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Consagrated ground [Tempris/Günter]

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

Consagrated ground [Tempris/Günter] Empty Thu Apr 29, 2021 4:13 am

Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter stands in front of the church, he cant help but wonder what all the fuss is about. Gunter was never really a worshiper of illumin, He grew up around it of course but after the loss of his family he had lost his faith in him. To Gunter Iluman is simply less then Dog shit. As he stands there, he  notices to the left of him that tempris is sitting in the shade below a tree.

Gunter would walk over to tempris and simply sit down besid her. As Gunter sat there, he could hear the music of prayer coming from the service. Gunter would say without looking at Tempris "You did well in that fight." Gunter would listen too Tempist's response after a few seconds pass by, Gunter would activate his ring and pull out a wine bottle of Blood, a glass, then light up a cigar while drinking blood.

As he brought the glass of blood to his lips, as Gunter drinks he begins too feel invigorated by the nectar of life. After finishing his glass he lights his cigar, as the smoke warms his body, he thinks about the guild he will be building soon. "Its almost time" Gunter would say with a smile. 


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Church bells filled the air as sinners and heretics alike gather under the one building to worship Illumin. Tempris could not remember the last time she actually entered a church of worship. For her, the building seemed to sap the warm from her body. It was like a demon resided in them and only she could sense it. Despite all of that, she did long to the music, prayer, and bells. So she tried to make it a habit of watching the building from afar. On good days, she would be blessed to hear the hymns but on cold days, her only comfort were the cheering bells.

Tempris sat on a large yellow blanket in the shade tree. An above ground root held her boots so Tempris could walk in her blanket in her black stockings. She sat down in a white dress with her black and white layered skirt covering her legs. Between each layer was grey frills. Since she was out of the sun, the paladin wore her white veil with a gold cloth around her forehead. She had on long whit gloves which reached up to her elbows. In front of her was a glass of grape juice, a ham sandwich, and a bowl filled with small crackers.

Today the hymns reached the girl allowing her to sway her head to the gentle rhythm. It was meant to be a great day of worship, but a different kind of demon found its way to her. She felt her blanket shift as if something else found its way onto her blanket. She tilted her head just enough to see that she was cursed to visited by the vampire from an earlier adventure... if you called it that. So closed her eyes hoping this was just her imagination. If she remained quiet, maybe he go away. But of course, he began to make conversation.

"Praise to Illumin. Had he not watch over me, I would not have strength... Not that you would understand, heathen."
She surely didn't not expect anyone from that quest to seek her out, especially after she revealed her true nature. It was a mistake, a weakness. She fully expected some form of retribution from the Knights if not from Illumin himself. She deserved it. However here they were and here he continued to stay. Maybe this was her retribution, her punishment for not purging the heretics.

She opened an eye to see what the man showed any signs of leaving. Unlucky for her, he found a glass of that thick liquid. Looking back she should just assume its blood... disgusting. She closed her eye again hoping to lose herself in the songs but the church was silent. Her brief joy was soiled, tainted by this man's presence. "Must you soil my space with that sinful habit." She doubted he would respect her implied request. "At the very least, try not to spill your sin on my blanket. Blood is so... tedious to remove. And dirty." She grabbed her own glass as carefully took a sip.

Suddenly Gunter mentioned something about it almost time. "Time for what. I hope you don't plan to ruin my day with more of your heresy."

Consagrated ground [Tempris/Günter] Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366
#3Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter sat there listening too Tempis, while smoking his Cigar, He Invisioned the Guild that he wanted to build. He was interrupted from his dream, by Tempris asking him a question. "Time for what. I hope you don't plan to ruin my day with more of your heresy." Gunter would look at her and say "Oh, Sorry, I was thinking about the Guild im going to be making. This world is just too corrupt, it needs a good cleanse." Gunter thought back to his time in prison, to the light guilds that never protected the people they clamed too. As he thought about this he showed an emotion of absolute blinding rage, his eye of Kaom opened up on his forehead, it stared directly at Tempris. The glass in his hand shattered as he made a fist, luckily for tempris no blood landed on her things. Suddenly Gunter would say behind grinding teeth, "I will make those filthy cockroaches pay for what they did too me."

Gunter would suddenly realize that he was showing more then he should have, he close's his eye of Kaom, just as the outline of the cosmic creature began to form behind him. He would look at Tempris and say "My appolagizes my anger got the better of me, I apologize if I frightened you."


Strength: 271 (31 + 160 [Miyamoto Musashi's Sword] + 20 [Great Warrior Helmet] + 40 [Grand Warrior Armor] + 20 [Eye of Kaom])

  • 2x S-rank damage

Speed: 81 (61 + 20 [Eye of Kaom])

  • 12.5 m/s lunge | 25 m/s run

Constitution: 110 (30 + 60 [Jaan Earrings] + 20 [Eye of Kaom])

  • -/3x S-rank | 6 post run duration | lunge 2x per post

Endurance: 81 (61 + 20 [Eye of Kaom])

  • S-rank pain tolerance

Intelligence: 61  

Mana Cost reduction 30%


Weapon: Miyamoto Musashi's Sword Indestructible

Head: Great Warrior Helmet -/1x S

Armor: Grand Warrior Armor -/2x S

Earrings: Jaan Earrings Indestructible

Necklace: Amulet of Magical Resistance -/1x S

Ring: Pocket Dimension Ring -/1x A

Relic: Eye of Kaom -/2x S

Companion: Dardian -/2x S


Gunter: 3,650/3,650 

Dardian: 800/800


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Tempris stopped drink though she didn't remove the glass from her mouth. The heathen was think about making a guild. She personally didn't care but this information could be useful for the knights, or just her own personal raid. It's always easier purge heretics when they group together. However when the man mentioned cleansing the world... lets just say Tempris would leave her ears open. "Cleansing you say..."

She opened one eye again to check up on the man after putting her glass down only to immediately regret it. This absolutely disguising, heretical, 3rd eye opened up in the middle of the vampires forehead. Tempris wanted to vomit. Like what was that. "Excuse me." She stood up letting her dress fall to the middle of her shins and revealing her black socks.

"This is sacred ground. You dare disrespect Illumin with your putrid extra eyeball." She reached for her sword forgetting that she had it resting on the tree. Only there was something else there. Color drained from her face as the outline of with appeared to be a triangular door etched its existence out of nothing. Tempris shook her head only to see the creature gone. Then the choir sweet hymns broke the tension. Was that real?

Her breathing accelerated but she couldn't let this moment be taken away. It was the last song of the day. His soul wasn't worth this brief moment of piece. "This is a sacred day for me. So thank Illumin for your borrowed time."

Tempris gently sat down in her spot and sipped her juice why swaying her head. After emptying her glass she regain a bit more of her composure. The man was very strong. She saw how he fought and she wasn't sure she could truly beat him. Even if she had her own sword. Maybe it was really her that Illumin was saving. Either way Ash and blood would not be spilled today. It was Illumin's day. So she picked up her crackers and slid it to the man. She refused to look at him, especially since he showed such an ugly side, but she was sure he didn't move.  "Let us break bread... Even if you are a heretic. Today is suppose to be a day for union... or so they told me." Tempris then giggled remembering a story from a book. "Symbolically of course. I don't expected one with your condition to actually eat it."


Str: 2+20 (172) S-Rank
Spd: 5 +20 7.5/15m/s
Con: 59 S-Rank
End: 7+60 S-Rank
Int: 10
Mana: 1700

1. Mana Burn - Debuffs
Debuffs removes mana from their target equal to one rank lower than the spell.

Magic Element: Light

Magic Name Holy Flame of Illumin

Bless with Illumin's will, The Holy Flame of Illumin smites foes and heal allies under the white and blue purifying flames. Victims of these flames will be burn to ash. Those outside of the flame's wrath will be privilege to bask in its warmth. Let all sin be purified from this world and all heretics feel the wrath of Illumin so that their souls may be freed.

Weapon: Jeanne D'arc's Sword

Head: None

Body: Magical Phasing Cloak

Earrings: Zameen Earrings

Amulet of Magical Resistance

Gheed's Greed

Relic:  Rune Knight Pendant

Mount: White Wyvern

Consagrated ground [Tempris/Günter] Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366
#5Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

Gunter would watch the child lower her weapon, This was good, because if the child had actually followed through, Gunter would have had too kill the child. Shortly after, when the child offered him a cracker, in the form of a peace treaty, Gunter knowing that he cant actually eat food without throwing it up would eat the cracker anyway's. He knew that he would have to deal with the consequences later.

As he chewed the cracker and swallowed, he immediately wanted too projectile vomit in tempris's face. However he held it down with all of his willpower, he would smile at the child after then say "It was delicious thank you."

Gunter would give the child a minute to relax, as they both listened to the chants that came from inside the church, before he would speak again. "Have you always been a worshiper? Also, out of curiosity where did you learn how to fight?"

Gunter would wait for her response to finish befor continuing. "Why don't you tell me about yourself? Though if you want you can ask me questions if you would prefer, i dont mind. Im very honest, infact I do believe ive never told a lie in my life."


Consagrated ground [Tempris/Günter] Empty Sun May 02, 2021 3:55 am

Tempris was impressed. The man, despite being unable to digest non sinful food, ate her offering. Still, something must be going on side of that body of his. She hoped it was enough retribution for that disgusting show he put on earlier. Peace was peace though and the song ended. There wasn't much more to hear except for the bells one last time. "All thanks to Illumin, I am simply tool to enact his will."

Tempris clapped her hand and started to pray. Normally, she would as for blessings regarding purging heretics or hoping that designer didn't send for her. However today, she didn't know what to ask for. Occasionally she would peek at the church but the hint of chills forced her eyes closed. Was this the doing of that man. That thing she saw, the horror. She started to tremble. She felt cold despite the warm air around her.

Only, she was saved by the distraction from the heathen. Simple questions at first. Ones she didn't mind answering if it kept the cold away.
"Yes, I suppose." Her voice less irritated than before but her words came out slow as if she was focusing on something.
"The ch-ch..." There it was again. The chills returned. Thinking back that far, remembering watching the older kids brawl over a seat in front of a dying flame. Having to focus her mana over and over just to maintain some semblance of warmth. The memories were cold. She searched for something easier to say. But she only felt ice form as she went through her history.
"On my travels." Tempris said quietly, searching for a warmer memory, "I gotten into fights alot. People, alot of people do not understand Illumin." She knew people fear what they didn't understand. Then they take since they are empty inside. She knew she could free them, remove their walls in their heart so that they can see the truth. Warmth is Illumin's love. We should do anything to embrace it... We shouldn't let go. We can't.

Suddenly she stood up. Rubbing her arms which were riddled with goose bumps. "Its cold." She muttered . Then she snapped her fingers and a flame flew out and latched on her bowl. She huddled close to her flame. It was relaxing. It cared not about anything except sharing Illumin's warmth.

When the vampire asked the girl to share more information about her self, she felt hesitated at best. All his questions made her feel cold. However, she decided to comply, if not to enact the temporary truce. "I suppose the sin of ignorance can be lifted with words once in a while. I want, no... need to cleanse the sin in this world. That is all I am. A tool."

"You said I can ask you any questions." Tempris pushed the fire towards Gunther. "Why did you come here, to me? You wont let me save you, your soul. Are you cold? Do you seek Illumin's warmth as well? Do... Do you know..." Tempris lowered her and held out her hands to the flame shivering.

used Reveal all Evil
mana 1675/1700

Consagrated ground [Tempris/Günter] Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366
#7Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

Gunter would listen to Tempris then say "I am not a sinner, I am a martyr, the actions I have committed are for a cause, I will destroy the darkness, to issue in an age of Light and peace." Gunter would look at tempris who was showing signs of trauma, even though Gunter didn't know the cause of this trauma he get's on one knee and embrace Tempris in his arms. His right hand giving her head patts, he held the child until she had stopped shaking, then Gunter would stand up and say "If you want to purge the sinners, help me cleanse the filth from the world, we will not be done until we see nothing but Fire on the horizon. Gunter would extend his hand to hers, should she take it he would pull her up and plop her on his shoulders, so that the sun's warmth would hit her dead on. As they walk back into town Gunter would say out loud "I dont know what Troubles your heart but when your ready to talk about it ill be there to help you through it" Gunter would turn his head enough to be able too look at Tempris with his peripheral Vision and smile at the child before walking down the road.



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When the man hugged her, Tempris felt her body lock up. It was so sudden, a heretic was holding her tight in his arms. She was not ready. She was not prepared. She did not want to be touched, not again; but warmth is love. Love is Illumin. One must accept all warmth no matter were it came from. To not be be warm is to be forsaken, forgotten and lost in the eyes of Illumin himself. Before she new it, she was mumbling her chant. "Love is warmth, love is warmth." She couldn't move. She couldn't tremble, even if the world was turned to ice and every goosebump on her body lunged together. She would not move. She had to accept it all.

This was not like the church, not like before. That did not change her memories though. Every single moment, every little interaction, she wanted it to stop. She wanted to cry. She wanted freedom from this cold place in her mind that she couldn't let go. Lucky for her, she would be freed as the man released her.

She was was drained. The bells of the church marked the end of service. The air under the tree felt chilly and the small breeze nipped at her exposed face. It was time to go, for both of them. So now the heathen revealed his final card. "Cleansing the world with the aid of a heathen. Is that the way of Illuman?" She was still recovering but she fought not to shake. She didn't want to appear weak in front of the man any more. She did not want to give him a reason to come close again unexpectedly.

The man also mentioned that she was hurt and that he would listen. Tempris wouldn't believe it. She couldnt. Illumin entrusted her and her alone to do his work. A broken girl was no use to her savor. No,  she was strong. She could easily purge the world of sin. If the man wanted her help, then he wanted to be used, used to do everything in Illuman's name till his usefulness wore out. Then once he was tired, battered, and weak she would give him the sweet release from his sin.

When the man reached out his hand. Tempris ignored it.
"I dont need you... but if Illumin wishes a world free of sin. Then maybe... Our interest align. This is fate. I will help you, but only cause Illumin wills it. After all, I am not weak or troubled. I am Tempris Asheflare." Her voice was shaky. She did not know why but every word felt like a lie. No matter how fiery spirit may have been. She just felt cold and she did not want to be alone.


Consagrated ground [Tempris/Günter] Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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