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Tempris D-Rank: Baska - Golden Scissor

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Tempris D-Rank: Baska - Golden Scissor Empty Sat Apr 24, 2021 8:19 pm

Tempris D-Rank: Baska - Golden Scissor Npc_sd14

Once again, Tempris was sent on an errand quest to to assist Fernando with a request. The girl attempted to protest but the words of much more senior knights are not something that could be fought in an organization of order and heresy. Everyone had to work their way through the bottom. With fame comes glory and with glory comes more dangerous battles. So she was forced to take the paper and please this heretic.

When Tempris arrived at the boutique, the door was wide open. The girl looked around and the shop seemed to be close at the moment. So this meant one thing, he was expecting her. A chill ran down her back knowing this man was looking just for her. That must have been why she could come straight here vice going to the bulletin board like last time.
"Mr. Milano, I'm here for your request..."

Fernando lifted his head from his notebook and had a brilliant glow on his face. Tempris fought her desire to cringe when the man stood up with his arms out. Like visiting that aunt that nobody likes, she stood still and lazy returned the hug.
"Thank you for coming again. You were so helpful last time. Think you can a man complete his dream once again."
"Its what I'm here for sir." Tempris brushed off the man's sin from her uniform.
"Fabulous! So there is this special tool called 'Golden Scissor' that only the best designers use."
"Yet I don't have them."
"If I am to be considered the best designer, than I need those scissors."

Tempris sighed, knowing this was going to be another boring errand quest. After a few more exchanges, the man told Tempris about a traveling merchant that was come to town this afternoon. So with this information, Tempris headed to the suppose location where this merchant would arrive. While she as given money, it seemed like this would not be enough alone to obtain this "magical" tool.

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After a few hours, the merchant arrived. Luckily for Tempris, her ties with the Rune Knights gives her perks when it comes to accessing places before the public. It was an lively old man with a full face of white hair, a plump body, and nice clothes. Tempris strolled over to his cart with her pendant dangling from her neck. 

"Greeting good Sir, Was told you sell a certain pair of scissors. Why don't you sell that to me"
"No can do girl, Everyone needs to have an opportunity for fair trade."
"Fine. Let me rephrase. Sell me the scissors. Its a matter of importance to the Rune Knights." 

The man hesitated after Tempris lifted her necklace. It was the real deal, proof of her work. However, he fell back to his merchant instincts, Claiming that he needed to make money to keep his business running. Tempris tried to rest the man's worries with a bag of gold. 
"I looked into the value of the item. I assure you. This is a most fair price. You should easily be able to profit off this sell alone. Don't you agree."

Tempris's eyes narrow as she charged her magic. A grin spread across her face as she reached over his cart. Her movements were slow and deliberate. The man didn't respond except for lowering his head. She grabbed the scissors and replaced them with the bag of gold. 
"Thank you for your patriate," she said giving a small bow. 

Tempris returned to the designer and handed him the scissors. The man was excited that the girl managed to get his scissors. With this he felt his work could truly surpass his limits.  With that he paid Tempris her reward and Tempris was off to continue being an errand girl for the knights.

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Tempris D-Rank: Baska - Golden Scissor Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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