then begin popping the buttons of his dress shirt off with his index finger. As the last button hits the ground, Gunter would place his right hand on his left shoulder, then rip his jacket off.

The only clothing that remained would be the right sleeve of his dress shirt. As it slid down his arm, Destin would try to stop Gunter from ripping his clothing off. As it is too late Gunter would say "I didn't know you cared so much about my clothing, if it upset you, I guess you will just have to punish me. That way I won't forget next time."

As Gunter listens to Destins response, he would begin removing his belt. With one quick movement he would rip his belt off, and wrap it around Destin's neck. Gunter would then begin tightening the belt around Destin's neck to choke him in a sexual nature.

Gunter was currently shirtless revealing his pale, muscular, scarred chest. Though he didnt have a belt on, his pants where being held up by a visible bulge to stop them from sliding down.

Using the belt Gunter would pull Destin in close, until he was on his knees right infront of him, looking up into Gunters crimson eyes.

#8Destin E 

Slumbering Vampire Under a Glittering Night Sky (Gunter/Destin E) Empty Wed May 05, 2021 7:17 am

Destin E
Destin fell to the ground with only the slightest bit of resistance, watching Gunter with a smirk. It was wildly seductive to see the man standing above him with a loose tie flailing helplessly in the breeze. The hunter protested with half-hearted lament as buttons scattered across the ground as the vampire yanked violently at the shirt collar, pale chest exposed to the cool twilight air.

"It's just such a shame to be so disrespectful to your shirts. It's irreparable now."

Destin's breath caught in his throat as he watched the vampire's next movements, forgetting to breathe until it escaped in a sudden gasp. The feeling of warm leather around his throat, teased with the cold of Gunter's fingers as the belt tightened to just beyond the point of feeling restricting, was simultaneously liberating and addicting.

Who cared what a stiff old man set in stiff old traditions thought? Destin's reservations slipped from one head as the other rose; blue eyes sparkled with ambition as Gunter grasped the long end of the belt.

"If this was all you wanted, you could have left your shirt on until we reached the house. Unless, of course..."

Destin didn't threaten to leave his position at Gunter's feet, but the rebellious spark in his soul tempted him into testing the boundaries. He resisted the pull on the makeshift leash, staying on the ground and wrapping his hand around Gunter's on the belt.

"You would rather just take me here and now, propriety be damned, until the neighbours came to investigate the noises at dawn."

#9Günter Von Wolf 

Slumbering Vampire Under a Glittering Night Sky (Gunter/Destin E) Empty Yesterday at 2:31 pm

Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter tries to pull Destin toward himself, Destin would begin to resist. Gunter would give a slight smile of interest as Destin spoke, "You would rather just take me here and now, propriety be damned, until the neighbours came to investigate the noises at dawn."

As Gunter stood there listening to Destin who was clearly trying to tease him, he loosened his grip on the belt letting it fall to the ground. Gunter would walk over to Destin, getting down on his knee's. He would start by kissing Destin's neck, working his way down to his right nipple. Gunter would begin making circular motions with his tongue around Destin's right nipple then continued down south with the kisses.

As Gunters lips made his way too Destin's waist. Gunter would bite down onto the draw string of Destin's pants, pulling at it while making eye contact with Destin until his pants become loose. As Gunters hand made its way into Destin's pants rubing the inside of Destins thigh to tease Destin, Gunter would begin kissing Destin's neck with the intent of leaving a mark.

#10Destin E 

Slumbering Vampire Under a Glittering Night Sky (Gunter/Destin E) Empty Yesterday at 3:11 pm

Destin E
Destin grinned at Gunter, propping himself up on his elbows to meet him halfway. He almost expected another make-out session, but the vampire had other ideas that the hunter was not privy to. Gunter's lips pressed against Destin's neck above the makeshift collar, and slowly descended with soft, teasing kisses down his collar bone, then along his rib cage to pause above the more sensitive skin of the areola. The moist warmth of Gunter's tongue elicited a soft gasp from Destin, who fell back to the ground with a slight chuckle.

"Traumatizing the neighbours it is."

Destin watched Gunter's movements with carnal fascination, reaching his arms out to embrace the vampire as he drew close to Destin's neck agian. A moment later, Gunter had been flipped onto his back and it was the hunter's turn to tease, a tiny kiss to the vampire's ear followed by the gentle graze of his teeth. Destin's hands worked over Gunther's shoulders, rolling out knots and tension. He followed the same path down Gunter's collar bone, leaving a trail of feather light kisses down his sternum, while his dexterous fingers trailed along his side.

"Remind me someday to bring out the oil. I think that would be a spectacularly happy ending."

Destin teased his vampire, fingers sliding beneath Gunter's waistline with one hand, while the other slid back up his chest. Destin drew closer to his vampire's chest, mere fractions of an inch between them as the hunter's hand cupped the nape of Gunter's neck and pulled him into another passionate kiss.

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