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The Quest of Friendship or Whatever [Razeluxe]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

The Quest of Friendship or Whatever [Razeluxe] Empty Sat Apr 24, 2021 12:26 pm

Lee Nakamura
It was another day in Hargeon for Lee. She was glad to become a female again. It was glad to be herself once more. At the same time, she felt her confidence in her social skill dwindling a bit. She was a strong independent person, but now grew the same as her brother, too independent. She liked being alone with her mount and exceed, Lector. The little arrogant cat praised Lee abiut everything especially during her training sessions with her cousin, Miles. She didn't like the attention, but knew he meant well. There was a time and place to have a cheering squad. Lector liked to walk with Lee right by her side so he could keep up his strength unlike other exceeds or companions. He wasn't too fond of heads or lying on her shoulders, which was nice.

The fire mage felt her anger subsiding finally after a hard lecture from her disappointed cousin. He expected better from the head of thr family. This new position and being in a guild was still new for her. She had not a clue where to start or how to even work together with a team anymore. It seemed forever since she was on a team with the RuneKnight consisting of her elder brother, Kon, Alex, and Selena. She missed all of them. Homesick enough, she was yet reminded of another thing. Food. The smell of food made her feel a little sad about the old days. She decided to make way past the restaurant to a small bench.

Lector looked puzzled. "What's with stopping? Surely your legs don't hurt," asked the exceed. He hopped up on the bench with her, sitting next to her. He knew she never really was the communicator with how she felt. Lee looked at Lector. "Just needing a break. My head stuck in the clouds again, buddy. All this newness of a guild and being the head of the family. I am not used to all this crap. How do I become more... I dint know. I don't even have any friends except like a few." Lector hopped onto his feet and looked proud. He absolutely knew Lee was strong and good at everything, a false sense that is.

"Surely you do....there's your brother, uuhhh Kon that cousin of yours. Also, uuhhhh.....Atani?Wait...do you have ANY friends? he stood a little shocked with his mouth to the floor. Lee smiled and laughed. "I do have a few. I am just not well acquainted with my guild members. Something I need to work on," she smiled. She laid back with her head saying at the sky with her eyes closed. Lector copied her as well.

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The Quest of Friendship or Whatever [Razeluxe] Empty Wed Apr 28, 2021 10:03 am

Raze was taking a stroll through Port Hargeon getting acquainted with the town was something he had to do if he was to stay here permanently, thankfully he managed to meet a few of the guild members but with all the running he had to do for the Easter event he felt more exhausted and alienated than before. It wasn't easy caring for every single person attending the event and sometimes he felt like he wanted to just be alone and recharge but he couldn't deny that it brought him joy to see all the smiles on people's faces, plus he managed to leave a good impression on his guildmates...hopefully.

The Port was the one place he hadn't visited before as he hadn't travelled by ship to Hargeon but instead his father had brought him to town with his car. It had been some weeks now and Raze had still to make some friends, although the people he had met already were lovely to be around but they hadn't grown to the status of friends.

He was looking around the area while being lost in thought, finding things that he subconsciously compared with how they were in Caelum. He was already missing his home and friends but he was on a mission and being homesick wouldn't stop him. His thoughts dispersed as a delicious aroma waft through the air, following the scent he looked around and noticed a beautiful restaurant. Now would be as good time as any to have some food before continuing his exploration, he thought but just as he was about to enter the place he briefly heard a woman talking. His curiosity made him look to the side and saw an orange haired woman raising her head to the sky. She seemed sort of familiar like he had seen her before but he wasn't quite certain, he was shy to make a move and ask but at the same time his curiosity took over so he approached her.

"Excuse me, hi, I have a feeling that I've seen you somewhere before, are you maybe from the guild?" he asked with a slight worry and frown in his face, he didn't like disturbing others and so he used the softest tone he could trying also to not scare her seeing as her eyes were closed. Although, his attention was drawn instantly to the cat that seemed to be sunbathing alongside the woman which took him by surprise, he was certain that this wasn't an ordinary cat and he searched his memories for any information on them that he might have read before.

He found it. "I'm sorry is this an Exceed? I've never seen one in person!" he exclaimed as his eyes became wide and he bend his knees to get a closer and better look.

#3Lee Nakamura 

The Quest of Friendship or Whatever [Razeluxe] Empty Wed Apr 28, 2021 7:35 pm

Lee Nakamura
There was a small disturbance in her mediation. She opened one eye to see what it was. It was a young male who asked her if she was familiar. Hargeon was a big city but housed a larger guild. It was not uncommon to run into another guild member. She lifted her head slowly and cocked it to the side a little. She studied him for a quick minute. She probably saw him at the Blue Pegasus event that Alisa held with the other guild members and affiliated guilds. "I was at the Blue Pegasus event the other night. I am a Blue Pegasus mage. Name is Lee Nakamura, what's yours," she spoke.

Loki was a little flattered to be given special attention. He laughed a little bit and explained to the mage before him. "Glad you asked. I'm a exceed, I can fly like this" he smiled. He formed wings that caused him to float up and down. The confident cat crossed his arms with a smirk, showing off. Lee grew slightly annoyed but stayed to herself a little. She loved Lector, but he could be full of it sometimes. "I am quite strong helping Lee out of a lot of situations before such as..." he paused. He glanced over his shoulder seeing her glare down with a narrow stab from her icey eyes.

"We did things together, Lector. We're a team. You're making it sound as if it's a one-sided topic. What about that one time you got stuck up a tree when you could literally fly? Or that other time you managed to get your tail tangled into the mess" she spoke. Lector nodded and descended down to the ground. He felt a little bad, but he needed to be reminded that they were a team and not saving each other. It was the same thing though. The exceed decided and float up to the male. "Wait...I have a question, have you never seen an exceed before? I thought we were really common?"

The Quest of Friendship or Whatever [Razeluxe] Tumblr_oua5s27DHT1v5lsxco4_r1_500
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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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