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Pokemon Hidden Legends | A Free Roam Adventure RP

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Pokemon Hidden Legends | A Free Roam Adventure RP Empty Sun Apr 25, 2021 7:45 am

Pokemon Hidden Legends | A Free Roam Adventure RP EeFRqiC
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What PHL offers:
~ No word counts/word minimum ~

~ Follow the path of a trainer, coordinator, researcher, ranger, or create your own team/organization! ~

~ A Discord Server for all of our members to enjoy and interact! ~

~ Very beginner friendly ~

~ Active, experienced and dedicated Admin team ~

~ Play at your own pace! Mods will control NPCs like gym leaders and Professors, but wild Pokemon encounters and traveling is controlled by you the player! ~

~ We are a creative and imagination friendly environment, and like to explore things beyond what is canon to the Pokemon world! ~

~ All new members have access to an on going event to claim from to start! ~

~ Have questions? Want to contact a mod before joining? You can ask questions in our Discord! PHL Discord

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