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Something for later

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Something for later Empty Wed Apr 28, 2021 6:47 pm

This is a little concept I have. I probably won't make it for a while given that the current guilds aren't as populated as they should be, but maybe one day I'll get around to making a real guild like this


Linen. Wheat. Oil. You want them? They're yours my friend: as long as you have enough jewels. For as long as history books can span the races of Fiore have used some form of currency or another. Wars have been fought over money. Commerce is what connects so many countries in the current age. At this point a living being's survival is directly tied to jewels in more manners than one can count on their fingers. The members of Golden Caravan have all realized the importance of the system and have come together as a group for one simple purpose: to use it to their advantage in any way they possibly can.

The Golden Caravan is a trading guild of a very, very "respectable" nature. Its members may sometime seek to manipulate the economy and/or scam others, but that's perfectly fine! So long as no legal action is taken against the guild the fine men and women from Golden Caravan don't mind their fellow traders using any variety of creative methods. Are you a goody two shoes? Great! There's still plenty of money to be made with a heart. Are you a psychopath? Even better! Trading is a field that perfectly suits someone like you. It doesn't matter you race, gender or beliefs: if you can make money while flying the banner of the Golden Caravan, welcome aboard.


  • The user may not bring any legal attention onto the guild itself. Any who do will be excommunicated. Members can be arrested and still remain in the guild but any attempt to drag the rest of the group into it will result in swift punishment.

  • The user is encouraged not to meddle in the affairs of their fellow Golden Caravan members. If someone already has their eyes set on a certain prize it is advised not to take it from them.


Some cool office building somewhere lmao idk. Maybe Baska since it's a trading hub according to the description?


Hikaru Nakamura (btw why did he name his ftrp character after a pro chess player lmao)


  • Title: This is where you can create up to 4 titles for your guild.

  • Title: These titles can grant little bonuses to the members who hold them.

  • Title: These bonuses must be in the form of spells.

  • Title: At Guild Creation, the guild master may select two title spells.


Level 0:

  • Artificial Scarcity: The user can create a thread in the town they are currently in with the tag [Buying]. This thread involves the user buying as much of one commodity as they wish. Every word in their thread represents 1 unit of that commodity. These units are then stored in the user's wagon. The user's wagon has a limit to the cargo it can contain, and the user cannot fill their wagon with anything else until it is emptied. Every unit of a commodity is worth 25 jewels. For every day that the user leaves the commodity in their wagon it increases in value by 1% of its total price at the time of the user's purchase. The user may then sell their cargo by creating a thread with the tag [Selling] in which they sell off all of the goods in their caravan. This thread must be the same length as the thread of their original purchase and must be done entirely in one post. Upon selling their cargo the user receives jewels equal to that cargo load's value at the time.
  • Rickety Wagon: The user receives a "Wagon mount for free. While it does not provide any sort of additional travel speed it can be used to store cargo. The user's Wagon mount will automatically upgrade as they progress in levels through the guild. The Rickety Caravan has enough space for 1000 units of cargo.     

Level 1:

  • Standard Wagon: The user's wagon upgrades to a model that is a lot more reliable if not very generic. The Standard Wagon can hold up to 3000 units of cargo.

Level 3:

  • Potion Seller: The user can purchase stat potions intended for a later month early, allowing them to gain the stats sooner than they would've. The user can only do this for the upcoming month.
  • Quality Wagon: The user's wagon upgrades to a high-quality model worthy of an experienced trader. The Quality Wagon can hold up to 5000 units of cargo.

Level 4:

  • Prestigious Wagon: The user's wagon upgrades to a luxurious model that would make anyone's head turn. The Prestigious Wagon can hold up to 10,000 units of cargo.

Level 5:

  • Level 5 Custom: This represents the Level 5 Custom that all Guilds can receive.
  • Market Manipulator: The user's trading expertise allows them to manipulate value better than any other. The commodities in their wagon increase at a rate of 2% per day.


  • User 1: This is your guild. These are the members that are making this whole thing possible.

  • User 2: While you can start with more than 3 members, it takes at least 3 to actually be able to submit your guild for creation. These 3 are separate from the individual who has been listed in the "Guild Master" section.

  • User 3: While the minimum for a guild is 4 members with the Guild Master needing to be at least B-Rank, there is no limit to the other members.

  • User 4: There can be up to four other founders, each being eligible for a title and start at level 3 alongside the Guild Master.

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