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Fantastic Fabrics {Quest | Destin}

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#1Destin E 

Fantastic Fabrics {Quest | Destin} Empty Fri Apr 30, 2021 5:30 pm

Destin E
Ah, the request board. Such a delightfully horrid invention. Destin sighed as he searched through newly added pamphlets to find a task worth his time. Medical assistance? Gross. No chance he was going anywhere near that. Destin's eye was drawn to the neon pink sheet pinned in the very center of the board. Fashion? Now this was right up his alley. Destin plucked the flyer from the wall and began to walk off, reading through the information.

Fernando's shop wasn't too far of a trek away from the board, and the interior was filled with eccentric fashion designs. Destin eyed a tailored suit before his attention was drawn by a call from the back.

"Ah, a customer! Welcome, Welcome. You like the suit? Fine craftsmanship and only the finest styles from Minstrel."

Destin gave the man a cocky grin and a three fingered salute.

"Just an assistant today I'm afraid." He waved the pink sheet in his hand. "I saw the advertisement."

Fernando looked disappointed, but nodded and waved him to the back room.

"There's a long list of fabrics I need you to find for me. If you find anything new while you're there, get that too. Use the showroom examples for reference if you have trouble."

Destin reassured the man with a self-assured smile and a sweeping gesture. "There's nothing finer than high fashion and I assure you there is no better eye for style than mine."

Fernando scoffed, but Destin's charm had won him over by the time money exchanged hands. There was no merchant in Baska safe from Destin's charismatic grin. He left the boutique with an eager skip in his step as he left in search of new treasures at the market.

The vendors sprawled out across several streets, brightly coloured goods attracted tourist and local alike. It was nothing like the constant bustle of a larger city, but it still held an exciting charm for anyone with a discerning eye for hidden gems. Destin was one of those people, and he wove his way down every corner in search of Fernando's precious textiles. There was a stall selling all assortments of ribbons that took up nearly an hour of his time - mostly spent flirting with the vendor as he haggled the best prices. Destin was sure to blow her one last kiss before slipping into the crowd with his spoils. There was an occasional odd and end nipped from individual vendors with eclectic wares, and several grand textile vendors with a dizzying array of patterns. The large-scale vendors were incredibly busy, but Destin managed to snag several skeins of bright silks from a traveller in a small offshoot of the flea market and no less than two dozen skeins of brilliantly patterned cloth, although the merchant at one stall got rather upset that he had even negotiated a kiss from the man's daughter. When the weight of the purchases became too much to handle all at once, Destin returned to the boutique.

After a brief discussion with Fernando over which fabrics he found most appealing, Destin swept back into the market with new goals, returning to the vendors for extra skeins of Fernando's favourites and to barter at the stalls he had missed the first time. By the time the vendors began closing up shop, Destin had one last drop off for Fernando with smaller orders from the most foreign vendors. All fabrics delivered and jewels returned to Fernando, Destin stretched upwards. He was pleased with his finds - and even more pleased with the date lined up later that night - although Fernando looked like he could care less. Destin watched as the designer sorted through different patterns and paired swatches with other swatches and scraps of ribbon. He waited quietly for Fernando to finish his task, but after ten minutes passed it was clear the man was absorbed in his work. Commendable. Destin did the same.

Destin cleared his throat loudly the next time Fernando passed by, startling the man with his presence.

"Ah. Yes. Apologies young man."

Fernando, still seeming distracted, handed Destin his payment and shooed him quickly out of the store. Destin strolled back to the market casually, stopping along his way to buy two roses.

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