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Tempris D-Rank: Baska - Fantastic Fabrics

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Tempris D-Rank: Baska - Fantastic Fabrics Empty Sat Apr 24, 2021 11:18 am

Tempris D-Rank: Baska - Fantastic Fabrics Charlo12
"'Go help the public,' he says. 'Go increase your public image,' he ask. 'Knights do more then fight,' he rants. The knights are stupid. I hate them."

Tempris begrudging entered the market place with a paper in hand. It had a simple quest into town to help some merchant pick out some fabric or something stupid. Tempris was sure she could easily do the job. She wasn't some peasant. However, she wanted to do knightly duties. She wanted to bring down criminals and send them to Illumin free of sin.

"Ah, here it is." In front of her was the official bulletin board for taking on quest. While she had a copy of the assignment in hand, she was warned that she needed to explicitly bring him one of his pink flyers. Another nuisance in her opinion but requirements are requirements. With the flyer in hand, she was off to meet the man of interest.

"Mr. Milano, I am Tempris Ashfare. I believe you put up this request?"
Fernando gleefully smiled and gave his only little excited clap. "Ahh yes yes. Sit down please. I'll go over the necessary pieces to make this wonderful art, no gift become the next thing of legend."

Tempris silently groaned and followed the man into the boutique. The shop was quite the... work for art. It was definitely something her mother would enjoy looking through. As the man went through the different fabrics and patterns, Tempris could only think about how flammable each piece is. So she made sure to take down down notes. After listening to the man's fantasy for seemed like hours, Tempris was off to the market to fill her list.

First she bought some silky colored fabric which could be used as a base for the outfits. Then she picked up some animal like printed fabrics which looked like they were dipped into a melting pot of colored waxes. Finally she got some actually pretty frills and ribbons. There were so many different textures like silk and cotton and they came in so many different colors. Fernando was a little vague regarding the requirements for these but with all the money he gave Tempris, she felt she had plenty of room to purchase various options. Eventually, Tempris drifted into the less expensive part of the store. Even the ribbons here were exceptionally cute. With that done, she carefully backed the material into a backpack and returned it to the designer.

"Magnificent darling. You have a good eye for these things haha. I hope you wont steal my idea or anything." The man gave a little wink that forced Tempris to smile to hide her disguise of the heretic.
"I would rather freeze to death on a mountain than comment such a sin Sir."
"Haha, well if you are gonna freeze on a mountain, be sure to do so looking ever so fabulous. Here is your payment."
"Yeah... sure... Well, have a good day sir. The Rune Knights wish you a safe day."

With that Tempris left to continue her ever expanding list of Knightly errands chores.

516 words

Tempris D-Rank: Baska - Fantastic Fabrics Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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