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Medicare [Tempris](Quest)

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#1Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
While visiting Baska, Rinni decided to take some job requests within the City to help out as much as possible. A young girl named Tempris she had met shortly after her arrival into Baska City had requested to go with her. She said she wanted to help, but Rinni suspected it was because she was a werewolf and the child was hoping for a chance to snuggle against her fur. She smiled at how adorable that image was.

Flying close behind her was an adorable Moogle named Candy, who Rinni rarely left alone due to past trauma. Today, Rinni and Tempris were heading toward a hospital. Upon their arrival, they were greeted by a man.

"Greetings, young ladies. I'm Dr. Gerard. Am I to assume you were the ones sent to assist me?" He inquired promptly.

"Yes. I'm Rinni and this is Tempris."

"Very well. Before we begin, I'd like to examine you both. Make sure you're in fine health." The Doctor led the girls into an exam room where he began to check their vitals and overall health. Upon discovering they were both healthy he took them into his office to explain the situation.

"So, as you can see. I have no one to assist me and can't leave my office. Here I have two bags of prescriptions that need to be delivered today." He handed the girls two white bags with a receipt stapled to them. "The addresses are on the bags. I simply need you to make sure they get to my patients on time."

"Sure. Sounds easy enough." Rinni handed one of the white bags to the smaller girl beside her. "What do you say, we split up? I'll deliver this bag and you deliver the other one. It'll save us time and get things moving quicker."

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Medicare [Tempris](Quest) Npc_sd14

Once again, the knights had a non heretic hunting quest for Tempris. However, this quest seemed a little more important. Most of the guild was coming down with some mysterious illness. They were sinners so it made sense. With less people to take care of the important task, Tempris felt like she was finally looked at as a viable candidate. She planned to be a little more forgiving this time though she made no promises to herself for the more egregious heretics. Though with everyone being sick, they were probably suffering away till their sins corroded their and their souls returned to Illumin. It was so sad. Sad enough that Tempris would wear her veil and start to pray.
"Please let these sinners find their way to the flame so that they be baptized in Illumin's love."

Suddenly, Tempris ran into a familiar, less than furry face. "Rinni!?" Memories of the past where she was under the influence of that accursed drink made her want to smile despite the girl being another sinner who should be baptized in the flames. Tempris didn't understand why if felt so nice to see her and why she was disappointed that the girl was only in her wolf form. Maybe the effects of the drink never truly wore off.

After a brief exchange, she discovered that Rinni was on a similar assignment so they decided to work together. After all, two people working together gets twice as much done and since Rinni wasn't in the knights, Tempris wouldn't have to give her any credit. It was the perfect plot to inflate her standings more in the knights.

When they reached the destination Rinni took control of the conversation. Tempris didn't mind, instead opting to look at the scene. So many people were ill. Tempris started another prayer when the doctor asked to examine them both. Tempris rolled her eyes and let the doctor look at them both. Of course they were both healthy. One was a heretical beast from story books and Tempris was a holy child chosen by Illumin. Finally, they were given their assignment. They had to deliver two bags to clients. Rinni suggested they split up.

"Mmh I guess thats a good idea, but im not racing. If Illumin wills these sinners should be saved. Then I guess we should do this right..."

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#3Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni agreed with the smaller girl, looking down at the strange child as she left to deliver the prescriptions. Tempris was certainly an odd child. She was the most devoted child Rinni had ever encountered as far as religion goes. Albeit a bit strange. Her refreshing innocence was enough to put a small smile on the older teen's face. She seemed so nieve and pure and in a way, the werewolf couldn't help be a little envious. After all the shit she'd been through lately, it'd be a blessing to go back to those early days... ignorant of what awaited in the future.

But, one couldn't change the past. You could only move forward. So, Rinni took the first step in doing that as she checked the address on the white paper bag. It wasn't far from her current location, so it should be easy enough to find. With Tempris handling her delivery in the opposite direction, Rinni walked at a casual pace down the roads in order to avoid accidentally passing her destination. Her amber eyes scanned addresses of buildings and houses as she passed by until she eventually reached the correct location.

The Werewolf approached the house in question and proceeded to knock on the door. A little old lady answered the door after a few minutes, and Rinni handed her the bag with a smile. "Here's the prescriptions you ordered, Ma'am."

"Why thank you so much, Dear!" The elderly woman smiled and bid Rinni farewell. Now that her task was done, Rinni needed to find Tempris to ensure the child completed her end of things with no issues. Rinni headed back in the direction of Tempris, calling her name and searching for the child in question. She hoped the girl hadn't gotten lost. Should she wait with the doctor for Tempris to return? Or should she go looking for her?

In the end, she decided to wait for Tempris. If she failed to show up, then the older girl would track her down.


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Tempris looked at the address. It was a bit farther away than she expected being across town. Still, she had to do it so she started walking forward. The easiest way to get across town would be by the trolley. A small price to pay to avoid a tedious walk. Tempris waited for the red vehicle which was scheduled to arrive any minute. A series of bells signaled its arrival and Tempris quickly got on. She wasted no time finding a seat out of the shade so that the sunlight would radiate over her. It was only appropriate.

Several minutes later Tempris arrived at the district. The streets were quiet, probably because everyone who sinned was sick. If she were by herself, she might have made a few house visits but she had a job to do. Real work comes first. Fun work can be done any time. She arrived at the door and was greeted by a young man.
"Sorry for the delay or whatever... here is your prescription"
The man looked confused at first but when he saw the bag in her hand, he nodded and accepted it. Now Tempris had to ride back. A few minutes later she arrived at the doctors place.
"Rinni... I was abled to find the person... I had to take a trolley though."


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#5Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
"How'd you afford to take a Trolley?"

Rinni blank stared at the child a moment confused as she responded to her question. She then shrugged ignoring anything Tempris had to say and proceeded to collect her reward from the Doctor. He thanked her and she offered her services in the future should he need help again. She then began to walk away, leaving Tempris behind.

If Tempris would follow, Rinni would look at her and ask. "Why are you following me, again? I mean, I could've done this without you, you know." She stated. As the two walked down the street together Rinni listened to what Tempris had to say, as the light pink Moogle that had up until now been silently following her companion. "Where are we going now, Rinni? Can we stop and get ice cream? I love ice cream! It's so cold and sweet!"

"Sure. We'll stop at the Ice Cream Parlor on our way home." Rinni smiled and patted the Moogle on her head causing the creature to make a cheerful squee noise. Rinni would then look at Tempris. "So, I'll admit it was nice having help for once. Do you want to join me on my next mission?"



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"Mmmm long..." Tempris looked up at Rinni but she didn't seem to be paying attention. This made Tempris a little annoyed. She hated speaking to sinners more than she had to, especially when they didn't want to talk themselves. Tempris debating teaching Rinni a lesson, however they needed to turn the proof of delivery in. She folded her arms and watched as Rinni spoke to the doctor and show proof of their delivery. After receiving the money, Rinni handed Tempris her cut and started to walk off.

Being short had its advantage, but keeping up with talker people who move quick was always a hassle. Especially when they were being rude for some reason. Tempris just glared at the wolf heathen unsure what to say. Still she managed to say something. "You were the one who requested we work together... I just agreed cause I didn't want to do all the work." Still Tempris continued to tag along. She was just tolerating the girl's presence now. Maybe she was acting weird cause the day was special. Kratos did say it was that time of month for Rinni. Though Tempris still didn't know what that meant.

"Ho ho ho, So you admit to needing my help, sinner. I suppose I could help you out again." Tempris suddenly became a little quiet. "If you turn into a doggie again... I might forgive you then."

Medicare [Tempris](Quest) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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